CRT-II Claims Resolution Tribunal for Dormant Accounts in Switzerland
Deposited Assets Claims

Attention: Please note that all deadlines to file claims related to the names and/or accounts appearing on these lists with the CRT have passed. At this point, these previously published lists of names of Account Owners and names of Power of Attorney Holders appear on this website for informational purposes only.

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2001 List of Swiss Bank Accounts from the ICEP Investigation

Section 1: Account Owners - People


    Baar, Wilhelm [Austria] [1]
    Baban, Fuat [France] [1]
    Babault, Guy [1]
    Babeau [5]
                Hoppenot, Jean
    Babel, Mlle Charlotte [1]
(A) Babey-Aubert, Joseph (AKA Aubert, Joseph) [Hérimoncourt, France] [1]
    Babo, Frau Theodora [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Babouot, Paul [1]
(A) Baby, Mme Marie Therese [Toulouse, France] [1]
                Baby, Mme Jeanne (AKA Jaffary, Jeanne)
                Baby, Jules
                Baby, Mme Philippe
                Baby, Philippe
                Giralt, Francois
    Bach, Mme Adrienne (AKA Léon, Mlle Adrienne) [2]
    Bach, Anna [Germany] [1]
    Bach, Frau Anna [Nuremberg, Germany] [2]
                Bach, Rudolf
                Bach, Stefan
                Erlanger, Frau Olga Marie
                Erlanger, Walter
    Bach, Josefine [Germany] [1]
    Bach, Frl. Julie (AKA Bachmann, Frau Julie) [Offenbach, Germany] [2]
                Bachmann, Max
    Bach, Ludwig [Germany] [1]
(A) Bach, Marie-Claire [1]
    Bach, Otto [1]
    Bach, S. [Germany] [1]
(A) Bachelard, Mme Renée [Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France] [1]
    Bachem, Frau Maria (AKA de Fries, Maria) [Bonn, Germany] [1]
                Hellwig, Frau Hilde (AKA Bachem, Frl. Hilde)
(A) Bachenheimer, Kurt [Munich, Germany] [1]
                Rosenberg, Isaak Ignatz
    Bacher, Leon [Germany] [1]
    Bacher-Kaiser, Frau Helene [Tuttlingen, Germany] [1]
    Bachi, Aldo [Turin, Italy] [2]
    Bachi, Mme Elisa (AKA Momigliano, Mme Elisa) [Turin, Italy] [2]
    Bachi, Mme Zara (AKA Piperno, Mme Zara) [Turin, Italy] [1]
    Bachmann, Anna [Cologne, Germany] [1]
    Bachmann, Franz [Guestrow (Mecklenburg), Germany] [1]
    Bachmann, Mme Gertrude [Gettysburg, United States of America] [1]
    Bachmann, Heinz [Berlin, Germany] [2]
                Bachmann, Franz
    Bachmann, Johanna (AKA Baumann, Johanna) [New York City, United States of America] [1]
    Bachmann, Frl. Judith [Berlin, Germany] [2]
                Bachmann, Franz
    Bachmann, Frau Julie (AKA Bach, Frl. Julie) [Offenbach, Germany] [2]
                Bachmann, Max
    Bachmann, Max [Offenbach, Germany] [2]
                Bachmann, Frau Julie (AKA Bach, Frl. Julie)
    Bachmann-Würth, Marie [Schaffhausen, Switzerland] [1]
    Bachrach, Ella [Austria] [1]
    Bachrach, Ernst [Austria] [1]
(A) Bachrach, Robert [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Bunzl, Ernst
                Meier, Friedrich
    Bachrach, Wilhelm [Zakopane, Poland] [2]
    Bächstädt, Walter (AKA Baechstaedt, Walter) [1]
    Bacic, Frau Zora [Croatia (Hrvatska)] [1]
    Bäck, Alfred [Austria] [2]
    Back, Mrs. Jakob [Bad Kreuznach, Germany] [1]
    Bäck, Moritz [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Bäck, Frau Olga [Bad Hofgastein, Austria] [1]
    Back, Paul [Helsinki, Finland] [1]
(A) Backe, Kirsti [1]
    Backenroth, Jonas [Lwow, Poland] [1]
    Backer, Elisabeth H [1]
    Bäcker, Regina [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Koppel, Joachim
    Bäcker, Siegfried [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Koppel, Joachim
    Baczewski, Natalie [Austria] [1]
    Baden-Wolf, Elise [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
(A) Bader, Arthur (AKA Bader-Guenther, Arthur) [1]
    Bader, Else [Germany] [1]
    Bader, Fritz [Montreal, France] [1]
    Bader, Mlle Germaine Valérie (AKA Aaron, Mme Germaine Valérie) [Paris, France] [2]
    Bader, Hans [Freiburg, Germany] [3]
                Bader, Kurt
    Bader, Hugo [Greussen I/Th, Germany] [1]
    Bader, Frau Lily [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Bader, Frau Maria [Starnberg, Germany] [2]
                Bader, August
(A) Bader, Marie [1]
(A) Bader, Rosa [1]
(A) Bader-Guenther, Arthur (AKA Bader, Arthur) [1]
(A) Badin, Georges [Barentin, France] [1]
(A) Badin, Mme Marguerite [Barentin, France] [1]
(A) Badin, Raymond [Barentin, France] [2]
    Badiou, Edmond [France] [1]
    Badiou, Madeleine (AKA Carle, Madeleine) [France] [1]
    Badoud, Mlle Clotilde [1]
    Baduleanu, Andrei [Romania] [1]
    Baduleanu, Margaret [Romania] [1]
    Baechler, Léon [France] [1]
    Baechstaedt, Walter (AKA Bächstädt, Walter) [1]
(A) Baekeroodt, Mme Suzanne [Brussels, Belgium] [2]
    Baer, Adolphe [St.Pierre De Semilly, France] [1]
    Baer, Albert [Germany] [1]
    Baer, Albert [Karlsruhe, Germany] [1]
                Baer, Frau Bessie (AKA Mark, Frau Bessie)
                Baer, Fritz
    Baer, Albert [United States of America] [1]
    Baer, Alice [Coburg, Germany] [1]
    Baer, Anna (AKA Reiss, Anna) [Karlsruhe, Germany] [1]
    Baer, Frl. Emma [1]
    Baer, Erna (AKA Bähr, Erna) [Trier, Germany] [1]
(A) Baer, Frl. Flora [1]
    Baer, Jenny [Germany] [1]
    Baer, Joseph [Germany] [1]
    Baer, Frau Lena [Germany] [1]
    Baer, M. [Germany] [1]
    Baer, Martin [Coburg, Germany] [2]
    Baer, Martin [Germany] [1]
    Baer, Max [Germany] [1]
    Baer, Max [Germany] [1]
    Baer, Max [Germany] [1]
    Baer, Max [Sankt Ingbert, Germany] [1]
                Baer, Frau Else (AKA Hahn, Frl. Else)
    Baer, Moritz [Coburg, Germany] [2]
    Baer, Moritz [Germany] [1]
    Baer, Siegmund [Germany] [1]
    Baessler, Fritz [Neuteich, Germany] [2]
    Baggi, Primo [Milan, Italy] [1]
(A) Baglioni, Fausto [Milan, Italy] [1]
(A) Bagniewski, Frau Marya [Warsaw, Poland] [5]
(A) Bagniewski, Piotr [Warsaw, Poland] [5]
(A) Bagon, Mario [Monfalcone, Italy] [1]
    Bahgad Chimy Bey, Mohamed [1]
    Bahr, Clara [Germany] [1]
    Bahr, Erich [Raststatt, Germany] [1]
    Bähr, Erna (AKA Baer, Erna) [Trier, Germany] [1]
    Baiatu, D [Romania] [1]
    Baicoianu, Mme Cleo [1]
    Baier, Anna (AKA Breitwiesen, Anna) [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
                Burghardt, Ihle
    Baier, Mlle Elise [1]
    Baier, Frl. Elsa [Germany] [1]
    Baikowski, Max [Annecy, France] [2]
    Bailly, Etienne Paul [Roches Sur Rognon, France] [1]
    Bailly, Mme Marguerite (AKA Talmeuf, Mme Marguerite) [France] [1]
    Bakhtiar, Mansour [1]
(A) Bakirgian, Taveor [1]
    Balan, Marie Odette (AKA Balau, Marie-Odette) [France] [2]
    Balan, Marie Virginie (AKA Balau, Marie Virginie) [France] [2]
    Balau, Marie Virginie (AKA Balan, Marie Virginie) [France] [2]
    Balau, Marie-Odette (AKA Balan, Marie Odette) [France] [2]
    Baldensperger, Mlle (AKA Wohlwerth, Mme Alexandre) [Guebwiller, France] [1]
                Wohlwerth, Alexandre
(A) Baldetti, Battista [Rome, Italy] [1]
    Baldi, Clementina [1]
    Baldi, Giuseppe [1]
    Balek, Franz [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Balestra, Luigi [Italy] [1]
    Balint, Mlle Agathe [1]
    Balland, H [Paris, France] [1]
    Ballauff, Mlle Marguerite Léonie (AKA Petitpont, Mme Marguerite Léonie) [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Ballerini, Rosa (AKA Schaufelberger, Rosa) [Erlenbach, Switzerland] [1]
(A) Ballerini-Schaufelberger, Otto [Erlenbach, Switzerland] [1]
    Ballin, Elisabeth [Munich, Germany] [1]
                Ballin, Leopold
    Ballin, Mina [Germany] [1]
    Balogh, Andreas [Arad, Romania] [1]
    Balogh, Arthur [Hungary] [1]
    Balta, Moise [Slovakia (Slovak Republic)] [1]
(A) Baltensberger, Frl. Maria [1]
(A) Baltensberger-Weber [Emmendingen, Germany] [1]
    Baltzinger, Michel Jean [1]
    Bamberger, Betty (AKA Strauss, Betty) [Germany] [1]
    Bamberger, Josef [Munich, Germany] [1]
                Bamberger, Frau Emma (AKA Stern, Frl. Emma)
    Bamberger, Louis [1]
    Bamberger, Simon [Germany] [1]
    Bamberger, Walter [Germany] [1]
    Ban, Frau Margrit [1]
(A) Bancal, Mlle Maria (AKA Bourdiol, Mme Maria) [Castres, France] [1]
    Bandelier, Achille [1]
(A) Bandelier, André [1]
(A) Bandelier, Marie [1]
    Bandler, Max [Austria] [1]
    Banfi, Enrico [Lugano, Switzerland] [1]
(A) Bangerter, Mme Frieda [1]
    Bans, Jozefs [Libau, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics] [1]
    Banyai, Sandor [Budapest, Hungary] [2]
                Banyai, Frau Sandorné
(A) Banzin, Raphael [1]
    Baquiast, R [1]
    Bär, Albert [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
    Bär, Alfred [1]
(A) Bär, Elsa [1]
    Bär, Felix [Germany] [1]
(A) Bär, J G. [1]
    Bar, Jacques [Paris, France] [1]
    Bar, Mme Louise [Paris, France] [1]
    Bar, Mlle Madeleine [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Bär, Otto [1]
    Bar, Paul [Paris, France] [1]
    Bär, Richard D [Germany] [1]
    Bär, Salomon [Basel, Switzerland] [1]
    Bär-Frank, Frieda [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
    Baraban, Mlle Marie (AKA Petitjean, Mme Marie) [Plainfaing, France] [2]
                Petitjean, Mme Suzanne
    Baranska, Frau Felicitas [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Baranski, M. C. [Oceanside, United States of America] [2]
(A) Barat, Mlle Alice (AKA Filhoulaud, Mme Alice) [Bourganeuf, France] [1]
(A) Baratte, Jean [Paris, France] [1]
    Barbail, J. [Saint-Julien-Aux-Bois, France] [2]
    Barbe, Fernand [France] [1]
    Barbedette, Felicite (AKA Bucher, Felicite) [Paris, France] [1]
    Barber, Lena [Luserna San Giovanni, Italy] [1]
    Barbereau, E., Succession [Ahlburg, Germany] [1]
    Barbet, Adéle Eulalie [Chalon, France] [1]
    Barbet, Jules Joseph [Chalon, France] [1]
    Barbet, Marcel [Chalon, France] [1]
    Barbey, Georges [1]
    Barbier, Albert [Paris, France] [1]
    Barbier, Laurent [Montbrison, France] [1]
(A) Barbier, Lucien [Cernay, France] [1]
    Barbier, Mme Marguerite (AKA Brun, Mme Marguerite) [Montbrison, France] [1]
    Barbier, Marie Geneviève (AKA Filippucci Giustiniani, Marie Geneviève) [Rome, Italy] [1]
    Barbier, Maurice [Epinal, France] [1]
    Barbosa, José Morcira [1]
    Barbot, Maurice [Paris, France] [1]
    Barca, Sava B [1]
    Barcas, Hugo [1]
    Barchietto, Mlle Elda (AKA Bitsch, Mme Elda) [Belfort, France] [1]
    Barcon, Alexandrine (AKA York, Mme Alexandrine) [Paris, France] [2]
                Monnet, Rodolphe M.
    Bard, Marcel [Paris, France] [3]
    Bard, Mlle Marguerite [Paris, France] [3]
    Bard, Mme Marthe (AKA Cabanes, Mlle Marthe) [Paris, France] [3]
    Bard, Pierrette (AKA Gouthière, Pierrette) [France] [1]
    Bardach, Karl [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Bardach, Karl [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Bardach, Kurt [Germany] [2]
    Bardach, Marianne [Austria] [1]
(A) Bardet, Mlle Jeanne [1]
    Bardet, Renée [Riberac, France] [1]
    Bardonne, Mme M [1]
(A) Bardou, Claire Louise Mathilde (AKA Dubreuil, Claire Louise Mathilde) [Grenoble, France] [1]
(A) Barge, Pierre [Thiers, France] [1]
    Bariatti-Pellissier, Jean [1]
    Barlaix, Marie Simon (AKA Colmet-Daage, Marie Simon) [Paris, France] [4]
    Barna, Paul [Romania] [1]
    Barna, Frau Rosalie [Romania] [1]
(A) Barocas, Ersilia [1]
    Baron, Kurt [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Baron, Mme Marie Josephe (AKA Foncin, Marie Josephe) [Dijon, France] [3]
    Baron, Paul [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
                Baron, Alexander
    Baron, Therese [France] [2]
    Baron, Therese [Germany] [1]
(A) Baron-Evard, A. [Saint Raphael, France] [2]
(A) Baronnier, Mlle Jeanne (AKA Gaillard, Mme Jeanne) [Lyon, France] [2]
    Baross, Georges [1]
    Barrachin, Andre [France] [1]
    Barrachin, Honoré [France] [1]
    Barrachin, Roger [France] [1]
(A) Barras, Henri [1]
    Barrelet, Jeanne (AKA Wolf, Jeanne) [1]
(A) Barrelle, Maurice Auguste [France] [1]
    Barrere, Mlle Gracieuse Ernestine (AKA Hecht, Mme Gracieuse Ernestine) [Biarritz, France] [1]
(A) Barreyre, Maurice [Vizille, France] [1]
    Barrier, Philippe [2]
    Barriere, Albert [Riberac, France] [1]
    Barsdall, Aline [France] [1]
(A) Barstow, John [1]
    Barta, Alexander [Hungary] [1]
    Barta, Gyoergy [Timisoara, Romania] [1]
    Barta, Ludwig [Timisoara, Romania] [1]
    Barta, Frau Nolli [Timisoara, Romania] [1]
    Bartels, Anna [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
                Bartels, Herbert
    Bartenstein, Fritz [Freiburg, Germany] [1]
    Bartenstein, Klaus [Freiburg, Germany] [1]
    Bartenstein, Mathilde [Freiburg, Germany] [1]
(A) Barth, Albert [1]
(A) Barth, Alfred [1]
(A) Barth, Anna [1]
    Barth, Frau Emmy [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
    Barth, Fritz [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
(A) Barth, Leo [1]
    Barth, Otto [Germany] [1]
    Barthe, Gabriel [Naujan-Et-Postiac, France] [2]
                Barthe, Joseph
    Barthe, Pierre [Mazamet, France] [1]
    Barthe, Mme Yvonne (AKA Périé, Mlle Yvonne) [Mazamet, France] [1]
(A) Barthel, Mme [Nancy, France] [1]
    Barthod [Besancon, France] [1]
    Bartmann, Alfred [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Bartmann, Marga [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
    Bartolocci, Mme Jole (AKA Bartolocci, Mme Jule) [Egypt] [1]
    Bartolocci, Mme Jule (AKA Bartolocci, Mme Jole) [Egypt] [1]
    Bartsch, Frau Marita [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Winter-Alpenwehr, Paula
    Baruch, J. [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Baruch, Rosa
    Baruch, Ludwig [Bruchsal, Germany] [1]
    Barvaktarovitch, Nicolas [Yugoslavia] [1]
    Basch, Erwin [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Flesch, Helene
    Basch, Hans [Germany] [1]
    Basch, Imre [Hungary] [1]
    Basch, Julius [Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Basch, Richard [Austria] [1]
(A) Baschet, Mlle Charlotte [Paris, France] [2]
(A) Baschet, Mlle Henriette [Paris, France] [2]
(A) Baschet, Robert [Paris, France] [2]
(A) Baschwitz, Mme Juliette [Belgium] [1]
(A) Baschwitz, Paul [Belgium] [1]
    Basile, Lazaride Dogani [Bucharest, Romania] [1]
    Basiliades, Anast G [1]
    Baskin, Neouch [Paris, France] [1]
                Rabinovitch-Baskine, Berta
(A) Basler, Frieda [1]
    Bass, Alfred [Austria] [1]
    Bass, Alfred [Austria] [1]
    Bass, Alfred [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Bass, Helene
    Bass, Eduard [Mödling, Austria] [1]
    Bass, Eduard [Prague, Czechoslovakia] [1]
                Bass, Franz
    Bass, Friedrich [Austria] [1]
    Bass, Richard [Austria] [1]
    Bass, Robert [Vienna, Austria] [1]
(A) Bassa, Asriel [Romania] [1]
    Basta, Vojtich [1]
    Bastard, Eugénie [Raon L'Etape, France] [1]
(A) Baszanger, Charles [Paris, France] [1]
    Baszanger, Mme Elisabeth [Paris, France] [1]
                Baszanger, Charles
(A) Baszanger, Mme Elisabeth (AKA Gatelet, Mlle Elisabeth) [Paris, France] [2]
(A) Baszanger, Mlle Jacqueline [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Baszanger, Jacques [Paris, France] [3]
    Baszanger, Jacques "Lucky" [Paris, France] [1]
                Baszanger, Charles
    Batistic, Rafael, Erben [1]
    Batliner, A [1]
    Battault, James [Auxey-Duresses, France] [1]
                Bey, Mme Marie (AKA Battault, Mlle Marie)
    Bauby, Charles [Paris, France] [1]
    Bauby, Mme Marie [Paris, France] [1]
    Bauch, Frl. Mimmy (AKA Israel, Frau Mimmy) [Cologne, Germany] [1]
                Israel, Alfred
    Bauchwitz, Kurt [Germany] [1]
    Baud, Henri [France] [1]
(A) Baud, Mme Henri [1]
    Bauder, Paul [Stuttgart, Germany] [3]
    Baudier, Emile [1]
    Baudoin, Mme Leon [1]
    Baudonnet, Marie (AKA Carcanague, Mme Marie) [Mur-De-Barrez, France] [1]
(A) Baudry, Henri Charles [Paris, France] [1]
    Baudry, Henri Charles [1]
(A) Baudry, Mlle Marthe [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Baudry, Mlle Therese [Paris, France] [1]
    Bauer, Adolf [Frankfurt, Germany] [1]
                Bauer, Elsbeth
    Bauer, Alfred [Germany] [4]
    Bauer, Alfred [Strasbourg, France] [4]
                Bauer, Mme Marie (AKA Kuhn, Marie)
    Bauer, Frl. Amalie (AKA Regensburger, Frau Amalie) [Yokohama, Japan] [2]
                Bauer, Arthur
                Bauer, Frau Ernestine
                Bauer, Josef
    Bauer, André [France] [1]
    Bauer, Anna [Germany] [1]
    Bauer, Arpad [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
    Bauer, Arthur [Erlangen, Germany] [1]
                Bauer, Simon
    Bauer, Benjamin [France] [1]
    Bauer, Berthold [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
    Bauer, C. E. [Pforzheim, Germany] [1]
    Bauer, Carl [Berlin, Germany] [2]
    Bauer, Carl [1]
    Bauer, Carl Wilhelm [Cronenberg, Germany] [1]
    Bauer, Clara [Frankfurt, Germany] [1]
                Bauer, Elsbeth
    Bauer, Eduard [Mannheim, Germany] [1]
                Bauer, Frau Hermine (AKA Carlenbach, Frl. Hermine)
                Posen, Frau Auguste Luise (AKA Bauer, Frl. Auguste Luise)
                Retwitzer, Frau Regine Gertrud (AKA Bauer, Frl. Regine Gertrud)
    Bauer, Elise [Germany] [2]
    Bauer, Elsa [Germany] [1]
    Bauer, Frau Else [Berlin, Germany] [2]
    Bauer, Emil [Cronenberg, Germany] [1]
    Bauer, Emma [France] [1]
    Bauer, Ernst [Germany] [1]
(A) Bauer, Ernst [1]
    Bauer, F [Palermo, Italy] [1]
(A) Bauer, Fernando [Madrid, Spain] [2]
    Bauer, Franz [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
    Bauer, Friedrich [Germany] [1]
    Bauer, Friedrich [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
(A) Bauer, Friedrich [Switzerland] [1]
    Bauer, Fritz [Germany] [3]
    Bauer, Fritz [Germany] [3]
(A) Bauer, Mme Genevieve Noemi (AKA Sautter, Genevieve Noemi) [Paris, France] [1]
    Bauer, Georg [Innsbruck, Austria] [1]
                Bauer, Marie
    Bauer, Georg [Munich, Germany] [1]
                Bauer, Clara
    Bauer, Gertrud [Germany] [1]
    Bauer, Gustav [Germany] [1]
    Bauer, Hans [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Bauer, Hans [Germany] [1]
    Bauer, Hans [Munich, Germany] [1]
    Bauer, Hans [Munich, Germany] [1]
(A) Bauer, Hans Peter [1]
    Bauer, Heinrich E. [Germany] [1]
    Bauer, Heinrich T. [Germany] [1]
    Bauer, Helene [France] [1]
    Bauer, Helene [France] [1]
    Bauer, Frau Helene [Germany] [1]
    Bauer, Henri [Wolfisheim, France] [1]
    Bauer, Frl. Hildegard [Coburg, Germany] [1]
    Bauer, J. [Austria] [1]
(A) Bauer, Jean Francis [Paris, France] [1]
    Bauer, Johanna [Germany] [1]
    Bauer, Julius [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Bauer, Karl [Munich, Germany] [1]
    Bauer, Karl [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Kaufmann, Eduard
    Bauer, Lajos [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
    Bauer, Leopold [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Bauer, Frau Stephanie (AKA von Kink, Frl. Stephanie)
    Bauer, Ludwig [Germany] [1]
(A) Bauer, Margarete [Germany] [1]
    Bauer, Maria [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
    Bauer, Martha [Cronenberg, Germany] [1]
    Bauer, Mlle Martha (AKA Lehmann, Mme Martha) [Strasbourg, France] [1]
(A) Bauer, Marthe (AKA Falque, Mme Fernand) [Paris, France] [1]
    Bauer, Otto [Cronenberg, Germany] [3]
                Bauer, Carl Wilhelm
                Bauer, Martha
    Bauer, Otto [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
    Bauer, Reinhold [Leipzig, Germany] [1]
                Bauer, Ferdinand
                Würfel, Fritz
    Bauer, Richard [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Bauer, Roger [Paris, France] [2]
    Bauer, Frau Stephanie (AKA von Kink, Frl. Stephanie) [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Bauer, Leopold
    Bauer, Mlle Therese (AKA Carlebach, Mme Therese) [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
                Carlebach, Hermann
                Carlebach, Stefan
(A) Bauer, Tibor [1]
    Bauer, Victor [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Bauer, Vilem [Prague, Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Bauer, Wilhelm [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Bauer, Albert
                Bauer, August
    Bauer, Mme [Egesheim, Germany] [1]
    Bauer-Frank, Rafael [Wiesbaden, Germany] [1]
(A) Bauer-Wietmer, Karl (AKA Baur-Wietmer, Karl) [Inzlingen, Germany] [1]
    Baulard, Charles [Gray, France] [2]
    Baum, A. [Germany] [1]
    Baum, E. [Germany] [1]
    Baum, Georg [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Baum, Gustav [Bielsko, Poland] [1]
                Baum, Frau Nelly
    Baum, Hermann [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
    Baum, Hermann [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
    Baum, Jakob [Alzey, Germany] [1]
    Baum, Frau Lina (AKA Puschmann, Frl. Lina) [Chemnitz, Germany] [1]
                Seidel, Johannes Gerhard
    Baum, Ludwig [Alzey, Germany] [1]
    Baum, Otto [Berlin, Germany] [3]
                Baum Rawitzki, Frau Liselotte
    Baum, Sera [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Baum, Solo [Sisak, Yugoslavia] [1]
    Baumann, Achille [Strasbourg, France] [2]
    Baumann, Albert [1]
(A) Baumann, Alice Margrit [1]
    Baumann, Anneliese Lotte (AKA Pudel, Frl. Anneliese) [Mannheim, Germany] [2]
(A) Baumann, Armin [1]
    Baumann, Aug C [1]
    Baumann, Frau Bertha (AKA Munch, Frl. Bertha) [Baden, Germany] [1]
                Baumann, Franz
    Baumann, Bertha [Germany] [1]
    Baumann, Mrs. Clara [Germany] [5]
    Baumann, Clara [Germany] [1]
(A) Baumann, Emil [1]
(A) Baumann, Emma [1]
    Baumann, Erich [Karlsruhe, Germany] [1]
    Baumann, Erna [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Baumann, Erna [1]
    Baumann, Eugen [Germany] [5]
    Baumann, Fritz [1]
(A) Baumann, Fritz [1]
    Baumann, Georg [Germany] [1]
(A) Baumann, Gustav, Nachlass [Berlin, Germany] [2]
                Remak, Heinrich
                Treitel, Otto
(A) Baumann, Gustav [1]
    Baumann, Hans [Germany] [2]
    Baumann, Hans [Germany] [2]
(A) Baumann, Hans [1]
(A) Baumann, Hans [1]
(A) Baumann, Heinrich [1]
    Baumann, Frau Helene [Amberg, Germany] [1]
    Baumann, Henri [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Baumann, Frau Ida [Colombier-Fontaine, France] [1]
(A) Baumann, Ida [1]
(A) Baumann, Jakob [1]
(A) Baumann, Jakob [1]
(A) Baumann, Jakob [1]
    Baumann, Mme Jeanne (AKA Lévy, Jeanne) [Strasbourg, France] [2]
    Baumann, Jeanne [Thann, France] [2]
    Baumann, Johanna (AKA Bachmann, Johanna) [New York City, United States of America] [1]
    Baumann, Josef [Munich, Germany] [1]
(A) Baumann, K [Konstanz, Germany] [1]
(A) Baumann, Frau Klara [1]
(A) Baumann, Liselotte [1]
    Baumann, Mlle Lucie (AKA Levy, Mme Lucie) [Strasbourg, France] [2]
    Baumann, Mme Marguerite [Thann, France] [4]
    Baumann, Frau Marie [Weida, Germany] [1]
    Baumann, Mme Marie Laure (AKA Muller, Marie Laure) [Mulhouse, France] [1]
                Baumann, Xavier
    Baumann, Pierre [Mulhouse, France] [1]
                Baumann, Xavier
(A) Baumann, Rene [Geneva, Switzerland] [1]
    Baumann, Robert [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Baumann, Ruth [France] [3]
    Baumann, Sophie (AKA Thannhofer, Sophie AKA Thannhofer-Baumann, Sophie) [1]
                Baumann-Mersing, Josef
                Baumann-Mersing, Theresia
    Baumann, Walter Gottf [1]
(A) Baumann-Baltensperger, Berta [1]
(A) Baumann-Baltensperger, Joh [1]
(A) Baume, Emile [Montelimar, France] [1]
(A) Baume, Mme Huguette (AKA Fabre, Mlle Huguette) [Montelimar, France] [1]
(A) Baumert, Otto [Freiburg, Germany] [1]
    Baumgarten, Rudolf [Vienna, Austria] [2]
(A) Baumgartner, Emma [Gellingen, Germany] [1]
    Baumgartner, Friedrich [Vesoul, Haute Saône, France] [1]
    Baumgartner, Hans [Germany] [4]
    Baumgartner, Joh, Sel. Erben [1]
    Baumgartner, Werner [Konstanz, Germany] [1]
(A) Baumgartner, Werner [1]
    Bäuml, Fritz [Karlovac, Yugoslavia] [1]
    Bäuml, Heinrich [Bodenbach, Germany] [3]
                Bäuml, Frau Anna (AKA Wechsler, Frl. Anna)
    Baumlin, Francois [Paris, France] [2]
    Baumlin, Mme Suzanne Charlotte Eugenie (AKA Friedel, Suzanne Charlotte Eugenie) [Paris, France] [2]
    Baur, Babette [Germany] [1]
(A) Baur, Carlos [Para, Italy] [1]
    Baur, Frl. Elisabet [Germany] [1]
    Baur, Mrs. Elisabeth [Germany] [2]
    Baur, Elisabeth [Germany] [1]
    Baur, Elisabeth [Germany] [1]
    Baur, Franz [Germany] [1]
(A) Baur, Karl [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Baur, Mlle Lise (AKA Fleur, Mme Lise) [Paris, France] [1]
    Baur, Max [Germany] [1]
    Baur, Rosa [Menzenschwand, Germany] [1]
    Baur, Rudolf [Austria] [1]
    Baur, Therese [Menzenschwand, Germany] [1]
                Baur, Paul
                Höfler, Dominika
                Kapferer, Paulina
                Rogg, Adelheid
                Wiederkehr, Rosa
    Baur, Walter [Germany] [1]
    Baur, Walter [Germany] [2]
(A) Baur-Wietmer, Karl (AKA Bauer-Wietmer, Karl) [Inzlingen, Germany] [1]
    Bauz, Margarete [Germany] [1]
(A) Bavaud, Henri [1]
    Bay, Arthur [Belgium] [1]
    Bayard, Fritz [1]
    Bayer, Clara W. [Calw, Germany] [1]
    Bayer, Eugen [Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Bayer, Josef [Hüfingen, Germany] [1]
    Bayer, Josef [Lustenau, Austria] [1]
    Bayer, Frl. Martha [Barmen, Germany] [1]
    Bayer, Rudolf [Germany] [1]
(A) Bayle, Germaine [Saint Claude, France] [2]
                Jousserandot, Jeanne
                Jousserandot, René
    Bayle, Isabelle [Saint-Marcellin, France] [1]
    Bayle, Louis [Saint-Marcellin, France] [1]
    Bays, R [1]
    Baysal, Kemal [1]
    Bazalkin, Frau Luba [Latvia] [1]
(A) Bazelis, Robert [Angers, France] [1]
                Bazelis, Mlle Genevieve
                Bazelis, Germaine
                Bazelis, Mme Jeanne (AKA Vandroux, Mlle Jeanne)
                Bazelis, Madeleine
                Bazelis, Mme Solange
                Bazelis, Mme Thérese
                Vandroux, Mme Marcelle
    Bazin, Andre [Troyes, France] [5]
                Hoppenot, Jean
    Bazin, Leon [Troyes, France] [5]
                Hoppenot, Jean
    Bazin, Marthe [Troyes, France] [5]
                Hoppenot, Jean
    Bear, Martha (AKA Urs, Martha) [France] [1]
    Béard, Jean-Nöel [1]
    Bearington, M [1]
(A) Beau, Alfred [Saint Mandé, France] [1]
    Beau, Emile [La Garde, France] [1]
    Beau, Jeanne (AKA Ruff, Jeanne) [La Garde, France] [1]
    Beauger, Mme Anne [Nantes, France] [1]
(A) Beaugrand, Henri Gabriel [Paris, France] [1]
                Beaugrand, André
                Beaugrand, Etienne
(A) Beaugrand, Mathilde Louise [Paris, France] [1]
                Beaugrand, André
                Beaugrand, Etienne
(A) Beaujon, Felix [Paris, France] [1]
    Beausoleil, Pierre-Francois [France] [1]
    Beautey, Jeanne (AKA Vennat, Mme Jeanne Philippine Marie Louise) [Bordeaux, France] [2]
                Dullieux, Paul
(A) Bechara, Edouard [Paris, France] [1]
    Bechler, Frau Elisabeth [1]
(A) Bechtloff, Anton [Austria] [1]
    Beck, Alfred [Germany] [1]
    Beck, Carl [Hannover, Germany] [1]
    Beck, Frau Elsa [Germany] [1]
    Beck, Emilie [Austria] [3]
    Beck, Frau Fanny [Munich, Germany] [1]
    Beck, Friedrich [Czech Republic] [1]
    Beck, Fritz [Danzig, Germany] [2]
                Beck, Frau Margarete
    Beck, Hans [Vienna, Austria] [11]
                Haas, Otto
                Schütz, Frida
                Schütz, Harald
    Beck, Heinz [Germany] [1]
    Beck, Helene [Mödling, Austria] [1]
(A) Beck, Johann [1]
    Beck, Johannes [Germany] [1]
    Beck, Josefine [Czech Republic] [1]
    Beck, Joseph [Altdorf, Germany] [1]
    Beck, Karl [Germany] [1]
    Beck, Karl [Germany] [2]
    Beck, Manuel [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
    Beck, Moritz [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Beck, Paul [Czech Republic] [1]
(A) Beck, Paul [1]
(A) Beck, Regina [1]
    Beck, Rudolf [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Beck, Rosa
    Beck, Theodor [Germany] [1]
(A) Beck, Victoria [Germany] [1]
    Beck, W. Adolf [Karlsruhe, Germany] [1]
    Beck, Walter [Pforzheim, Germany] [1]
                Beck, Frau Liesel (AKA Stark, Frl. Liesel)
    Beck, Wilhelm [Lörrach, Germany] [1]
(A) Beck-Maillard, Marie Berthe (AKA Maillard, Marie Berthe) [1]
    Beck-Reisch, Ida [Austria] [1]
    Becker, Frau Anna [Rostock, Germany] [1]
    Becker, August [Germany] [1]
    Becker, Bernhard [Germany] [1]
    Becker, Franz [Germany] [2]
    Becker, Gustav Adolf [Marseille, France] [1]
                Becker, Frau Hedwig
    Becker, Heinrich [Germany] [3]
    Becker, Frau Hildegard (AKA Cramer, Hildegard) [Jena, Germany] [1]
(A) Becker, Hubert [Zerbst, Germany] [1]
    Becker, Hugo [Germany] [4]
    Becker, Irmgard [Gelnhausen, Germany] [1]
    Becker, Irmgard Edgar [Gelnhausen, Germany] [1]
    Becker, Johann [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
                Becker, Frau Fanny (AKA Lewis, Frl. Fanny)
    Becker, Julien [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Becker, Karl [Amsterdam, Netherlands] [1]
                Becker, Arthur
    Becker, Lina [France] [1]
    Becker, Frau Louise [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Becker, Ludwig [Jena, Germany] [1]
    Becker, Margarete [Germany] [1]
    Becker, Frau Margarethe [Dresden, Germany] [2]
                Sommer, Max
    Becker, Paul A. [Germany] [1]
    Becker, Ruth [Halle, Germany] [1]
    Becker, Sylvain [Gérardmer, Vosges, France] [1]
    Becker-Sieghart, Frau Marie [Vienna, Austria] [1]
(A) Beckers, Mlle Elise Jeanne Elvire (AKA Petti, Mme Michel) [Italy] [1]
    Beckert, Anna [Germany] [1]
    Beckmann, Lothar [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Beckröge, Johann Hinr. [Bremen, Germany] [1]
                Beckröge, Marie (AKA Lange, Marie)
    Beckröge, Marie (AKA Lange, Marie) [Bremen, Germany] [1]
                Beckröge, Johann Hinr.
    Becske, Frau Susanne [1]
    Bedö, Eduard [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
    Bedö, Irma (AKA Grünfeld, Irma) [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
    Beer, Charlotte [Austria] [2]
    Beer, Ernst [Germany] [2]
    Beer, Ferdinand [1]
    Beer, Gertrud [Mulhouse, France] [1]
    Beer, Helene [Austria] [1]
    Beer, Hilde [Austria] [1]
(A) Beer, Johanna [1]
    Beer, Frau Maria (AKA Derka, Frl. Maria) [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Beer, Othmar
                Pollak, Rudolf
    Beer, Max [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Beer, Otto [Germany] [1]
    Beer, Frau R. [Guebwiller, France] [1]
    Beer, Frl. Susanna [Hungary] [1]
    Beffa, J [1]
    Begali, Mlle Irma [1]
    Béguin, Mlle [1]
(A) Béhar, Leon [1]
    Behar-Hasson, Jacques [Nice, France] [1]
    Behr, Erwin [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
    Behr, Karl [Germany] [1]
    Behr, Margarete [Dornach, Germany] [1]
    Behr, Max [Germany] [1]
    Behr, Rudolf [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
    Behr, Wilhelm [Paris, France] [1]
    Behrend, Frau Gerda (AKA Jacobi, Frau Gerda) [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Behrend, Hugo [Berlin, Germany] [2]
                Behrend, Frau Gerda (AKA Jacobi, Frau Gerda)
    Behrens, Hans [Medessenn, Germany] [1]
                Behrens, Marie
    Behrens, Hellmuth [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
                Behrens, Gertrud
    Behrens, Rudolph [Berlin, Germany] [2]
                Behrens, Anna
    Behrle-Zoellner, Frau Marg [Germany] [2]
(A) Beier, Max [Germany] [1]
    Beifus, Isack Josef, Selig [Munich, Germany] [1]
    Beihl, Antonie (AKA Loehr, Frau Antonie) [Heidelberg, Germany] [1]
                Loehr, Anton
                Richter, Helene
    Beinssen, H [Germany] [1]
    Bejai, Robert [1]
    Bek, Oskar [1]
    Belaunde, Alfredo [1]
    Belfort, Mme Alice (AKA Bossy, Mme Alice) [Le Luc, France] [1]
(A) Belhague, Mme Berthe (AKA Cousin, Mlle Berthe) [Paris, France] [2]
(A) Belhague, Charles Louis Joseph [Paris, France] [2]
    Belics, S. [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Belin, Jules [Premeaux, France] [1]
(A) Bell, Frau C J [1]
    Bellak, Bruno [Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Bellak, Ilka [Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Bellak, Viktoria [Vienna, Austria] [1]
(A) Bellanger, Jacques [Paris, France] [1]
    Bellecour, Marie Paule Berne (AKA Detroye, Marie Paule Berne) [France] [2]
    Bellin, Leon [Paris, France] [2]
                Herrenschmidt, Poulaud
                Schmidt, H. M.
    Bellin, Suzanne [Paris, France] [2]
                Herrenschmidt, Poulaud
                Schmidt, H. M.
(A) Bellini-Manfredi, Adriana (AKA Manfredi, Adriana) [Florence, Italy] [1]
    Belloc, Mme Henri (AKA Pugenc, Madeleine) [Paris, France] [1]
    Belloc, Henri [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Bellon, Mme Henriette (AKA Payen, Henriette) [Ecully, France] [1]
(A) Bellon, Jacques Damien [Ecully, France] [1]
(A) Belloni, Marguerite [1]
(A) Belly, Pierre André [Bordeaux, France] [1]
    Belot, Jules [Grenoble, France] [1]
    Belot, Mme Pauline (AKA Greffe, Mme Pauline) [Grenoble, France] [1]
(A) Belzacq, Maurice [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Ben Rachid, Abdallah [1]
    Bénac, André [Paris, France] [1]
    Benain, Angelo [Milan, Italy] [1]
    Benain, Elena [Milan, Italy] [1]
    Benary, Mlle Dalia [1]
    Bence, Julius [Budapest, Hungary] [2]
                Bence, Frau Margarete
    Bence, Frau Margarete [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
                Bence, Julius
    Benda, Otto Ignace [Paris, France] [1]
    Bende, Stefan [2]
(A) Bender, E [Germany] [1]
    Bender, Frau Emilie [Waldkirch, Germany] [1]
    Bender, Emily M [Vienna, Austria] [1]
(A) Bender, F [1]
    Bender, Frau Karoline [Germany] [1]
    Bender, Martha [Heutingsheim, Germany] [1]
    Bender, Sofie [Germany] [1]
    Bender, Frl. Sofie [Heidelberg, Germany] [1]
                Bender, Frau Karoline
    Bendit, Amalie [1]
    Bendix, Elisabeth [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Bendix, Frau Gertrud [Berlin, Germany] [2]
                Bendix, Otto
    Bendix, Hedwig [Trutnov, Czechoslovakia] [4]
    Bendix, Kurt [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Bendix, Otto [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Bene, Alexander F. [Düsseldorf, Germany] [1]
    Benedek, Irene [Austria] [2]
    Benedick, Georg [Germany] [2]
    Benedict, Karl [Germany] [1]
    Benedict, Richard Ernst [1]
    Benedikt, Charlotte [Czech Republic] [2]
    Benedikt, Helene [Austria] [1]
    Benedikt, Frau Helene [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Kriwascek, Erwin
    Benedikt, Leo [Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Benes, Jaroslav [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [1]
    Benesch, Alfred [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Benesch, Elsa
    Benesch, Simon, Erben [Austria] [2]
    Benesch, Simon [Austria] [1]
    Benesch, Simon [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Benesch, Simon [Vienna, Austria] [1]
(A) Bengue, Armand [France] [2]
    Benhaim, Albert [France] [1]
    Bening, W [Germany] [1]
    Benisch, Ernst [Cologne, Germany] [1]
                Benisch, Rosa
    Benisch, Rosa [Strakonice, Czechoslovakia] [1]
                Benisch, Ernst
    Benischek, Eugen [Germany] [1]
    Benischek, Frau Maria [Germany] [1]
    Benjamin, Marie [Berlin, Germany] [2]
    Benjamin, Max [Berlin, Germany] [2]
    Benjamin-Saenger, Gertrud [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Benjamin-Saenger, Louis [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Benkovic, Ada [1]
    Benmayor, Albert [Austria] [2]
(A) Bennes, Adele (AKA Genoud, Mlle Adele) [Castres, France] [1]
(A) Bennes, Roger [Castres, France] [1]
    Bennet, Frau Inge [Zurich, Switzerland] [1]
    Bennetot, J [France] [1]
(A) Benninger, Frieda [1]
    Benoit, Camille [Paris, France] [1]
    Benoit, Mlle Denise [Paris, France] [1]
    Benoit, Mme Marguerite [Paris, France] [1]
    Benoit-Janin, Mme A [2]
    Bensheimer, Frau Johanna (AKA Heidenheimer, Johanna) [Mannheim, Germany] [1]
                Gütermann, Heinrich
(A) Benson-Bernac, Mme Ethel (AKA Davis, Mlle Ethel) [Cannes, France] [1]
(A) Benson-Bernac, Mlle Marcelle (AKA Pantaleoni, Mme Marcelle) [Cannes, France] [1]
    Bensussan, Jacques [France] [3]
    Benveniste, Mme Elvirar (AKA Bienveniste, Mme Elvire) [Greece] [1]
    Benveniste, Henri [Marseille, France] [2]
                Benveniste, Mme Henri
    Benzenger [Nancy, France] [1]
    Bequillard, Alfred [1]
(A) Beraha, Maurice [Greece] [1]
    Beral, Adolf [Romania] [2]
    Beraldo Di Cesare, Olga [Genoa, Italy] [1]
    Bérand, Berthe (AKA Haour, Berthe) [France] [1]
    Berberich, Hubert [1]
    Berchtold-Belart, Frau Helene [1]
(A) Berczeli, Georges [1]
    Berdolt, Ernst Jos. [1]
    Berdolt, Karl August Joseph [1]
    Berend, Alice [Germany] [1]
    Berend, Kitty [Vienna, Austria] [1]
(A) Berenger-Hoppenot, Jacques [Macon, France] [1]
    Beresteanu-Goldstein, Mina [Romania] [1]
                Beresteanu, Mme Mircea
    Beretz, Joseph [Colmar, France] [1]
    Beretz-Dreyfus, Marguerite [Colmar, France] [1]
    Bereznicki, Jan [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Berg, Anna [Germany] [1]
    Berg, Berta [Hungary] [1]
    Berg, Frau Betty [Austria] [1]
    Berg, Friedrich [Italy] [1]
    Berg, Fritz [Germany] [1]
    Berg, Hedwig [Germany] [3]
    Berg, Heinz [Germany] [1]
    Berg, Julius [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Berg-Steinmann, Frau Anna [Friedrichshafen, Germany] [1]
    Berge, Josef [Sofia, Bulgaria] [1]
    Bergel, Eugen [Germany] [1]
    Bergel, Roger [Marseille, France] [3]
    Bergel, Rolande [Marseille, France] [3]
    Berger, Mme Adele (AKA Hickel, Mme Adele) [Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France] [3]
    Berger, Adolf [Sprendlingen, Germany] [2]
    Berger, Alfred [Vienna, Austria] [1]
(A) Berger, Anna [1]
    Berger, Frau Berta (AKA Hirsch, Frl. Berta) [Offenbach, Germany] [1]
                Berger-Hirsch, Hugo
    Berger, Carl [Kranj, Yugoslavia] [1]
                Berger, Paul
(A) Berger, Daniel [1]
    Berger, Frl. Elisabeth (AKA Mette, Frau Elisabeth) [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
    Berger, Emil [Austria] [1]
    Berger, Erna [Krakow, Poland] [1]
                Berger, Carl
                Berger, Paula
    Berger, Ernst [Germany] [1]
    Berger, Franz [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Berger, Frau Freida (AKA Briese, Frl. Freida) [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Epstein, Max
    Berger, Fritz [Germany] [1]
(A) Berger, Fritz [1]
    Berger, Frl. Gretel [Bayern, Germany] [1]
    Berger, Hans [Munich, Germany] [1]
    Berger, Hans [Vienna, Austria] [1]
(A) Berger, Hans [3]
(A) Berger, Heinz [1]
    Berger, Frau Helene (AKA Czipin, Frau Helene) [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
                Magen, Rudolf
    Berger, Henriette [Annecy, France] [1]
    Berger, Frl. Henriette (AKA Zander, Frau Henriette) [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Berger, Hermann [Renchen, Germany] [1]
    Berger, Ignaz [Austria] [1]
    Berger, Ignaz [Milan, Italy] [1]
    Berger, Imre [Zalaegerszeg, Hungary] [1]
                Berger, Frau Lilly (AKA Freiberger, Frl. Lilly)
    Berger, Jules [Strasbourg, France] [3]
    Berger, Julia [Nice, France] [1]
    Berger, Lia [Krakow, Poland] [1]
                Berger, Erna
                Berger, Paula
    Berger, Marta [Pilsen, Czechoslovakia] [1]
                Berger, Otto
    Berger, Mizzi (AKA Missriegler, Mizzi) [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Berger, Richard
(A) Berger, Paul [1]
    Berger, René [Strasbourg, France] [1]
(A) Berger, Roger [1]
    Berger, Frau Rosa [Vienna, Austria] [1]
(A) Berger, Rosalie [France] [1]
    Berger, Rudolf [Austria] [1]
    Berger, Sonja [1]
    Berger, Walter [Grossröhrsdorf, Germany] [1]
                Berger, Erna
    Berger, Walter [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Berger, Anna
                Berger, Hermann
    Berger, Wilhelm [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Berger, Gisela
    Berger-Woschnagg, Egon [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Berger-Woschnagg, Marie [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Bergfeld, Mlle Inge [1]
    Bergfeldt, Friedrich [Latvia] [1]
    Bergheim, Max [Neuwied, Germany] [1]
    Bergheimer, Josef [Germany] [1]
    Bergl, Alexander [Austria] [1]
(A) Bergmann, Alfred [Dresden, Germany] [3]
                Bergmann, Frau Elisabeth (AKA Schluttig, Frl. Elisabeth)
    Bergmann, Alfred [Poland] [1]
    Bergmann, Carl [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Bergmann, Frau Elisabeth [Reinbek, Germany] [1]
    Bergmann, Frau Elisabeth [Reinbek, Germany] [1]
    Bergmann, Fritz [Germany] [1]
    Bergmann, Giulio [Milan, Italy] [1]
    Bergmann, Gustav [Germany] [2]
    Bergmann, Heinrich [Germany] [1]
    Bergmann, Heinrich [Hannover, Germany] [1]
    Bergmann, Frau Karoline [Nuremberg, Germany] [1]
    Bergmann, Mme Lise (AKA Diehl, Lise) [Strasbourg, France] [2]
    Bergmann, Lucien [Strasbourg, France] [2]
    Bergmann, Maria [Milan, Italy] [1]
    Bergmann, Martha [Germany] [1]
    Bergmann, Max [Reinbek, Germany] [2]
    Bergmann, Frau Selma [New York City, United States of America] [1]
    Bergner, Hedwig [Germany] [2]
    Bergwald-Cohn, Jules [Berlin, Germany] [1]
(A) Bergwerk, Wolf [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Hammerschmidt, Marie
(A) Berini, Aldo [1]
    Berkowitz, Alexander [Paris, France] [2]
    Berkowitz, Anna [Paris, France] [2]
    Berkowitz, Marta [Milan, Italy] [1]
    Berl, Siegfried [Austria] [3]
(A) Berland, Mme Alida Marie Clémentine (AKA Turcaud, Mlle Alida Marie Clémentine) [Les Sables-D' Olonne, France] [2]
(A) Berland, Mlle Jeanne Esther Lucienne (AKA Gautier, Mme Jeanne Esther Lucienne) [Les Sables D'Olonne, France] [2]
    Berlescu, Ella [Bucharest, Romania] [1]
    Berlescu, Paul [Bucharest, Romania] [2]
    Berlier-Sage, Mme Eugenie [1]
    Berliner, Frl. Fanny [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Berliner, Frl. Else
    Berliner, Josef [Hannover, Germany] [1]
                Schlesinger, Max
    Berliner, Klara [Hannover, Germany] [3]
                Schlesinger, Max
    Berliner, L. [Germany] [1]
    Berlitzer, Olga, Erben [Bad Hofgastein, Austria] [1]
    Berlowitz, Julius [Germany] [1]
    Berman, Jenta [Austria] [2]
    Berman, Josef [Riga, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics] [1]
    Berman, Frau Klara [Riga, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics] [1]
    Bermann, Alexa [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Bermann, Emil [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [2]
                Bermann, Frau Lucie (AKA Stern, Lucie)
    Bermann, Hermann [Austria] [1]
    Bermann, Hermann [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Bermann, Josef [Austria] [1]
    Bermann, Louis [Germany] [1]
    Bermann, Moritz [Prague, Czechoslovakia] [2]
                Bermann, Frau Berta
    Bermann, Rudolf [Austria] [1]
    Bermann, Rudolf [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Bernard, Albert [Nice, France] [1]
                Bodet, Francis
    Bernard, Charles [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Bernard, Mme Irma (AKA Escartefigue, Mlle Irma) [2]
    Bernard, Jean [France] [3]
    Bernard, Louis [Bolzano, Italy] [1]
    Bernard, Mlle Louise (AKA Haas, Mme Louise) [Paris, France] [2]
    Bernard, Lucien [France] [1]
    Bernard, Marie (AKA Lacroix, Marie) [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Bernard, Raymond [Rouen, France] [1]
    Bernard, Robert [Paris, France] [2]
(A) Bernard, Rodolphe Henri [1]
(A) Bernardi, Celestine [1]
    Bernas, Raymond [Paris, France] [1]
                Bernas, Dora
                Bernas, Lolla
(A) Bernasconi, Luigi [1]
    Bernasconi, Maria Ved. fu Senatore [Milan, Italy] [1]
    Bernau, Marie [Alexandria, Egypt] [1]
                Bernau, Hermann
    Bernauer, Edith Agnes [Freiburg, Germany] [1]
    Bernauer, Paul Otto [Freiburg, Germany] [1]
    Bernauer, Rolf [Germany] [1]
    Bernault de Salaignac, Mme Marie [Brassac-Les-Mines, France] [1]
    Bernaut, James [Givry, France] [1]
                Paris, Emile Joseph
                Paris-Thierry, Marguerite
                Thierry, Jules Albert
    Berne, Mlle Rose [1]
    Berner, Berta [Kandern, Germany] [1]
(A) Berney, Paul [Lyon, France] [1]
    Berney-Guittard, Mme Jeanne [1]
(A) Bernhard, Emma [Konstanz, Germany] [1]
    Bernhard, Heinrich [Neuburg, Germany] [1]
    Bernhard, Jakob [1]
    Bernhard, Paul [Germany] [1]
    Bernhard, Richard [Germany] [2]
    Bernhard, Wilhelm [Germany] [1]
    Bernhardsgrütter, Jak. [1]
    Bernhardt, Adolf [Austria] [1]
    Bernhardt, Adolf [Austria] [2]
    Bernhardt, Hans-Heinz [Germany] [1]
    Bernhardt, Heinrich [Germany] [1]
    Bernhardt, Larissa (AKA Michailow, Larissa) [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Bernhardt, Eugen-Oscar
                Bernhardt, Oscar
    Bernhardt, Frl. Margarete [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Bernhardt, Ursula [Germany] [1]
    Bernheim, Alice (AKA Meyer, Alice) [France] [1]
(A) Bernheim, Andre [1]
    Bernheim, André [Paris, France] [2]
                Vaillant, Louis
    Bernheim, Andrée (AKA Hirsch, Mme Andrée) [Paris, France] [1]
    Bernheim, Blanche (AKA Weill, Blanche) [Colmar, France] [2]
    Bernheim, Mlle Blanche (AKA Picard, Mme Blanche) [1]
    Bernheim, Mme Denise (AKA Paraf, Mlle Denise) [Paris, France] [3]
    Bernheim, Denise [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Bernheim, Ernestina [1]
    Bernheim, Gaston [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Bernheim, Gaston [Strasbourg, France] [2]
                Bernheim, Mme Marguerite
    Bernheim, Georges [Paris, France] [1]
    Bernheim, Mme Germaine (AKA Lyon, Mlle Germaine) [Paris, France] [1]
    Bernheim, Henri [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Bernheim, Jean [Paris, France] [1]
                Bernheim, Mlle Francine
                Bernheim, Mlle Nicole
    Bernheim, Jean Pierre [Paris, France] [5]
    Bernheim, Leon [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Bernheim, Mme Lucie (AKA Gradwohl, Mlle Lucie) [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Bernheim, Lucien [Paris, France] [2]
                Bernheim, Mme Germaine (AKA Lyon, Mlle Germaine)
                Lyon, Mlle Andrée
    Bernheim, M. [Nuremberg, Germany] [1]
                Bernheim, Rosa (AKA Bamberger, Rosa)
    Bernheim, Mathieu [Mulhouse, France] [1]
                Beretz, Edmond
                Bernheim, Mme Marie (AKA Schwob, Mlle Marie)
    Bernheim, Oscar [Colmar, France] [2]
    Bernheim, Paul [Lyon, France] [1]
    Bernheim, Mme Renée [Paris, France] [3]
    Bernheim, Robert [Colmar, France] [2]
    Bernheim, Roger [Paris, France] [1]
    Bernheim, Mme Rosa (AKA Lehmann, Mlle Rosa) [Paris, France] [2]
    Bernheim, Selma [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
                Bernheim, Sigismund
    Bernheimer, Max [Germany] [1]
    Bernier, Mme Albertine (AKA Tisserand, Mme Albertine) [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Bernier, Gustave [1]
    Bernier, Maurice [Paris, France] [1]
    Bernstein, Alfred [Germany] [1]
    Bernstein, Aron [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Bernstein, Anny (AKA Ettinger, Frl. Anny)
    Bernstein, Dimitry [Vienna, Austria] [3]
                Bernstein, Frau Dina (AKA Chasseleff, Frl. Dina)
    Bernstein, Frau Dina (AKA Chasseleff, Frl. Dina) [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Bernstein, Dimitry
    Bernstein, Frau Else [Germany] [1]
    Bernstein, Fanny [Paris, France] [1]
    Bernstein, Georg [Germany] [1]
    Bernstein, Hedwig [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Bachrach, Ernst
    Bernstein, Heinz [Italy] [1]
    Bernstein, Leo [Breslau, Germany] [1]
                Bernstein, Ida
                Bernstein, Martin
    Bernstein, Otto [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [1]
                Bernstein, Helene
    Bernstein, Frau S. [Stuttgart, Germany] [2]
    Bernstein, Siegfried [Germany] [1]
    Beroard, Mlle Marguerite (AKA Cyprien-Fabre, Mme Joseph) [Nice, France] [2]
    Berr, Mlle Gabrielle (AKA Dreyfus, Mme Gabrielle) [Paris, France] [7]
    Berruyer, Renée Marie Clemence [Manot, France] [1]
(A) Bersier-Guignard, Alois (AKA Bersier-Guignard, Aloys) [1]
(A) Bersier-Guignard, Aloys (AKA Bersier-Guignard, Alois) [1]
    Berstene, Paul [1]
(A) Bert, Emmanuel [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Berthezenne, Jean [Lezan, France] [1]
                Berthezenne, Marguerite
    Berthiez, Ch W [1]
(A) Berthold, Karl [Hohentengen, Germany] [4]
    Berthold, Max [Königsberg, Germany] [1]
                Berthold, Magdalene
    Bertholio, Robert [1]
(A) Bertholon, Noel [Andrezieux, France] [1]
(A) Bertholon, Suzanne (AKA Offray, Suzanne) [Andrezieux, France] [1]
    Berti, Pierre [1]
    Bertillon, Georges [Dijon, France] [1]
    Bertin, Antoine [1]
    Bertin, René [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Bertoletti, Adriana [Italy] [1]
(A) Bertolf, Mme Mathilde [1]
    Bertrand, André [Béziers, France] [2]
(A) Bertrand, André [Lure, France] [1]
    Bertrand, Mme Annette [1]
    Bertrand, Mlle Charlotte Marie Antoinette (AKA Humbert, Mme Charlotte Marie Antoinette) [Montier-En-Der, France] [4]
    Bertrand, Felix Gabr. [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Bertrand, Jacques Henri [Liège, Belgium] [1]
(A) Bertrand, Julien [France] [1]
                Bertrand, Frau Berthe (AKA Dubois, Frl. Berthe)
(A) Bertrand, Léopold [Massac-Seran, France] [1]
(A) Bertrand, Louise (AKA Fenouil, Mlle Louise) [Massac-Seran, France] [1]
    Bertrand, Mlle Marcelle [Béziers, France] [2]
    Bertrand, Mlle Michele [1]
    Bertrand, Paul [1]
(A) Bertrand, Paule [Massac-Seran, France] [1]
(A) Bertrand, Pierre [France] [1]
                Bertrand, Frau Berthe (AKA Dubois, Frl. Berthe)
(A) Bertrand, Mme Regine [Lure, France] [1]
    Bertrand-Morard, Mme Suzanne [1]
    Bertrand-Pfenninger, Mme Auguste (AKA Pfenninger, Mlle Marguerite) [Kingersheim, France] [2]
    Bertrand-Pfenninger, Auguste [Mulhouse, France] [2]
    Bertucat, Charles Jean Marie Paulin Gaspard [France] [1]
    Bertucat, Marguerite Léonie Thomasine Marie (AKA Journard, Marguerite Léonie Thomasine Marie) [France] [1]
    Bertuch, Max [Germany] [1]
    Berwick, Erwin C [Germany] [1]
    Berz, Paul [1]
    Berzaud, Mme Elise (AKA Louis, Mme Elise) [Paris, France] [1]
    Besanval, Mme Alice (AKA Kéfala, Mlle Alice) [Marseille, France] [1]
    Besanval, Constantin [Marseille, France] [1]
    Besdikian, Frau Sima G. [Bucharest, Romania] [2]
    Besnard, Paul [Channay-Sur-Lathan, France] [1]
    Besser, Josef [Germany] [1]
    Bessette, Jean [France] [2]
    Bessire, A. [Les Hays, France] [1]
    Besso, Allegra [Milan, Italy] [1]
    Besso, Menachem G. [Milan, Italy] [1]
(A) Besson, Charles [Aubenas, France] [2]
                Besson, Henri
    Besson, Madeleine (AKA Poutbichet, Madeleine) [France] [1]
    Bethenod, Mme Gabriel [Rouen, France] [1]
    Bethenod, Gabriel [Rouen, France] [1]
    Bethmann, Maurice [Germany] [2]
    Bettelheim, Karl [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Bettelheim, Gabriele
    Bettelheim, Moritz [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
    Bettelheim-Gabillon, Ludwig [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Bettenhausen, Jacques [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Better, Karol [Poland] [1]
    Bettge, Clotilde [1]
    Betz-Kramer, Frau Emilie [Kehl Baden, Germany] [1]
    Beu, Octavian [Czechoslovakia] [1]
(A) Beuclair, Emma [1]
    Beuth, Wilhelm Anton [Oberreifenberg, Germany] [1]
    Beutler, A [Germany] [1]
    Beutler, S. [Germany] [1]
    Beuttner, Anna [1]
    Beyeklian, Joseph [1]
(A) Beyeler, Klara (AKA Strasser, Frau Klara) [1]
    Beyer, Frau Margarethe [Dresden, Germany] [1]
    Biach, Charlotte [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Bial, Franz [Berlin, Germany] [3]
    Bial, Franz [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Bial, Frau Kaethe (AKA Knopf, Kaethe)
    Bial, Ludwig [Germany] [4]
    Bial, Richard [Vienna, Austria] [3]
    Bial-Quetscher, Frau Gertrud [Vienna, Austria] [3]
                Bial, Richard
(A) Bianchi, Angelo [1]
    Bianchi, Celestino [Genoa, Italy] [1]
    Bianchi, Eugenia (AKA Tomek, Eugenia) [Rabat, Morocco] [1]
                Bianchi, Antonio
(A) Bianchi, Josef [1]
    Bianconi, F. [Strasbourg, France] [1]
(A) Bianzano, Frieda [1]
    Bibo, Jacob [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Bichon, Edouard [France] [1]
(A) Bichsel, Jean [Domancy, France] [1]
(A) Bichsel, Joseph [Domancy, France] [1]
    Bick, Frl. Anna [Vienna, Austria] [2]
    Bick, Georg [Berlin, Germany] [3]
                Bick, Helene (AKA Baron, Helene)
    Bick, Georg [Berlin, Germany] [2]
    Bickart, Ernst [Luxembourg] [1]
    Bickel, Charlotte [Germany] [2]
(A) Bidault, Fernande Marie Camille (AKA Cornu, Fernande Marie Camille) [Orleans, France] [1]
                Bidault, Achille
    Bie, H. [Germany] [1]
    Bieber, Helene [Germany] [2]
    Bieber, Nathan [Italy] [1]
    Bieder, Lothar [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Biedermann, B. Alfred [Lodz, Poland] [1]
                Biedermann, Claire
    Biedermann, Emil [Seebach, Germany] [1]
(A) Biedermann, Marie [1]
    Biedermann, Sally [Paris, France] [1]
    Biedermann, Sally [Paris, France] [1]
    Biel, Siegfried [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Biel, Adele
    Bieler, Mme Cecile [1]
    Bienes, Johanna [Germany] [1]
    Bienfait, Mme Blanche (AKA Samuel, Mme Blanche) [Artemare, France] [1]
    Bienfait, Jacques [Artemare, France] [1]
    Bienstock, Berthold [Riedisheim, France] [1]
    Bienstock, Frau Juliette (AKA Bloch, Juliette) [Riedisheim, France] [3]
                Bienstock, Berthold
    Bienveniste, Mme Elvire (AKA Benveniste, Mme Elvirar) [Greece] [1]
    Bienvenu, Jeanne Emilie (AKA Guichard, Jeanne Emilie) [France] [1]
    Bienvenue, Paul [Versailles, France] [1]
    Bienvenue, Mme [Versailles, France] [1]
    Bierbrauer, Else (AKA Schulz, Mme Else) [Bielefeld, Germany] [2]
    Bierman, Walter [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
(A) Biermann, Mimi [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
    Biermann, Frau Rosa [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
    Biétron, Jean [Marseille, France] [2]
    Biétron, Mme Mireille (AKA Lambert, Mme Mireille) [Marseille, France] [2]
(A) Biffi, Luigi [1]
    Bigalke, Frl. Elise [Bad Warmbronn, Germany] [1]
    Biget, Mlle Denise [1]
    Bignou, Etienne [1]
    Bihler, Yvan [1]
    Bilger, Abbe [Flaxlanden, France] [1]
(A) Bilger, Alfred [Aix En Provence, France] [1]
(A) Bilger, Nancy Louise Henriette (AKA Dusserre, Nancy Louise Henriette) [Aix En Provence, France] [1]
    Billandin, L [1]
    Billaudot, Mlle Madeleine (AKA Germain, Mme Madeleine) [Paris, France] [1]
    Billet, Mme H [1]
    Billing, Berthe [Yugoslavia] [1]
    Biltz, André [Paris, France] [1]
    Biltz, Mlle Madeleine Louise (AKA Nordmann, Mme Madeleine Louise) [Lyon, France] [5]
                Nordmann, Mlle Anne Marie
                Seligmann, Paul Bernard
    Biltz, Robert [Paris, France] [1]
    Biltz, Mme Yvonne Céleste (AKA Neuberger, Mlle Yvonne Céleste) [Paris, France] [1]
    Binasch, Lilly [Berlin, Germany] [1]
(A) Binder, Carl [Moscow, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics] [1]
    Binder, Frau Charlotte [Medias, Romania] [1]
                Hedrich, Charlotte
                Hedrich, Hans
    Binder, Charlotte (AKA Oberth, Frau Charlotte) [Medias, Romania] [1]
    Binder, Iwan [Romania] [1]
    Binder, Karl [Germany] [3]
    Binder, M. [Yugoslavia] [1]
    Binet, André [Nancy, France] [2]
    Binet, Mme Suzanne (AKA Bouteville, Suzanne) [Nancy, France] [2]
    Bing, Georg [Germany] [1]
    Bing, Mme Käthe (AKA Horwitz, Mlle Käthe) [Antwerp, Belgium] [2]
                Bing, Ludwig
    Bing, Marie Adele (AKA Fridberg, Marie Adele) [Wiesbaden, Germany] [1]
                Bing, Felix Michael
(A) Binkli-Jutzi, Frau Friedelau [Moosch, France] [1]
(A) Biraben, Jean [France] [2]
                Rollin, Mme Charles
(A) Birchler, Karl [1]
    Birchler, Mme Rosa (AKA Janin, Mme Rosa) [1]
    Birgy, Alfred [Poznan, Poland] [1]
    Birkenstock, Heinrich [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
    Birnbaum, Eugène [France] [3]
    Birnbaum, Marcel [1]
    Biro, Laszlo [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
                Biro, Jenöné
    Birot, Pierre [Clamart, France] [1]
(A) Bischof, Ernst [1]
    Bischoff, Clara Felicitas [1]
    Bischoff, Giovanna [Trieste, Italy] [1]
    Bishop, Mme Germaine [1]
    Bisoukides, Perikles [Thessaloniki, Greece] [2]
    Bisson, Mme Henri [Andrezel, France] [2]
    Bisson, Henri [Andrezel, France] [2]
    Bitsch, Mme Elda (AKA Barchietto, Mlle Elda) [Belfort, France] [1]
    Bitsch, Raymond [Belfort, France] [1]
    Bitterli, E V [Paris, France] [1]
    Bittmann, Rudolf [Austria] [2]
    Bittner, Hedwig [Czechoslovakia] [3]
    Bittner, Hugo [Newark, United States of America] [1]
    Bizet, Mlle Madeleine (AKA Ronel, Mme Madeleine) [Nice, France] [1]
(A) Bizjak, Milos [Ljubljana, Yugoslavia] [1]
    Bizjak, Mme Olga [1]
    Bizjak, Wilhelm [1]
    Blaeker, Kate [1]
(A) Blaha, Frau Helene [Wien, Austria] [1]
    Blain, Marcel [Paris, France] [1]
    Blanc, Antony (AKA Blanc, Claude Antonin) [Saint-Etienne, France] [1]
                Blanc, Mme Marie Therése (AKA Poncery, Mlle Marie Therése)
    Blanc, Claude Antonin (AKA Blanc, Antony) [Saint-Etienne, France] [1]
                Blanc, Mme Marie Therése (AKA Poncery, Mlle Marie Therése)
(A) Blanc, Cyrille [Cherbourg, France] [1]
(A) Blanc, Etienne [Lyon, France] [2]
                Blanc, Pierre
                Blanc, Régine (AKA Monard, Mlle Régine)
    Blanc, Etienne [1]
(A) Blanc, Eugénie [1]
(A) Blanc, Germaine (AKA Coquard, Germaine) [Marseille, France] [2]
    Blanc, Mlle Marie [Saint Cergeus, France] [1]
(A) Blanc, Pierre-Yves [1]
    Blanc, Suzanne Alice (AKA Martin, Suzanne Alice) [Paris, France] [1]
    Blanc-Dupuis, Mme Lucie [1]
(A) Blanchard, Mlle Marthe (AKA Fontanet, Mme Marthe) [Albertville, France] [2]
    Blanck, Georges Madeleine [1]
(A) Blank, Herman [Zagreb, Croatia (Hrvatska)] [1]
    Blank, Hermann [Germany] [1]
    Blank, Hermann [Germany] [3]
    Blank, Karl [Heitersheim, Germany] [1]
                Blank, Johanna (AKA Maier, Johanna)
    Blank-Geiger, Frau Margarete [Wiesental, Germany] [1]
    Blanke, Frl. Ingeborg [1]
    Blankenberg, Ferd. [Hungary] [1]
(A) Blanquié, Mlle Yvonne (AKA Denoy, Mme Yvonne) [Béziers, France] [1]
    Blas, Frau Emma (AKA May, Frl. Emma) [Rohrbach, Germany] [2]
    Blas, Max [Heidelberg, Germany] [2]
    Blaschke, Johannes [Poland] [1]
    Blaskopf, Gisela [Austria] [1]
    Blaskopf, Karl [Austria] [2]
    Blaskopf, Max [Austria] [1]
    Blass, Clara [Germany] [4]
    Blat, Suzanne Marie [Paris, France] [1]
    Blatt, Max [Germany] [1]
(A) Blatter, Robert [Milan, Italy] [1]
(A) Blattner, Gottfried P [Bucharest, Romania] [1]
    Blattner, Mme Rose [1]
    Blau, Albert C. [New York City, United States of America] [1]
    Blau, Bernhard [Germany] [5]
    Blau, Georg [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
                Blau, Emma
    Blau, Imre [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Blau, Karoline [Austria] [2]
    Blau, Ludwig [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
                Blau, Margarete
    Blau, Robert [Nantes, France] [1]
                Blau-Fragnaud, Madeleine
    Blau, Frau Sophie (AKA Brunner, Frau Sophie) [Trieste, Italy] [1]
    Bläuer, Karl [Lyon, France] [1]
(A) Blei, Hermann [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Blell, Gertrudis [Germany] [1]
    Bleustein, A. (AKA Lévithan, Mme A.) [Paris, France] [1]
    Blickenstorfer, Frl. Yvonne [1]
    Blin, André [Elbeuf, France] [3]
                Bernheim, Jean Pierre
    Blin, Mme Yvonne (AKA Javel, Mlle Yvonne) [Elbeuf, France] [3]
                Bernheim, Jean Pierre
    Blind, Frl. Anna [Germany] [1]
    Bliznakoff, Boris [Trieste, Italy] [1]
    Bloch, Adolf [1]
    Bloch, Albert [Netherlands] [1]
    Bloch, Mme Alfred [Paris, France] [1]
    Bloch, André [France] [1]
    Bloch, Armand [Mulhouse, France] [2]
(A) Bloch, Benjamin [Mulhouse, France] [1]
    Bloch, Mme Blanche [Belfort, France] [2]
                Weill, Florentine
    Bloch, Blanche [Paris, France] [1]
    Bloch, Bona [Gailingen, Germany] [1]
                Bloch, Berna
                Bloch, Dora
                Bloch, Leopold
    Bloch, Bruno [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Bloch, Mme Camille Lily (AKA Jonas, Mlle Camille Lily) [Strasbourg, France] [3]
    Bloch, Charles [Mulhouse, France] [2]
    Bloch, Charles [Roubaix, France] [1]
    Bloch, Charles [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Bloch, Mme Clemence (AKA Girardon, Mlle Clemence) [Paris, France] [2]
    Bloch, Denise (AKA Witzler, Denise) [Paris, France] [1]
    Bloch, Edmond [Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France] [1]
    Bloch, Elsbet Marianne [Munich, Germany] [1]
    Bloch, Else [Wiesbaden, Germany] [1]
    Bloch, Emanuel [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Bloch, Ernest [1]
    Bloch, Fernand [Altkirch, France] [3]
                Bloch, Mme Jane
    Bloch, Fernand [Paris, France] [2]
    Bloch, Gabriel [Metz, France] [2]
    Bloch, Georges [Colmar, France] [1]
    Bloch, Mme Germaine [Besancon, France] [2]
    Bloch, Mme Germaine [Paris, France] [1]
    Bloch, Hans [Villingen, Germany] [1]
    Bloch, Henriquetta (AKA Weill, Henriquetta) [Paris, France] [4]
    Bloch, Henry [Strasbourg, France] [3]
    Bloch, Hortense (AKA Samuel, Mme Hortense) [Strasbourg, France] [2]
                Samuel, Pierre Henri
    Bloch, Ismael [San Remo, Italy] [1]
    Bloch, Iwan [Rome, Italy] [1]
    Bloch, Jacques [Besancon, France] [2]
    Bloch, Jacques [Nancy, France] [1]
    Bloch, Jean [France] [1]
    Bloch, Mlle Johanna (AKA Weill, Mme Johanna) [Bischwiller, France] [1]
    Bloch, Juliette (AKA Bienstock, Frau Juliette) [Riedisheim, France] [3]
                Bienstock, Berthold
    Bloch, Justin [Strasbourg, France] [1]
(A) Bloch, K. E. [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
    Bloch, Konrad [Milan, Italy] [1]
    Bloch, Leopold [Reutlingen, Germany] [1]
    Bloch, Mlle Lucie (AKA Klein, Mme Lucie) [Paris, France] [3]
                Bloch, Paul
                Ulmann, Charles
    Bloch, Mme Madeleine [France] [4]
    Bloch, Marc [Paris, France] [3]
                Bloch, Mme Tatiana (AKA Babenycheff, Tatiana)
    Bloch, Marc [Paris, France] [1]
    Bloch, Marcel [Paris, France] [1]
    Bloch, Mme Mariette Flore (AKA Wolff, Mlle Mariette Flore) [Paris, France] [2]
    Bloch, Maurice [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
                Bloch, Mme Germaine (AKA Levy, Mlle Germaine)
    Bloch, Maurice [Paris, France] [1]
    Bloch, Max [Germany] [1]
    Bloch, Max Albert [Munich, Germany] [1]
    Bloch, Nathan [Freiburg, Germany] [1]
                Bloch, Julius
    Bloch, Nathan [Paris, France] [1]
                Bloch, Clara
                Bloch, Marc
    Bloch, Nathan [Paris, France] [1]
    Bloch, Nelly (AKA Weill, Nelly) [Paris, France] [3]
    Bloch, P. [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Bloch, P. [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Bloch, Paul [Nice, France] [1]
    Bloch, Paul [Paris, France] [2]
    Bloch, Philipp [Waldshut, Germany] [1]
    Bloch, Pierre [France] [2]
    Bloch, Richard [Germany] [3]
    Bloch, Roger [Mulhouse, France] [4]
                Bloch, Charles
    Bloch, Roger [Paris, France] [2]
    Bloch, Salomon [Paris, France] [1]
    Bloch, Salomon [Selestat, France] [1]
    Bloch, Simon Roger [Paris, France] [1]
    Bloch, Suzanne [France] [1]
    Bloch, Yvonne (AKA Lévy, Yvonne) [France] [1]
    Bloch, Yvonne [Paris, France] [1]
    Bloch, Frau [Germany] [1]
    Bloch-Bauer, Leopold [Austria] [1]
    Bloch-Guggenheim, Emmanuel [Paris, France] [2]
    Bloch-Hiller, Walter [Paris, France] [3]
                Bloch-Hiller, Mme Paula
    Bloch-Levalois, Mlle Suzanne (AKA Guillaume, Mme Suzanne) [Paris, France] [4]
    Block, Mme Marguerite [1]
    Block, Oskar [Germany] [2]
    Bloede, Bertha [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
                Bloede, Gerson
(A) Bloesch, Mme Marguerite Mathilde Alice [Barr, France] [2]
                Bicking, Alfred
    Bluemel, Berthold [Austria] [1]
    Blüh, Frau Olga [Graz, Austria] [1]
    Blüh, Wilhelm [Graz, Austria] [1]
    Blum, Albert [Troyes, France] [4]
(A) Blum, Alfred [Mulhouse, France] [2]
    Blum, Alice [Germany] [1]
    Blum, Mme Alice (AKA Gentzbourger, Mlle Alice) [Mulhouse, France] [1]
    Blum, Mme Alice (AKA Lievre, Mlle Alice) [Troyes, France] [4]
(A) Blum, Anton [1]
    Blum, Benedikt [Höchst, Austria] [1]
    Blum, Frau Elise (AKA Spira, Frl. Elise) [Gebweiler, France] [3]
(A) Blum, Emile [1]
    Blum, Félix [Strasbourg, France] [1]
                Tabaksmann, Mme Clémence (AKA Blum, Clémence)
    Blum, Friedrich [Innsbruck, Austria] [1]
    Blum, Friedrich [Innsbruck, Austria] [1]
    Blum, Gábor [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
                Blum, Matyas
    Blum, Heinrich [1]
    Blum, Henri [Gebweiler, France] [3]
    Blum, Henri [Mulhouse, France] [2]
(A) Blum, Henri [Strasbourg, France] [2]
    Blum, Jean Robert [1]
    Blum, Josef [Freiburg, Germany] [1]
(A) Blum, Joseph [Bombay, India] [1]
(A) Blum, Lazare [New York City, United States of America] [1]
    Blum, Matyas [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
                Blum, Gábor
(A) Blum, Nathan [Dijon, France] [1]
    Blum, Otto [Germany] [1]
    Blum, Robert [Frankenthal, Germany] [2]
                Blum, Fritz
                Blum, Frau Luise (AKA Flesch, Frl. Luise)
(A) Blum, Robert [Strasbourg, France] [2]
    Blum, Roger [Paris, France] [3]
    Blum, Frau Rosetta [Höchst, Austria] [1]
    Blum, Simon [Strasbourg, France] [4]
                Blum, Mme Gabrielle (AKA Ledermann, Mlle Gabrielle)
    Blum, Frl. Yvonne [Paris, France] [3]
    Blum, Mme Yvonne (AKA Lévy, Mlle Yvonne) [Troyes, France] [2]
    Blume, Frau Jenny [Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany] [1]
    Blume, Jenny [Magdeburg, Germany] [1]
    Blume, Luise [Germany] [1]
    Blume, Max [Germany] [1]
    Blumen, Jancu [Bucharest, Romania] [1]
(A) Blumen, Neclana [Kannas, Finland] [1]
    Blumenberg, Hirsch [Bad Hofgastein, Austria] [1]
    Blumenfeld, Charlotte [Germany] [1]
    Blumenfeld, Dora [Wilno, Poland] [1]
                Blumenfeld, Feliks
                Blumenfeld, Marie
    Blumenfeld, Fritz [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Blumenfeld, Henry [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Blumenfeld, Regina (AKA Burchart, Regina)
    Blumenfeld, Manfredo Wilhelm [Perugia, Italy] [1]
                Thalheimer, Max
    Blumenfeld, Ruth [Germany] [1]
    Blumenstein, Erwin [Austria] [2]
    Blumenthal, Bruno [Germany] [2]
    Blumenthal, Dorothea [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [1]
    Blumenthal, Ernst [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [1]
    Blumenthal, Gottlieb [Germany] [4]
    Blumenthal, Frau Grete (AKA Klempner, Frl. Grete) [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Blumenthal, Heinrich [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
    Blumenthal, Siegfried [Brünn, Germany] [1]
    Blumenthal, Zerline [Germany] [3]
    Blumer, Berta [Germany] [2]
    Blumka, Marie [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Blumka, Robert [Vienna, Austria] [2]
    Blusson-Codet, Mme Marie [France] [1]
    Bobaing, H, Succession [1]
    Boberg, Andrea [1]
    Boberg, Ruth Eli [1]
(A) Bobilier, Emile-François [France] [1]
    Bobrecker, Frau Käthe [Berlin, Germany] [2]
                Machol, Hermann
    Boccard, Jules [Cranves-Sales, France] [2]
                Rivollet, Theodore
    Bock, Anton [Berlin, Germany] [2]
    Bock, Erich [Bornhöved, Germany] [1]
    Bock, Ernst [Germany] [1]
    Bock, Ernst [1]
    Bock, Frieda (AKA Mensch, Frieda) [Giessen, Germany] [1]
                Bock, Werner
    Bock, Friedrich [Munich, Germany] [1]
    Bock, Heinrich [Germany] [1]
    Bock, Maurice [Belgium] [1]
    Bock, Otto [Germany] [5]
    Bock, Rudolf [Wolfen, Germany] [1]
    Bock, Werner [Giessen, Germany] [1]
                Bock, Frieda (AKA Mensch, Frieda)
    Böck-Greissau, Josef C. [Mödling, Austria] [1]
    Böck-Greissau, Theodora (AKA Hatschek, Theodora) [Mödling, Austria] [1]
(A) Bocquet, Marthe [Paris, France] [1]
                Bocquet, Emile L.
                Bocquet, Marie-Thérese
(A) Bode, Walter [Germany] [2]
    Bodem, Maria [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Bodem, Hermann
                Bodem, Ludwig
    Bodenheimer, Erich [Italy] [1]
    Bodenheimer-Strauss, Betty [Konstanz, Germany] [1]
                Weil, Ernst
    Bodenwieser-Rosenthal, Frau Gertrud [Vienna, Austria] [3]
                Rosenthal, Friedrich
                Rosenthal, Jakob
    Bodmer, Alex A [1]
    Bodmer, Riccardo [Milan, Italy] [1]
    Bodor, Sandor [Hungary] [1]
    Bodson, Eugene [Rambervillers, France] [3]
    Bodson, Mme Eugénie Marguerite (AKA Loewenstein, Eugénie Marguerite) [Rambervillers, France] [3]
(A) Boe, Carsten [1]
    Boeck, Alfred [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Boeck, Harry
    Boeck, Alfred [Germany] [1]
    Boeck, Maria [Germany] [2]
    Boegler, Mlle Marthe (AKA Schlanger, Mme Marthe) [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Boehm, Friedrich [Germany] [1]
    Boehm, Henry [Vienna, Austria] [1]
(A) Boehm, Richard [France] [1]
    Boehnke, Frl. Auguste Johanne (AKA Fischer, Frau Auguste Johanne) [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
                Fischer, Frl. Johanna Erica Franziska
                Fischer-Schierholz, Franz Harald
                Ritter, Frau Wilhelmine Auguste Rosa Maria Wanda (AKA Fischer, Frl. Wilhelmine Auguste Rosa Maria Wanda)
    Boel, Lucien [Brussels, Belgium] [2]
    Boel, Max [Brussels, Belgium] [2]
    Boell, Frl. Anna [Nancy, France] [1]
    Boesch, Edouard [France] [1]
    Boesch, Marie Marthe [Roanne, France] [1]
(A) Boesch, Robert [Germany] [1]
    Boettcher, Anna [Riga, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics] [2]
                Boettcher, W.
                Lohmann, Frau Marie (AKA Boettcher, Frl. Marie)
    Boettcher, Gertrud [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Boettcher, Paul [Germany] [1]
    Boettcher, W. [Riga, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics] [1]
                Lohmann, Frau Marie (AKA Boettcher, Frl. Marie)
(A) Boffa, Frau Giuseppina [Campione D'Italia, Italy] [1]
    Boffin, Marcel [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
    Bogaers, Roger [1]
    Bogatsch, Anna [Vienna, Austria] [1]
(A) Bogdanffy, Eugene [Budapest, Hungary] [2]
    Bogdanovitch, Paul [Paris, France] [1]
    Bogdasarov, Maria (AKA Lihomschi, Maria) [Romania] [2]
    Boghos-Bergamali, Mme Elisa [France] [1]
    Bogner, Rudolf [1]
    Bohin, Mlle Marie Elisabeth (AKA Dimoff, Mme Marie Elisabeth) [Nancy, France] [1]
    Böhler, Otto [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Böhm, Andor [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
    Böhm, Anna [Hungary] [1]
    Böhm, Georg [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Böhm, Hermine
    Böhm, Karel [Prague, Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Bohm, Karl [Prague, Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Böhm, Maria [Munich, Germany] [1]
                Böhm, Helene
    Bohm, Mme Marianne [Prague, Czechoslovakia] [1]
                Bohm, Sigmund
    Böhm, Frau Mor [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
    Böhm, Robert [Austria] [2]
    Bohm, Sigmund [Prague, Czechoslovakia] [1]
                Bohm, Mme Marianne
    Böhme, Charlotte [Leipzig, Germany] [1]
    Böhme, Frau Luise [1]
    Böhmer, Ernst A. [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Böhmer, Sophie
    Böhmer, Walter [Munich, Germany] [1]
    Böhner, Frl. Elly (AKA Vogel, Frau Elly) [Pössneck, Germany] [3]
                Vogel, Arthur Gustav
(A) Bohosiewicz, Theodor [1]
    Boi-Orosdi, Frau [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
(A) Boillat, Charles [1]
    Bois de Chesne, Frl. Olga [Trieste, Italy] [1]
    Boisgard, A F [Paris, France] [1]
    Boissaye, Mlle Odette (AKA de Saint-Martin, Mme Odette) [Mulhouse, France] [2]
(A) Boisselier, Mlle Cecile (AKA Divry, Mme Cecile) [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Boisselier, Mme Juliette [France] [1]
(A) Boisselier, Maurice Eugene Pierre [France] [1]
    Boissevain, Mme Elvira Thekla [Geneva, Switzerland] [2]
                von Schiller, Mme Pepita
    Bokofzer, Erwin [Amsterdam, Netherlands] [1]
    Boldt, Hans Joachim [Athens, Greece] [2]
    Boleslaw, Gaca [Poland] [1]
    Boley, Frau Helene [Uerdingen, Germany] [1]
(A) Boll, Julius L. Alex [1]
    Bollag, Bruno [Milan, Italy] [1]
(A) Bolle, Eva [1]
    Bolle, Marianne [Netherlands] [2]
    Bolle, Martin [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Bolley, Mlle Anna [1]
    Bolli, René [1]
    Bollinger, Joh. [1]
    Bollinger, Rosita [1]
    Bölsterli, Henry [France] [1]
    Bombach, Anna [Austria] [2]
(A) Bon, Hans Urlich [1]
    Bon, Laure Louise Amélie (AKA Haas, Laure Louise Amélie) [Croissy - Beaubourg, France] [1]
    Bon, Mme Louise [1]
    Bon, Frau Lucie Marg Renée (AKA Vialatte, Frau Lucie Marg Renée) [France] [1]
    Bon-Chevallay, Francis A [France] [1]
    Bon-Chevallay, Mme Marguerite [France] [1]
    Bondi, Mlle Gabriele [London, United Kingdom] [2]
                Bondi, Arthur
                Bondi, Hermann
                Bondi, Joseph
    Bondi, Mme Helene (AKA Hirsch, Mlle Helene) [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Bondi, Arthur
                Bondi, Hermann
                Bondi, Joseph
    Bondi, Samuel [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Bondi, Arthur
                Bondi, Hermann
                Bondi, Joseph
    Bondil, Ernest [France] [1]
    Bondjouk, Mme Victoria [France] [1]
    Bondy, Auguste [Austria] [2]
    Bondy, Frau Auguste [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Bondy, Berdich [Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Bondy, Carl [Brno, Czechoslovakia] [2]
                Bondy, Margarethe
                Bondy, Wilhelm
    Bondy, Franziska [Czechoslovakia] [2]
    Bondy, Friedrich [Austria] [8]
    Bondy, Friedrich [Czechoslovakia] [2]
    Bondy, Fritz [Czechoslovakia] [2]
    Bondy, Karel [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Bondy, Margarethe
                Bondy, Wilhelm
(A) Bonesteve, Eugene [France] [1]
(A) Bonfigilio, Paola [Ragusa, Italy] [1]
(A) Bonfigilio, R. [Ragusa, Italy] [1]
(A) Bonfils, Mme Germaine (AKA de La Jaumarie, Mlle Germaine) [Montelimar, France] [1]
                Bonfils, Gaston
(A) Bonfils, Mlle Jacqueline [Montelimar, France] [1]
                Bonfils, Gaston
    Bongratz, August [Brasov, Romania] [1]
    Bonhomme-Beausoleil, Mme Françoise [France] [1]
    Bonitz, Gertrud (AKA Richter, Gertrud) [Schwerin, Germany] [1]
                Bonitz, Max
    Bonnasse, Mlle Marguerite (AKA Cyprien-Fabre, Mme Auguste) [La Pomme, France] [2]
    Bonne, Eugénie (AKA Rosenbaum, Mme Eugénie) [Paris, France] [2]
                Muron, Mme Aida (AKA Rosenbaum, Mlle Aida)
    Bonnem, Elisabeth [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Bonnem, Max [Berlin, Germany] [2]
                Bonnem, Elisabeth
    Bonnet, Charles Théophile Fernand, Hoirie [France] [1]
(A) Bonnet de Paillerets, Henri [Paris, France] [1]
                Forge, Robert
    Bonnier, Fernand [Marseille, France] [1]
(A) Bonnot, Roger [Bellegarde, France] [1]
    Bonnouvrier, Hélène (AKA Passot, Hélène) [France] [1]
    Bonshehri, Djahangir [1]
    Bonsiguore, Maria (AKA Rossetti, Maria) [Italy] [1]
(A) Bonzon, Mlle Suzanne (AKA Gauthier, Suzanne) [Romans, France] [1]
    Boos, Wilhelm [Offenburg, Germany] [2]
(A) Bopp, Emil [1]
    Borach, Arthur [Germany] [1]
    Borch, Felix O [1]
    Borchardt, Albert [Hannover, Germany] [2]
    Borchardt, Alfred [Berlin, Germany] [2]
    Borchardt, Frau Anna (AKA Arncke, Frl. Anna) [Hannover, Germany] [2]
    Borchardt, Hans [Hannover, Germany] [2]
    Borchardt, Frl. Margarethe [Hannover, Germany] [2]
    Borchardt, Marie (AKA de Sinner, Mme Marie) [Bern, Switzerland] [2]
    Borchardt, Otto [Camp De St. Cyprien, France] [2]
    Borchardt, Walter [Italy] [2]
    Borchardt-Ott, Walter [Berlin, Germany] [2]
    Bord, Florent [Suria, Spain] [1]
                Fischer, Mlle Jeanne
    Bordet, Mlle Jeanne Irene (AKA Soubiranne, Mme Jeanne Irene) [Pyrenees Orientales, France] [4]
                Nanta, Mme Marcelle Paule Xaviere Alexandrine (AKA Soubiranne, Mlle Marcelle Paule Xaviere Alexandrine)
    Bordon-Biron, Mlle Josephine [1]
(A) Bore, Jean-Marie [Radomsko, Poland] [1]
    Borel, Charles [1]
(A) Borel, Claude-Maurice [Pontarlier, France] [1]
    Borel, Michel [1]
(A) Borel de Bitche, Jules [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
    Boretti, Antojne [1]
    Borger, J [1]
    Borger, Willy [Poland] [3]
(A) Borgerova, Frl. Ruzena [Olomouc, Czech Republic] [1]
    Borianne, Mme C [1]
    Borianne, Louis [1]
    Boris, Mlle Valentine (AKA Levy, Mme Valentine) [Paris, France] [2]
                Levy, Mme Juliette Berthe (AKA Dreyfus, Juliette Berthe)
    Bormass, Moritz [Germany] [2]
    Born, F [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
    Born, Martin [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Born, Martha
    Born, Rudolf [Germany] [1]
    Bornand, Hoirie [1]
(A) Börner, Erika [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Bornstein, Feliks [Lodz, Poland] [1]
    Bornstein, Helena [Lodz, Poland] [1]
    Bornstein, Jozef [Czestochowa, Poland] [1]
                Bornstein, Chaja
    Bornstein, Lina [Germany] [1]
    Borrero, Arthuro [1]
    Borsalino, Maria [1]
    Bos, Marcel [Marseille, France] [2]
    Bosc, Mme Marguerite [1]
    Bösch, Frau Albina [Höchst, Austria] [1]
    Bösch, Josef [Lustenau, Austria] [1]
    Boschan, Elisabeth [Austria] [2]
    Boschan, Eugen [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Boschan, Hans [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Bösenberg, Frau Johanna [Leipzig, Germany] [3]
    Bosquet, Andre Claude [1]
(A) Boss, Louise [1]
    Bossert, Frl. Georgette [1]
(A) Bossert, Mme Jeanne Madeleine (AKA Thouvenot, Mlle Jeanne Madeleine) [Epinal, France] [1]
                Association Mobiliere et Immobiliere de Dijon et d' Epinal "Amide"
(A) Bossert, Pierre Joseph [Epinal, France] [1]
                Association Mobiliere et Immobiliere de Dijon et d' Epinal "Amide"
    Bosshard, Jakob [1]
    Bosshardt, Frau Hermine (AKA Kramer, Frl. Hermine) [Leipzig, Germany] [1]
    Bossy, Mme Alice (AKA Belfort, Mme Alice) [Le Luc, France] [1]
    Bossy, Marie [Marseille, France] [1]
    Bossy, Victor [Le Luc, France] [1]
    Bota, P. [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Böttger, Frau Luise (AKA Müller, Frl. Luise) [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
                Böttger, Karl
    Böttiger, Theodor Friedrich [Berlin, Germany] [2]
                Böttiger, Frau Mathilde
                Böttiger, Theodor
(A) Bouchara, Mme Madeleine (AKA Vivier, Mlle Madeleine) [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Bouche, Alphonsine (AKA Dion, Alphonsine) [Sancerre, France] [1]
    Boucher, Mme Jeanne Louise Elisabeth [France] [1]
    Boucher, Marcel Emile Auguste [Paris, France] [1]
    Bouchet, Alfred [La Tricherie, France] [2]
                Barreau, Mme Jeanne (AKA Bouchet, Jeanne)
(A) Bouchet, Robert [France] [1]
    Bouchet-Zanada, Mme Lucie [1]
    Boudin, Mme Marie (AKA Prévost, Mlle Marie) [Paris, France] [3]
    Boudin, Stephane [Paris, France] [3]
    Boudry, Victor [1]
(A) Bouffil, Francois [Toulouse, France] [1]
(A) Bouillot, Mlle Andrée (AKA Legrand, Mme Andrée) [Bourg-La-Reine, France] [1]
    Bouisson, P [1]
    Boulard de Villeneuve, Madeleine (AKA Lavaurs, Mme Madeleine) [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Boulay-Boegle, Frederic [Village-Neuf, France] [1]
(A) Boullaire, Robert [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Boumois [France] [1]
    Bourbois, Mlle Marie Louise [Paris, France] [2]
                Lambelet, Georges
                Simon, Jules
(A) Bourbonne, Marie Antoinette (AKA Mottier, Marie Antoinette) [Paris, France] [1]
    Bourcart, Mme Emile [1]
    Bourcart, Emile Auguste [Paris, France] [2]
    Bourcart, Frau Marguerite Adeline (AKA Roussy, Frau Marguerite Adeline) [Paris, France] [2]
    Bourcart, Philippe [1]
(A) Bourcier, Georges [Toulon, France] [1]
(A) Bourcier, Mme Mireille (AKA Gueit, Mlle Mireille) [Toulon, France] [1]
(A) Bourdeau, Alice [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Bourdeau, Eusebe [Paris, France] [1]
    Bourdeau, Marie [Paris, France] [1]
    Bourdeau, René [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Bourdiol, Armand [Castres, France] [2]
(A) Bourdiol, Mme Maria (AKA Bancal, Mlle Maria) [Castres, France] [1]
    Bourelle, Georges [Chalons-Sur-Marne, France] [1]
    Bourelle, Mme Louise Clemence (AKA Hubert, Louise Clemence) [Chalons-Sur-Marne, France] [1]
    Bourgeat, Jeanne Anne (AKA Peillou, Jeanne Anne) [France] [1]
(A) Bourgeois, Paul [Paris, France] [1]
    Bourgeois, Mme [Binche, Belgium] [1]
    Bourgoin, Francoise (AKA Buisson, Francoise) [Paris, France] [1]
    Bourgoins, Renoud [1]
    Bourguignon, Mme Antoinette (AKA Clement, Mlle Antoinette) [Paris, France] [1]
    Bourguignon, Maurice [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Bourquin, Frl. Elise [Mulhouse, France] [1]
    Bourrier, J [Riom, France] [1]
    Bourrier, M [Riom, France] [1]
    Bourrud, Mme M [France] [1]
(A) Boursy, René [Sainte Adresse, France] [2]
    Bousquet, Georges [Paris, France] [1]
    Bousquet, Henri [Paris, France] [1]
    Bousquet, Mlle Simone (AKA Sicard, Mme Simone) [Castres, France] [3]
    Bousquet, Suzanne (AKA Gerard, Suzanne) [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Boussagol, Albert [Béziers, France] [1]
    Boute, Caroline (AKA Penel, Caroline) [France] [1]
    Boute, Marcel [France] [1]
    Boutegourd, Jenny Marie (AKA Chapellier, Jenny Marie) [Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland] [1]
    Boutegourd, Mme René (AKA Combreau, Mlle Marie) [Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland] [1]
    Bouteille, Etienne [1]
    Bouteille, Jean [Paris, France] [1]
    Bouteille, Jeanne (AKA Thomas, Jeanne) [Paris, France] [1]
    Boutemine, Mme M [1]
    Boutet, Mlle Marguerite (AKA Gilbrin, Mme Marguerite) [Versailles, France] [1]
                Boutet, Pierre
    Bouteville, Suzanne (AKA Binet, Mme Suzanne) [Nancy, France] [2]
    Bouton, Robert [Esprels, France] [1]
(A) Boutry, Maurice [Paris, France] [1]
    Bouveret, P [Lyon, France] [1]
    Bovet, Claude J.J. [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Boy de la Tour, Roger [Oran, Algeria] [1]
(A) Boyd, Miss Emily Ellen [1]
(A) Boyer, Mme Alice [Paris, France] [1]
    Boyer, F [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Boyer, Mlle Genevieve (AKA Grandclaude, Mme Genevieve) [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Boyer, Mme Georgette [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Boyer, Mlle Marie Laurentine Jeanne (AKA Monsaingeon, Mme Marie Laurentine Jeanne) [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Boyer, Raymonde [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Boyer, Robert [Paris, France] [1]
                Forge, Robert
    Boyer, Robert Y [France] [1]
    Bozic, Mirko [Ljubljana, Yugoslavia] [1]
                Bozic, Frau Krista (AKA Mavsar, Frl. Krista)
    Bozic, Mirko [Slovenia] [4]
(A) Bozier, Gustave [Puteaux, France] [2]
(A) Bozier, Mme Noémie (AKA Veyssier, Mlle Noémie) [Puteaux, France] [1]
(A) Bozier, Mlle (AKA Lenoir, Mme Marcel) [Puteaux, France] [1]
(A) Bozzi, Louis [Paris, France] [1]
                Bozzi, Mme Carolina (AKA Montani, Mlle Carolina)
    Brachet, Mlle Henriette [1]
    Brachor, Mlle [1]
    Braconnet, C P [1]
(A) Braem, Hans [1]
    Braff, David E. [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
    Braff, Frau Esther (AKA Weissberger, Frl. Esther) [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
    Brafmann, Icek [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Brahmer, Oskar [Prague, Czech Republic] [1]
    Braida, Frau Klara [Loosdorf, Austria] [1]
                Braida, Eugen
    Braileanu, Jon (AKA Brailoanu, Jon) [Romania] [1]
    Brailoanu, Jon (AKA Braileanu, Jon) [Romania] [1]
    Bramoud, H A, Succession [1]
    Bramsch Sr., Franz [Germany] [2]
                Bramsch, Frau Elisabeth
                Bramsch Jr., Franz
(A) Branbilla, Oreste [Milan, Italy] [1]
    Brand, Frau Charlotte (AKA Brupbacher, Frl. Charlotte) [Offenbach, Germany] [1]
                Brand, Ignatz
(A) Brand, Daniel [1]
    Brand, Heinrich [Bayern, Germany] [1]
    Brand, Frau Marie [Insel Reichenau, Germany] [1]
    Brand-Dürrmeier, Frau Lina Emma [Lörrach, Germany] [1]
    Brande, Ernst [1]
    Brandejsova, Anna [Prague, Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Brandela, Isabelle [France] [1]
    Brandes, Friedrich [Bremerhaven, Germany] [1]
                Brandes, Mlle Grete
    Brandes, Willy [Germany] [1]
    Brandfeld, Frl. Boza [Paris, France] [1]
    Brandfeld, Jiri [Paris, France] [1]
    Brandfeld, Leo [Paris, France] [1]
    Brandl, Franz Paul [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Brandl, Robert [Italy] [2]
(A) Brändle-Wild, Karl [Germany] [1]
    Brandon, Josef [Antwerp, Belgium] [2]
                Brandon, Betsie
                Neumetzger, Frau Elsa
    Brandon, Mlle Suzi (AKA Neumetzger, Mme Suzi) [Freiburg, Germany] [2]
                Brandon, Betsie
                Neumetzger, Frau Elsa
    Brandstetter, P [France] [1]
    Brandt, Georg [Paris, France] [1]
    Brandt, Lina (AKA Goldstein, Lina) [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Brandt, Lothar
    Brandt, Marion [Asendorf, Germany] [4]
(A) Branty, Yvonne-Alice [France] [1]
    Braslavsky, Irene (AKA Dobry, Irene) [Paris, France] [6]
    Brasset, Mlle Marie Marguerite [Saint Denis, France] [1]
    Brat, Man [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Brat, Frau Gertrud
    Bratianu, Serban J. [Romania] [1]
    Braubien, Aug [1]
    Brauch-Wegmann, Karl [1]
(A) Brauchle-Lapp, Hans [Schopfheim, Germany] [1]
    Brauer, Heinz [Germany] [2]
    Brauer, Max [Ludwigsburg, Germany] [1]
    Braun, Adolf [Lörrach, Germany] [1]
    Braun, Alex [Romania] [2]
    Braun, Alexander [Romania] [2]
    Braun, Alexander [Romania] [1]
    Braun, Alfred [France] [1]
    Braun, Mme Alice [Belfort, France] [1]
    Braun, Alice [Germany] [2]
    Braun, Mme Andree (AKA Stoll, Andree) [Mulhouse, France] [1]
    Braun, Anna [Germany] [1]
    Braun, Frl. Anna [Wasserburg, Germany] [1]
(A) Braun, Anne-Olga [1]
(A) Braun, E. [Spain] [1]
    Braun, Frl. Elisabeth [Munich, Germany] [1]
    Braun, Frl. Else [Darmstadt, Germany] [1]
    Braun, Frau Else [Romania] [1]
    Braun, Emmy [Karlsruhe, Germany] [1]
    Braun, Eugen [Romania] [1]
(A) Braun, Frau Frieda [1]
    Braun, Frau Fritz [Hungary] [1]
    Braun, Fritz [Hungary] [1]
    Braun, Fritz [Rosenheim, Germany] [1]
    Braun, Fritz [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Braun, H. [France] [1]
    Braun, Hans [Konstanz, Germany] [1]
    Braun, Hedwig [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Freund, Hermine
    Braun, Helene [Strasbourg, France] [1]
                Braun-Heim, J
                Braun-Heim, Marguerite
    Braun, Helmut [Germany] [1]
    Braun, Inge L. [Austria] [1]
    Braun, Irma [Austria] [1]
    Braun, Jakob Hch. [Ludwigshafen, Germany] [1]
    Braun, Johann [Kirn, Germany] [1]
    Braun, Josef [Germany] [1]
    Braun, Joseph [Germany] [3]
    Braun, Frau Julie [Heilbronn, Germany] [1]
    Braun, Julius [Germany] [2]
    Braun, Kitty [Milan, Italy] [1]
                Braun, Stefano
    Braun, Louis [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Braun, Marguerite [Mulhouse, France] [1]
(A) Braun, Maria [1]
    Braun, Otto [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Braun, Pierre [Mulhouse, France] [1]
    Braun, Robert [Sofia, Bulgaria] [2]
                Braun, Frau Hedwig
(A) Braun, Rudolf Karl [Lausanne, Switzerland] [1]
    Braun, Zelma [Romania] [2]
    Braun, Zelma [Romania] [1]
    Braun, Zelmira [Romania] [1]
    Braun-Linder, Mina [Germany] [1]
(A) Braune, Fritz [Bernburg, Germany] [1]
    Brauner, Erich [Moravska Ostrava, Czechoslovakia] [1]
                Brauner, Mrs. Paula
                Singer, Kurt
    Bräuner, Wilhelm [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Kohn, Theodor
    Braunfeld, S Henrik [Kalzsvar, Hungary] [1]
    Braunstein, Frl. Klara (AKA Bronstein, Klara) [1]
    Brawer, Ivan [Austria] [1]
    Bray, Fernand [France] [1]
    Brecher, Ernst [Graz, Austria] [1]
    Brecher, Josef [Slovakia (Slovak Republic)] [6]
    Brecher, Norbert [Graz, Austria] [1]
    Brecher, Frau Szidonie [Graz, Austria] [1]
    Brecht, Hermann [Baden, Germany] [1]
    Breckoff, Herbert [Latvia] [1]
    Breda, Antoine [1]
    Brégeat, J H [1]
    Breger, Adolf [Schuttern, Germany] [1]
    Breger, Samuel [Bucharest, Romania] [1]
(A) Brehm, Maria [1]
(A) Brehmer, Erich [Madrid, Spain] [1]
    Breisacher, Adeline [France] [2]
    Breitenecker, Alois [Austria] [2]
    Breitenfeld-Katzenstein, Martha [Germany] [4]
    Breitenstein-Pauli, Gustav [Mulhouse, France] [1]
    Breitfeld, Marcel [Hungary] [4]
    Breitmann, Frl. Emmy [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Breitmann, Frau Lily [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Breitwiesen, Anna (AKA Baier, Anna) [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
                Burghardt, Ihle
    Bremond, Pierre [Sevres, France] [4]
(A) Brengard-Billion, Frau [1]
    Brenner, Adolf [Warsaw, Poland] [1]
                Brenner, Klara
    Brenner, Daniel [Tarnow, Poland] [1]
                Brenner, Cäcilie
    Brenner, Frau Marie [Säckingen, Germany] [2]
    Brenner-Ebner, Gabriel [Calw, Germany] [1]
(A) Bres, Eugene [Nice, France] [1]
(A) Bres, Henry [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Bres, Mme Marthe (AKA Ladreit de Lacharriere, Mme Jules) [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Bres-Abbo, Mme Amélie [Nice, France] [1]
    Breslauer-Mehler, Anna [Berlin, Germany] [2]
                Breslauer, Paul
    Bressler, Karl Friedrich [Germany] [1]
(A) Bresson, Edith [France] [1]
    Breton, Suzanne [Paris, France] [1]
    Bretoneiche, Albert [Mirecourt, France] [1]
    Bretschneider, Frau Helene [Germany] [1]
    Bretschneider, Max [Germany] [2]
    Bretton, Georges [France] [2]
    Bretton, Leon [France] [2]
    Bretton, Simone [France] [2]
    Breu-Challansonnet, Mme Augusta [1]
    Breuer, Frl. Dora (AKA Steininger, Frau Dora) [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Steininger, Max
    Breuer, Ernst [Austria] [1]
    Breuer, Franz [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [2]
    Breuer, Jenny [Austria] [1]
    Breuer, Frau Johanna [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Breuer, Frau Marie
                Breuer, Robert
    Breuer, Josef [Austria] [2]
(A) Breuer, Rosa [1]
    Breuer, Tibor [Bratislava, Czechoslovakia] [2]
                Breuer, Berta
    Breuer, Wilhelm [Germany] [2]
    Breuer, Zsigmond [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
(A) Breunig, Erwin (AKA Breuning, Erwin) [1]
(A) Breuning, Erwin (AKA Breunig, Erwin) [1]
    Brey, Rene [1]
    Breziat, Françoise Regis (AKA Exartier, Françoise Regis) [France] [1]
    Briand, Jacques Pierre Victor [Paris, France] [1]
    Briat, Catherine Julie (AKA Vincent, Catherine Julie) [Saint-Etienne, France] [1]
    Bride, Mlle Blanche [Paris, France] [1]
    Bride, Emile Etienne [Paris, France] [1]
    Bridou, C. [Villeneuve-Sur-Yonne, France] [1]
    Briese, Frl. Freida (AKA Berger, Frau Freida) [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Epstein, Max
    Brigham, Robert F [1]
    Bril, Bertha [France] [1]
    Bril, Mme Germaine [Paris, France] [1]
    Brill, Emil [Germany] [1]
(A) Brill, Erich [1]
    Brill, Erna [Germany] [1]
    Brill, Georg [Krefeld, Germany] [1]
                Brill, Karl
    Brin, Arthur [Austria] [1]
    Brinkmann, Mlle Marie (AKA Rais, Mme Marie) [Mulhouse, France] [2]
    Brisson, Mme Marthe Louise (AKA Potkin, Mlle Marthe Louise) [La Rochefoucauld, France] [1]
    Brisson, Paul [La Rochefoucauld, France] [1]
    Britz-Böse, Frau Edeltraud [1]
(A) Brocard, Emile André [Paris, France] [1]
    Broccard, René [1]
    Broch, Friedrich [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [1]
                Perutz, Alice
    Broch, Johanna [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Broch, Josef [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Broch, Philipp [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Brock, Jenny [Austria] [3]
    Brod, Leo [Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Brod, Rudolf [Prague, Czechoslovakia] [1]
                Brod, Emil
                Brod, Leo
    Broda, Carl [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Brodard, G [Dröme, France] [1]
    Brodek, Theodor [Germany] [2]
    Broder, Hedwig [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Broder, Hermann B.
(A) Brodthage, Gernot [Berlin, Germany] [1]
(A) Brom, Arthur [Huningue, France] [1]
    Bromm, Mlle Anna (AKA Schauer, Mme Anna) [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
    Bronner, Walter [Paris, France] [1]
    Bronstein, Klara (AKA Braunstein, Frl. Klara) [1]
    Broquin [Troyes, France] [1]
    Brosch, Elvira [Berlin, Germany] [2]
    Brossard-Licia, Mme Claire [1]
    Brossart, Mme Marie [Strasbourg, France] [2]
(A) Brossler, Maria [Grossheubach, Germany] [1]
    Brothier, Henri [Angouleme, France] [2]
    Brouillet, Mme Madeleine [1]
    Brouquin, Ernest [Rives, France] [1]
    Brovarone, Jean [1]
    Brown, Grant J. [1]
(A) Bruant, Madeleine (AKA Herzog, Madeleine) [Tunisia] [1]
    Bruchon, Charles [1]
(A) Bruchon, Louis [Lons-Le-Saunier, France] [1]
                Billet, Léon
(A) Bruchon, Paul [Lons-Le-Saunier, France] [1]
                Billet, Léon
(A) Bruchon, Paule [Lons-Le-Saunier, France] [1]
                Billet, Léon
    Bruchsaler, Leo [Oklahoma, United States of America] [1]
                Bruchsaler, Fritz
    Bruchsaler, Martin [Mannheim, Germany] [1]
                Bruchsaler, Fritz
    Brück, Hans [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Brück, Ida
    Bruck, Julia [Wiedenbrück, Germany] [2]
    Bruck, Kurt [Germany] [5]
    Brück, Ludwig [Germany] [2]
    Bruck, Max [Austria] [1]
    Brück, Mme Pauline [Beuthen, Germany] [1]
                Brück, James
    Brücke, Ernst [Innsbruck, Austria] [2]
    Brücke-Teleky, Dora [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Brücke, Ernst
                Teleky, Elsa
    Brucker, Ludwig [Egesheim, Germany] [1]
    Bruckner, Hilde (AKA Leonhardt, Hilde) [Sibiu, Romania] [2]
    Bruel-Dubouloz, Mme B [1]
(A) Bruen, Emil [1]
    Bruey, Pierre [Gray, France] [1]
(A) Brugere, Léon [Thiers, France] [2]
                Brugere, Lucienne
                Lernon, Alice
    Brugger, Max [1]
    Brügl, Hans [Austria] [2]
    Brühl, Helene [Italy] [1]
(A) Brühlmann, Frau Nina (AKA Diem, Frau Nina) [1]
(A) Brulé, Mme Marie-Madeleine (AKA Sonnois, Marie-Madeleine) [Compiègne, France] [1]
                Sonnois, Pierre
    Bruley, Leon [4]
    Brüll, Elisabeth [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Brüll, Fritz [Italy] [1]
    Brüll, Malvine [Austria] [1]
    Brüll, Maximilian [Austria] [2]
    Brun, Mme Emilie (AKA Lamartine, Emilie) [Montbrison, France] [1]
    Brun, Jean [Valence, France] [1]
    Brun, Jean Baptiste [Montbrison, France] [1]
    Brun, Mme Marguerite (AKA Barbier, Mme Marguerite) [Montbrison, France] [1]
(A) Brun D'Artis, Léon [Dijon, France] [2]
    Bruna, Y. [France] [1]
    Brunat-Matthis, Pierre [Bar-Sur-Seine, France] [1]
    Bruneau, Juliette [France] [1]
    Brunel, Frau Else [Lörrach, Germany] [3]
    Brunel, Mme Georges [1]
    Brunel, Henri Charles [Cannes, France] [2]
    Brunel, Irma [Lugano, Switzerland] [1]
    Brunel, Mme Louise (AKA Heinen, Mlle Louise) [Cannes, France] [2]
    Brünell, Ernst [Germany] [3]
    Brunet, Emile J [1]
(A) Brunet, Gaston [Paris, France] [1]
    Brunet, Jean [Paris, France] [1]
    Brunet-Manquat, Alexandre [Grenoble, France] [1]
    Brunner, Arnold [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
                Brunner, Sophie
                Wimpf, Sophie
    Brunner, Berta, Selig (AKA Trier, Frau Berta, Selig) [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [3]
                Seligmann, Jakob
                Trier, Julius Robert Theodor
    Brunner, Frl. Bertha [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Brunner, Frau Emilie [Mailand, Italy] [1]
(A) Brunner, Emilie [Trieste, Italy] [1]
    Brunner, Ernst [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Brunner, Erwin [Germany] [1]
(A) Brunner, Friedrich [4]
    Brunner, Hans [Vienna, Austria] [1]
(A) Brunner, Herbert [Buch, Germany] [1]
    Brunner, Jeannette [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Brunner, Josefine [Czech Republic] [1]
                Brunner, Karl
    Brunner, Karl [Regensburg, Germany] [5]
    Brunner, Leopolde [Trieste, Italy] [1]
    Brunner, Frau Maria [Wien, Austria] [1]
    Brunner, Frau Maria [Wien, Austria] [1]
(A) Brunner, Maria [1]
(A) Brunner, Marie [1]
    Brunner, Otto [Gothenburg, Sweden] [1]
                Bader, Frau Lily
(A) Brunner, Robert [1]
    Brunner, Frau Sophie (AKA Blau, Frau Sophie) [Trieste, Italy] [1]
(A) Brunner, Sylvia [1]
    Brunner, Ulrich [Mettenbach, Germany] [1]
    Brünner, Walter [Austria] [1]
    Brunner-Enderlin, Johann [Weil, Germany] [1]
    Brunner-Meier, Frau Emilie [Baden, Germany] [1]
    Brunngässer-Baer, Gustav [Wertheim, Germany] [1]
    Brunngässer-Baer, Frau [Wertheim, Germany] [1]
    Brunschwig, Bertha (AKA Weil, Bertha) [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Brunschwig, Charles [Besancon, France] [1]
                Guggenheim, Georg
    Brunschwig, Jacques [Epernay, France] [2]
    Brunschwig, Jacques [Paris, France] [1]
    Brunschwig, Jeanne Marie [Besancon, France] [1]
    Brunschwig, Louis [Paris, France] [2]
                Brunschwig, Mme Blanche (AKA Meyer, Mlle Blanche)
(A) Brunschwig, Mlle Marguerite (AKA Raine, Mme Marguerite) [Paris, France] [2]
    Brunschwig, Sophie Germaine (AKA Gaensbourger, Sophie Germaine) [Besancon, France] [1]
                Guggenheim, Georg
    Brupbach Vogel, Frau Sophie [Kollmarsreute, Germany] [1]
    Brupbacher, Frl. Charlotte (AKA Brand, Frau Charlotte) [Offenbach, Germany] [1]
                Brand, Ignatz
    Bruschweiler, Mlle Nina [1]
(A) Brüschwiler, Ernst [1]
    Brusco, Maria Luigia [1]
    Brussowansky, Max [1]
(A) Brustlein, Jean [Paris, France] [1]
    Brütting, Dora (AKA Wagner, Frau Dora) [Wiesbaden, Germany] [1]
    Bryon, Jose A [1]
    Brzezinski, Jenny (AKA Heymann, Jenny) [Danzig, Germany] [1]
                Brzezinski, Rudolf
    Brzostek, Mme Rozalia [1]
    Bubat, Frau Maria Katharina (AKA Loew, Frl. Maria Katharina) [Freiburg, Germany] [2]
                Imhof, Karl
    Bubat-Loew, Franz [Freiburg, Germany] [2]
                Imhof, Karl
    Buch, Ellen [Germany] [1]
    Buch, Sally [Germany] [1]
    Buchacher, Mlle Stephanie [1]
    Bucher, Albert [Freiburg, Germany] [1]
    Bucher, Felicite (AKA Barbedette, Felicite) [Paris, France] [1]
    Bucher, Jean [Paris, France] [1]
    Bucher, Rolf [1]
    Buchholz, Frl. Anna [Germany] [1]
    Buchholz, Berthold [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Buchholz, Carl [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Buchholz, Carl [Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany] [1]
    Buchholz, Carl [Krefeld, Germany] [1]
    Büchi, Ernst [Genua, Italy] [1]
    Büchler, Josef [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
    Buchner, Frieda [Germany] [1]
    Buchner, Heinz [1]
    Buchner, Rudolf [1]
    Buchswald, Lina [Germany] [2]
    Buck, Charles [1]
    Budini, Maria Francesca (AKA Gattai, Frl. Maria) [Florence, Italy] [3]
    Budini-Gattai, Enrico Francesco [Florence, Italy] [3]
    Budini-Gattai, Frau Maria [Florence, Italy] [3]
    Budisteanu, D A [1]
    Budisteanu, Frau [1]
    Budzinska, Mme Karola [Poland] [1]
(A) Buechler, Emil [1]
(A) Buehler, Anton [1]
    Buehler, Hermann [1]
    Büeler, Gertrud [1]
    Buerger, Karl [Wernigerode, Germany] [1]
(A) Buetiger, Anna Maria (AKA Lerch, Anna Maria AKA Lerch-Buetiger, Anna Maria) [San Francisco, United States of America] [1]
(A) Buettler, Rosa (AKA Buettler-Mueller, Rosa AKA Mueller, Rosa) [1]
(A) Buettler-Mueller, Rosa (AKA Buettler, Rosa AKA Mueller, Rosa) [1]
    Bugnon, Mlle Louise [Lugrin, France] [1]
    Bühler, Elisabeth [Germany] [1]
(A) Bühler, Erich [Bologna, Italy] [2]
    Bühler, Frieda [Germany] [3]
    Bühler, Lina [Austria] [1]
    Bühler, Max [Paris, France] [1]
    Buhot, Charles Ernest [Paris, France] [1]
    Buisson, Mme Andrée Eugénie [France] [1]
    Buisson, Francoise (AKA Bourgoin, Francoise) [Paris, France] [1]
    Buisson, Léon Jean Baptiste [France] [1]
    Buisson, Pierre [Paris, France] [1]
    Bujakowsky, Kurt [Austria] [1]
    Bukofzer, David [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Bukofzer, Frl. Ruth
    Bukofzer, Else [Germany] [3]
    Bukowiecki, H. [Bussum, Netherlands] [1]
                Kossowski, Walery
    Bulffer, Mlle Therese [Mulhouse, France] [1]
    Bullaty, Federico [Trieste, Italy] [1]
    Bulliard, Maurice [Coumillens, France] [1]
    Bundheim, Ernst [Hamburg, Germany] [2]
    Bune, Helene Marie [Flensburg, Germany] [1]
                Bune, Frieda
                Koch, Frieda Margarethe
                Koch, Margarethe
    Bunescu, Bucur [Romania] [1]
    Bunge, Hilde [Meggen, Switzerland] [1]
                Rusag-Krieger, Julie
    Bunimowitsch, Hans [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Bunyi, Bela [1]
    Bunzl, Hugo [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Pokorny, Wilhelm
                Tedesko, Alice
                Tedesko, Lotte
    Buquet, Mlle Germaine (AKA Dumortier, Mme Germaine) [France] [3]
(A) Buquet, Mlle Isabelle [Carnot, France] [5]
    Buquet, Mlle Madeleine [Rouen, France] [3]
    Buquet, Paul [Deville-Les-Rouen, France] [1]
    Burckhardt-Maischhofer, Emil [Magdeburg, Germany] [1]
    Burger, Anna [Germany] [2]
    Bürger, Ernst [Treuchlingen, Germany] [1]
(A) Burger, Gertrud [1]
    Burger, Johanna [Germany] [2]
    Bürger, Oskar [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Bürger, Frieda (AKA Kornfeld, Fritzi)
                Kornfeld, Felix
    Burger-Müller, Anton [Lindau, Germany] [1]
    Burghold, Julius [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [2]
                Gechardt, Carl
    Bürgi, Frl. Anna [Buesingen, Germany] [1]
    Bürki, Seline (AKA Hartmann, Seline) [Germany] [1]
    Bürkle, Frau Martha [Germany] [2]
    Bürkner, Frau Ella (AKA Kröhnke, Frl. Ella) [Allenstein, Germany] [1]
    Bürkner, Inga [Berlin, Germany] [2]
                Bürkner, Frau Ella (AKA Kröhnke, Frl. Ella)
                Bürkner, Frl. Hilde
    Burle, Ernest [Seyssinet, France] [1]
    Burnand-Dunn, Mme C [1]
    Burner, Mlle Eug. [Brünnstadt, Germany] [1]
(A) Burri, Charles [1]
(A) Burry, Mathilde [1]
    Busch, Else [Germany] [1]
    Busch, Georg [Germany] [1]
(A) Buser, Walter [1]
(A) Busk, Robert [France] [1]
    Bussat, Mlle Julia (AKA Thome, Mme Julia) [France] [1]
    Bussod, Mlle Edwige (AKA Duval, Mme Edwige) [Saint Julien En Genevois, France] [1]
(A) Bussoz, René [Paris, France] [1]
    Bustin, Elemer [Romania] [1]
    Buteau, Claude Aimable Louis Henri [Paris, France] [1]
    Buteau, Mme Marie Constance Germaine (AKA Loncle, Mlle Marie Constance Germaine) [Paris, France] [1]
    Butel, Mlle Mathilde Charlotte [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Buthion, Hippolite [Lyon, France] [1]
                Buthion, Hubert
    Butter, Joseph [Freiburg, Germany] [1]
    Butti, Achille [Paris, France] [1]
    Butting, Hanns [Poland] [1]
    Büttner, Georg [Dresden, Germany] [1]
                Büttner, Martha
(A) Büttner, Frau Regina [Bayern, Germany] [1]
    Butzke, Fritz [Berlin, Germany] [2]
    Buxbaum, Emma [Germany] [1]
    Buxbaum, Paul [Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Buzenet, Mlle Jeanne (AKA Labuthie, Mme Jeanne) [Paris, France] [2]

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