CRT-II Claims Resolution Tribunal for Dormant Accounts in Switzerland
Deposited Assets Claims

Attention: Please note that all deadlines to file claims related to the names and/or accounts appearing on these lists with the CRT have passed. At this point, these previously published lists of names of Account Owners and names of Power of Attorney Holders appear on this website for informational purposes only.

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2001 List of Swiss Bank Accounts from the ICEP Investigation

Section 1: Account Owners - People


    Cabanes, Mlle Marthe (AKA Bard, Mme Marthe) [Paris, France] [3]
(A) Cabannes, Robert [Montpellier, France] [3]
                Cabannes, Eugene
    Cacciapuoti-Rosselli, Mme Colette [Paris, France] [2]
    Cachard-Montant, Yvette [1]
(A) Cachat, Charles [1]
(A) Cachet, Jean [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Cachet, Mme Marguerite (AKA Charles, Mlle Marguerite) [Paris, France] [1]
    Cader, Elgen [1]
(A) Cadoppi, Marie [1]
    Cahen, Edmond [France] [1]
    Cahen, Mme Elisabeth [France] [1]
    Cahen, Gaston [Paris, France] [2]
    Cahen, Marthe (AKA Valensi, Marthe) [Marseille, France] [1]
    Cahen, Paul [Metz, France] [1]
    Cahen, Mme [France] [1]
    Cahn, Amalie [1]
    Cahn, Arnold [Stuttgart, Germany] [2]
(A) Cahn, Ferdinand [France] [1]
    Cahn, Fritz [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [2]
    Cahn, Heinz [Germany] [1]
    Cahn, Johannes Heinrich Oscar Franz Osman [Amsterdam, Netherlands] [2]
                Cahn, Frau Franzisca Catherina Wilhelmine Caroline (AKA Schlie, Frl. Franzisca Catherina Wilhelmine Caroline)
    Cahn, Frau Lina [Stuttgart, Germany] [2]
    Cahn, Ludwig, Nachlass [Offenbach, Germany] [2]
                Schloss, Ernst
                Ullmann, Georg
(A) Cahn, Max [1]
    Cahn, Paula [Germany] [1]
(A) Cahn, Rosa [Geneva, Switzerland] [1]
    Cahn, Stefanie, Nachlass [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
                Cahn, Frl. Maria
    Cahn-Stern, Leo [Bad Homburg, Germany] [2]
(A) Caille, Germain [1]
    Calamandi, Constantin Th. [Romania] [1]
    Calamaris, Jean [Athens, Greece] [1]
(A) Calcagno, Filippo [Genoa, Italy] [1]
(A) Caldarola, Léonardo [Italy] [1]
    Calderoni, Edy Lydia (AKA Vitale, Mme Edy Lydia) [1]
                Carmi, Eugenio
    Cale, Richard [Germany] [1]
    Caleb, Marcel [Germany] [1]
    Caleb, Raphael [Thonon Les Bains, France] [1]
    Cally, Mlle Anais [Savoie, France] [1]
(A) Calmettes, Henry [Sommevoire, France] [1]
    Calmuschi, Camille [Romania] [1]
    Calparsoro, José Ramon [1]
(A) Camata, M [Cannes, France] [1]
    Cambillard, Henri Jean [1]
    Cambora, Marcel [1]
    Camerino, Mlle Olga (AKA Tedeschi, Mme Olga) [Turin, Italy] [2]
    Camerling, Sylvia L [Bucharest, Romania] [1]
    Camicas, Mme Andree [France] [3]
    Camina y Beraza, José [1]
    Caminer, Curt [Germany] [1]
    Campoamor, Mme Clara [1]
(A) Camusat, Armand [France] [1]
(A) Camuzat, Mlle Géorgine (AKA Locquin, Mme Géorgine) [Lyon, France] [1]
(A) Canac, Clément [Béziers, France] [2]
                Canac, Suzanne (AKA Buridon, Suzanne)
    Canal, Marie Rose (AKA Fournier, Mme Marie Rose) [Perpignan, France] [2]
    Candaux, G [1]
(A) Candolfi, Alceste [1]
(A) Candrian, Oscar [France] [1]
    Canghelaris, D [Greece] [1]
    Cantacuzene, Constantin Gr [Bucharest, Romania] [1]
    Canus, Ch. [Mulhouse, France] [1]
    Caola, Pietro [Italy] [1]
    Caola-Bianchart, Vigilio [Italy] [1]
    Capdevielle, Mme Marthe (AKA Lafon, Mme Marthe) [Osserain, France] [2]
    Capdevielle, Pierre [Osserain, France] [2]
    Capelin, E [France] [1]
(A) Capello, Fabio [Turin, Italy] [1]
    Cappa-Grato, Carlo [1]
(A) Cappon, Frau Rachel [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Cappot, Jean [Germany] [1]
                Cappot-Chuard, Marie Louise
                Robert, Frau Elisabeth
                Robert, Paul
    Capriroli, Ezio [1]
    Capt, Charles [Thonon, France] [1]
    Caraco, Suzanne Carmona [Milan, Italy] [1]
(A) Carattini, Carlo [1]
    Carbon, Bernard [France] [1]
    Carcanague, Joseph [Mur-De-Barrez, France] [1]
    Carcanague, Mme Marie (AKA Baudonnet, Marie) [Mur-De-Barrez, France] [1]
    Cardinaux, Augusta [Schaerbeek, Belgium] [1]
(A) Caregnato, Domenico [1]
    Carine, Nicolas [1]
(A) Carl, J. [Weimar, Germany] [1]
    Carle, Madeleine (AKA Badiou, Madeleine) [France] [1]
    Carlebach, Sigmund [Mannheim, Germany] [1]
                Carlebach, Hermann
                Carlebach, Stefan
    Carlebach, Mme Therese (AKA Bauer, Mlle Therese) [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
                Carlebach, Hermann
                Carlebach, Stefan
    Carmi, Albert (AKA Carmi, Alberto) [1]
                Carmi, Mafalda
    Carmi, Alberto (AKA Carmi, Albert) [1]
                Carmi, Mafalda
    Carmi, Attilio [Genoa, Italy] [2]
                Carmi, Eugenio
    Carmi, Mme Maria (AKA Pugliese, Mlle Maria) [Genoa, Italy] [2]
                Carmi, Eugenio
(A) Carneri, Francois S. [Chios, Greece] [1]
    Caron, Mlle Marie Julie Oratie [Groissiat, France] [1]
    Caroselli, Francesco [Carolei, Italy] [1]
    Carrard [France] [1]
    Carrier, Albert [Lyon, France] [1]
    Carrier, Edouard [Lyon, France] [1]
    Carrier, Henri [Lyon, France] [1]
    Carrier, Marie Thérèse (AKA Fessil, Marie Thérèse) [Lyon, France] [1]
    Carsten, Ludwig [Berlin, Germany] [2]
                Carsten, Else
    Carswell, Mlle Marion [1]
    Carteron, Mlle Joséphine Adrienne (AKA Guillermier, Mme Joséphine Adrienne) [Pontoise, France] [2]
(A) Cascarano, Jeanne [1]
    Casella, Enrique [1]
(A) Caspar, Gertrud [Saint Gallen, Switzerland] [1]
    Caspar, Karl [Germany] [1]
    Caspari, Oscar [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
                Caspari, Ida
    Caspari, Wilhelm [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
    Caspari-Mehele, Frau Dora [Bregenz, Austria] [1]
    Casparsson, Elise (AKA Schmidt, Mme Elise) [Mulhouse, France] [2]
    Casper-Exiner, Frau Else [1]
    Cassassa, Anna (AKA Olive, Anna) [France] [1]
    Cassin, Ludwig [Strasbourg, France] [1]
                Cassin, Frau Martha Maria (AKA Reiss, Frl. Martha Maria)
    Cassin, Michele [Italy] [1]
    Cassin, Michele [Lissone, Italy] [1]
(A) Cassin-Reiss, Otto [Karlsruhe, Germany] [1]
    Cassirer, Alfred [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Schiffer, Frau Else
                von Simson, Walther
    Cassirer, Bruno [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Cassirer, Else
    Cassirer, Ernst [Germany] [1]
    Castagna, Frl. Lina (AKA Gold, Frau Lina) [Milan, Italy] [1]
    Castanier, Henri [France] [1]
    Castelain, Mlle Nicole [1]
(A) Castelli, Giuseppe [1]
(A) Castello, Enrique Battle [1]
(A) Castellou, Georges [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Castellou, Mme Laurence Claire (AKA Chabannas, Mlle Laurence Claire) [Paris, France] [1]
    Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mme Paola [Italy] [1]
    Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Ugo [Italy] [1]
(A) Castre, Mlle Marguerite (AKA Guy, Mme Marguerite) [Béziers, France] [1]
    Castro, Alfonso [France] [3]
    Castro, Charles V [Cairo, Egypt] [1]
    Castro, Léon [Paris, France] [1]
    Catalan-Wasser, Mme France [France] [2]
    Cattaneo, Mario [Monza, Italy] [1]
    Cattaneo Della Volta, Mrs. Joseph [Italy] [1]
(A) Cauet, Mlle Berthe [France] [1]
(A) Cauvin, Elise Jantet [France] [1]
(A) Cavaliere, Edoardo [Milan, Italy] [2]
                Cavaliere, Carlo
    Cavalieri, Riccardo [Ferrara, Italy] [1]
(A) Cavaud, Albert [Le Mung, France] [2]
(A) Cavaud, Mme Madeleine (AKA Foubert, Madeleine) [Le Mung, France] [2]
(A) Cavin, Clara [1]
    Cavoret, Andrée [Paris, France] [1]
    Cazals, Arthur [France] [1]
    Cazals, Mme Rose (AKA Pupille, Mme Rose) [France] [1]
    Cazenave, Andre [1]
    Ceccon, Frau Frida (AKA Marx, Frl. Frida) [Milan, Italy] [2]
                Levi Minzi, Anna (AKA Marx, Anna)
    Cenkner, Stephan [1]
    Censier, Albert [Domont, France] [1]
                Censier, Mme Marie-Louise (AKA Heral, Mlle Marie Louise)
                Heral, Mme Berthe Marie (AKA Aubert, Mlle Berthe Marie)
    Censor, Isidor [Vienna, Austria] [1]
(A) Cerchez, Alfred [Bucharest, Romania] [1]
(A) Cernea, Radu [Munich, Germany] [1]
    Cervero, Francisco [1]
(A) Ces, Mme Georgette (AKA Champcenest, Mlle Georgette) [Paris, France] [1]
                Geranton, Edouard
                Sanson, André
(A) Ces, Philippe Pierre [Paris, France] [1]
                Geranton, Edouard
                Sanson, André
    Ceusianu, Alexandre [Poland] [1]
(A) Chabannas, Mlle Laurence Claire (AKA Castellou, Mme Laurence Claire) [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Chabannes, Mlle Anne Marie (AKA Ferrier, Mme Anne Marie) [Saint-Etienne, France] [1]
    Chabert, Albert [France] [1]
    Chabireres, Maurice Mathieu Auguste [Marseille, France] [2]
(A) Chabrillat, Mlle Madeleine (AKA Cohendy, Mme Michel) [Paris, France] [2]
    Chadelat, Pierre [France] [1]
    Chafei, Saleh Ahmed [Clermont-Ferrand, France] [1]
    Chaffauge-Duchamp, Catherine (AKA Duchamp, Catherine) [France] [1]
    Chaffauge-Duchamp, Jean Baptiste [France] [1]
    Chaffauge-Duchamp, Jean Marie Jsaac [France] [1]
    Chaix, Paul [France] [1]
    Chalas, Andrée (AKA Souche, Andrée) [France] [1]
    Chalas, Robert [France] [1]
    Chaleter, Jeanne (AKA Jouve, Jeanne) [France] [1]
    Chalkeas, Sotirios [1]
    Chalot, J. [Vaux-Sur-Blaise, France] [1]
    Chambaud, Raymond [1]
    Chambaud-Reber, Alice [Mulhouse, France] [1]
(A) Chambon, Andre [Perigueux, France] [5]
(A) Champcenest, Mlle Georgette (AKA Ces, Mme Georgette) [Paris, France] [1]
                Geranton, Edouard
                Sanson, André
(A) Champion, Marcel [1]
    Chamray, Olga [1]
    Chamray, Stephan [1]
(A) Chandler, Douglas [Korcula, Yugoslavia] [2]
(A) Chandler, Laura (AKA Wurst, Laura Jay) [Korcula, Yugoslavia] [2]
    Chapelier, Jean Léopold Marie [Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland] [1]
    Chapellier, Jenny Marie (AKA Boutegourd, Jenny Marie) [Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland] [1]
    Chapelon, John [1]
(A) Chaperon, Suzanne [Paris, France] [1]
    Chappat, Jacques [Paris, France] [1]
    Chappaz, Mme Joseph (AKA Lambert, Mlle Marcelle) [Paris, France] [1]
                Chappaz, Henri
    Chappaz, Joseph Pierre Paul [Paris, France] [3]
                Chappaz, Henri
                Chappaz, Mme Joseph (AKA Lambert, Mlle Marcelle)
(A) Chappuis, Michel [1]
    Chapuis, David, Hoirie [1]
    Characui, Fouadr [1]
    Charbonne, J Ch [1]
    Charbonnier, Edouard [Salins, France] [3]
                Ceresole, Michel
                Charbonnier, Pierre
    Charbonnier, Mme Renée (AKA Roquerbe, Mlle Renée) [Salins, France] [3]
                Ceresole, Michel
                Charbonnier, Pierre
    Chardeau, Clotilde (AKA Moreau, Mme Clotilde) [Paris, France] [4]
    Chardeau, Mme Suzanne Henriette [Paris, France] [4]
    Chardenot, Georges [Lyon, France] [5]
                Chardenot, Mme Georgette (AKA Perrot, Mlle Georgette)
    Chardin, Chanoine [Vosges, France] [1]
(A) Charles, Mlle Marguerite (AKA Cachet, Mme Marguerite) [Paris, France] [1]
    Charleson, Arthur [1]
(A) Charleville, Mlle Marcelle (AKA Meyer, Mme Marcelle) [Paris, France] [2]
                Aaron, Maurice
    Charmot, Henry [Bandol Sur Mer, France] [1]
    Charmot, Mme Rose (AKA Doussoulin, Mme Rose) [Bandol Sur Mer, France] [1]
    Charpe, Jean [Lyon, France] [1]
                Charpe, Mme Jean
                Charpe, Mme Marie-Louise (AKA Verne, Mlle Marie-Louise)
                Charpe, Pierre
                Raynaud, Maurice
(A) Charpe, Pierre [Belleville-Sur-Saône, France] [3]
(A) Charpentier, Henry [Etampes, France] [2]
    Charpentier, Marie [Paris, France] [2]
    Charpentier, Marie [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Charpentier, Paul [Ostend, Belgium] [1]
    Charrey, Mlle Marie Louise [1]
    Charrier, Yvonne (AKA Clement, Yvonne) [Troyes, France] [2]
    Charrin, Marie (AKA Robert, Marie) [France] [1]
    Charton-Voos, Herta [Oldenburg, Germany] [1]
    Charvat, Franz, Erben [Bratislava, Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Charvet, Jean [Lyon, France] [8]
    Charvet-Cuvelier, Mme Marie [Lille, France] [1]
                Charvet, Albert Paul Victor
                Lefort, Edouard
(A) Charvin, Mlle Jeanne Marthe [1]
    Chassaing, Le Cop (AKA Chassaing, Le Coq AKA Chassaing, Lecop) [1]
    Chassaing, Le Coq (AKA Chassaing, Le Cop AKA Chassaing, Lecop) [1]
    Chassaing, Lecop (AKA Chassaing, Le Cop AKA Chassaing, Le Coq) [1]
    Chasseleff, Frl. Dina (AKA Bernstein, Frau Dina) [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Bernstein, Dimitry
    Chassot, J. (AKA Riechinger, J.) [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Chastenet de Gery, Maurice Jean Baptiste [5]
                Chastenet de Gery, Madeleine
                Cinquin, Francois
                Galland, Mme Jean
                Galland, Jean
    Chateauneuf, Aug [1]
(A) Chatzidakis, André [Athens, Greece] [1]
(A) Chatzidakis, Catherine [Athens, Greece] [1]
    Chauveau, Charlotte (AKA Gabriel, Charlotte) [Paris, France] [1]
    Chauveau, Mrs. Marie [Paris, France] [2]
    Chauvineau, H [1]
(A) Chavane, Mme Louis (AKA Dedollais, Mlle Elisabeth) [France] [1]
(A) Chavane, Louis M. [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Chavanne, Joseph [France] [1]
    Chaveau, Maurice [Paris, France] [1]
    Chavinin, Henry [1]
    Chazeau, Eugene [Clermont-Ferrand, France] [2]
    Cheim, Erwin [Berlin, Germany] [2]
(A) Chemin, Mlle Marie [France] [1]
    Chemtob, Albert [1]
    Cheng, Chao Huang [1]
    Cheriere, Georges [Angers, France] [2]
(A) Chern, Armand [Bucharest, Romania] [1]
(A) Chevalier, Antoinette [1]
    Chevalier, Elisabeth (AKA Geenier, Elisabeth) [Valence, France] [1]
    Chevalier, Mme Gabrielle (AKA Martin, Mme Gabrielle) [France] [1]
    Chevalier, Pierre [Vierzon, France] [1]
    Chevalley, Edouard [1]
    Chevallier, Henri Marius, Hoirie [1]
    Chevallier, Jean Dimitri [Valence, France] [1]
    Chevallier, Raymond Hyacinthe Adrien [Saint Denis, France] [1]
    Cheybani, Habibollah [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Cheze-Seguin [France] [1]
    Chiappe, Carlo [Italy] [1]
    Chicoine, Virginie [1]
(A) Chiodi, Enrico [Milan, Italy] [2]
    Chiray, Mme Maurice [Paris, France] [1]
    Chiray, Maurice [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Chiris, Mme Anne-Marie [France] [1]
    Chirossel, Felix [1]
    Chobocky, Rudolf [Austria] [1]
    Chobocky, Rudolf [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Chobocky, Josef
(A) Choffel, Georges Aug. [Remiremont, France] [1]
(A) Choppin, Mme Berthe (AKA Constant du Fraysseix, Mme Berthe) [Paris, France] [1]
                Constant du Fraysseix, Paul Jean Baptiste Louis
    Chorlet-Ducrettet, Mme [Taninges, France] [1]
    Chotard, Pierre [Grenoble, France] [1]
                Delcourt, Gaston
    Chrambach, Ludwig [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Chretien, Virginie (AKA Matignon, Mme Virginie) [Bourg-La-Reine, France] [1]
                Matignon, Jacques
    Chrissoveloni, Nicolas Z [Romania] [1]
    Christelen [1]
(A) Christen, Elisabeth [1]
    Christen, Sinischa [1]
    Christen, Werner [1]
(A) Christescu, Grigore [Romania] [2]
    Christoph, Elisabeth [Germany] [1]
(A) Chuchet, Mme Emmanuel (AKA Pellisier, Madeleine) [Béziers, France] [1]
                Cure, André
                Lignon, Mlle Claire
    Chwat, Herman [Lodz, Poland] [1]
    Ciments, Titan [France] [1]
    Cinar, Mehmet Tevfik [1]
    Cintrat, Georges [1]
    Ciobanu, Mme Ana [Romania] [1]
    Ciobanu, Stefan [Romania] [1]
(A) Ciragan, Orhan [1]
    Cirillo, Ferdinando [France] [3]
    Cisek, Oscar Walter [Bucharest, Romania] [2]
    Citron, Aron [Germany] [1]
    Citron, Isaac [Union of Soviet Socialist Republics] [1]
(A) Ciulley, Liviu [1]
    Civatte Gilardoni [1]
    Civita, Libera (AKA Levi, Libera) [Rome, Italy] [1]
    Claassen, Frl. Cornelia [1]
    Clair, Mlle Marie Francoise (AKA Lestra, Mme Marie Francoise) [Saint-Etienne, France] [1]
    Claisen, Leslie Theodore [1]
    Claparede, Mme Renée, Hoirie [1]
(A) Clarke, Dennis Seymour [Hannover, Germany] [1]
(A) Classen, Ella Maria [1]
(A) Classen, Frl. Else [Cairo, Egypt] [1]
(A) Claude, Mlle Leonie [Strasbourg, France] [1]
(A) Claude, Mlle Marie [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Claus, Frau Olga [1]
                Claus, Werner
(A) Claus-reich, Hans [Alassio, Italy] [1]
    Claussen, Carl [Altona, Germany] [2]
                Claussen, Frau Martha
    Claussen, Frau Martha [Altona, Germany] [1]
    Clemencon, Claude [1]
    Clement, Mlle Antoinette (AKA Bourguignon, Mme Antoinette) [Paris, France] [1]
    Clement, Henri [Corravillers, France] [1]
    Clément, Henri [1]
    Clement, Joseph [France] [1]
    Clement, Louis Etienne [Troyes, France] [2]
    Clement, Mme Marguerite (AKA Parisse, Mlle Marguerite) [Corravillers, France] [1]
(A) Clement, Paul [1]
    Clement, Mme Pierre (AKA Algan, Mlle Therese) [Corravillers, France] [1]
    Clement, Pierre [Corravillers, France] [1]
    Clement, Yvonne (AKA Charrier, Yvonne) [Troyes, France] [2]
    Clerc, Mme C [1]
(A) Clerc, Charles Joseph [Vesoul, France] [1]
    Clerc, Charles Leon Marie [Le Havre, France] [2]
    Clerc, Francois Charles Andre Marie [Le Havre, France] [1]
(A) Clerc, Mme Marcel (AKA Loiselet, Mlle) [Bihorel-Les-Rouen, France] [1]
    Clerc, Mlle Monique Marie Jeanne [Le Havre, France] [1]
    Clerc, René [1]
(A) Clerc, Stanislas [Vesoul, France] [1]
(A) Clerc, Thérèse [1]
(A) Clerc, Mme [Bonneville, France] [1]
    Cleret, Mlle (AKA Raybaud, Mme Prosper) [Paris, France] [3]
    Clerici, Luigi [Germany] [3]
    Clodot, Henri [1]
    Coblentz, Mme Mathilde (AKA Dreyfus, Mlle Mathilde AKA Hauser, Mme Mathilde) [Enghien-Les-Bains, France] [2]
    Cochet, Maria Blanche (AKA Costaz, Maria Blanche) [Annecy, France] [2]
                Thomé, Francois
(A) Cochinard, Maximilien [Reims, France] [1]
                Cochinard, Yvonne (AKA Monteil, Yvonne)
    Cocos, Nicolas [Athens, Greece] [1]
    Codde, P [1]
    Codevilla, Gigi [1]
    Codevilla, Mario [1]
    Codjabachi, Grégoire [Athens, Greece] [1]
    Coen, Aldo [Poland] [1]
    Coen, Giuseppe [Perugia, Italy] [4]
                Coen, Ester
(A) Coeytaux, Marie-Thérèse [France] [1]
    Cohen, Albert [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
                Anker, Ludwig
                Meneritz, Fritz
                Stromeier, Gutavo
    Cohen, Arnold [Paris, France] [1]
    Cohen, Ellen [Rome, Italy] [1]
    Cohen, Emma [France] [1]
    Cohen, Fritz [Mönchengladbach, Germany] [1]
    Cohen, Gabriel [1]
    Cohen, Heskiya [Paris, France] [3]
                Cohen, Mme Eugenie (AKA Sinai, Mlle Eugenie)
    Cohen, Isaac [Istanbul, Turkey] [2]
    Cohen, Isaac [Istanbul, Turkey] [1]
                Cohen, Jomtov
                Cohen, Moise
                Cohen, R
    Cohen, Jomtov [Istanbul, Turkey] [1]
    Cohen, Leo Berril [1]
    Cohen, Leon [Bucharest, Romania] [2]
    Cohen, Marco [Austria] [1]
    Cohen, Marta [Hannover, Germany] [2]
    Cohen, Maurits S. [Netherlands] [2]
    Cohen, Moise [Istanbul, Turkey] [2]
    Cohen, Peppo L. [Thessaloniki, Greece] [1]
    Cohen, Rudolf [Germany] [1]
(A) Cohendy, Mme Michel (AKA Chabrillat, Mlle Madeleine) [Paris, France] [2]
(A) Cohendy, Michel [Paris, France] [2]
    Cohn, Arthur [Germany] [1]
    Cohn, Frau Bertel (AKA Riese, Frl. Bertel) [Danzig, Germany] [1]
    Cohn, Carl [Germany] [1]
    Cohn, Frau Erna (AKA Cornitzer, Frl. Erna) [Berlin, Germany] [2]
    Cohn, Eugen [Breslau, Germany] [1]
    Cohn, Gertrud [Germany] [1]
    Cohn, Herbert [Amsterdam, Netherlands] [1]
                Cohn, Edith (AKA Wolff, Edith)
    Cohn, Hermann [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Cohn, Johanna
    Cohn, Hermyl [Germany] [1]
    Cohn, Hilde [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Cohn, Fritz
    Cohn, Frau Jacob [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Cohn, Jacob [Köslin, Germany] [2]
                Cohn, Frau Siddy
    Cohn, James [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Cohn, Margarethe [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Seeler-Herrmann, Max
    Cohn, Frau Martha (AKA Lebensheim, Frl. Martha) [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Cohn, Berthold
    Cohn, Martin [Germany] [4]
    Cohn, Max [Berlin, Germany] [2]
    Cohn, Paula [Nuremberg, Germany] [1]
                Cohn, Alfred
    Cohn, Rebekka [Gailingen, Germany] [1]
    Cohn, Rebekka [Gailingen, Germany] [1]
    Cohn, Sigismund [Germany] [1]
    Cohn, Vera [Germany] [1]
    Cohn, Werner [Germany] [3]
    Cohn-Heilborn, Frau Therese [Breslau, Germany] [1]
    Cohn-Heimann, Hedwig [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Cohn-Renner, Alfred Walter [Hamburg, Germany] [3]
    Cohnheim, Wilhelm [Amsterdam, Netherlands] [1]
                Lemmlein, Frl. Hertha
    Coleman, Mlle Helen [1]
    Colens, Mme M L (AKA Collens, Mme M L) [France] [1]
    Colerus, Frau Laura (AKA Geldern, Frl. Laura) [Klagenfurt, Austria] [2]
    Colerus-Geldern, Arthur [Klagenfurt, Austria] [1]
    Colerus-Geldern, Herbert [Klagenfurt, Austria] [1]
    Colibasianu, Carmen [Bucharest, Romania] [1]
    Colin, N Maria (AKA Stoica, N Maria) [Bucharest, Romania] [2]
    Collard, Mme Denise (AKA Roussel, Mme Denise) [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Collas Paleologue, Mme Odette [Paris, France] [1]
                Binay, Charles
    Colleis, Mlle Marguerite Adelaide (AKA Houot, Mme Marguerite Adelaide) [Nancy, France] [1]
    Collens, Mme M L (AKA Colens, Mme M L) [France] [1]
(A) Collet, André [1]
    Colliard, Emilie [1]
    Collie, L Duncan [1]
(A) Collin, André [Enghien-Les-Bains, France] [1]
(A) Collin, Henri [1]
    Collin, Mme Juliette Aline Léonie (AKA Allain, Mlle Juliette Aline Léonie) [Amiens, France] [1]
                Houot, Philippe
    Collin, Paul Henri [Amiens, France] [1]
                Houot, Philippe
    Collombet, Paul [1]
    Collrepp, Günther [Drossen, Germany] [1]
    Collrepp, Frl. Irmgard [Drossen, Germany] [1]
    Colmet-Daage, Felix Jean Baptiste [Paris, France] [4]
    Colmet-Daage, Marie Simon (AKA Barlaix, Marie Simon) [Paris, France] [4]
    Colom, Juan Sastre [1]
(A) Colomb, Firmin [Paris, France] [1]
    Colombo, Giuseppe [Lugano, Switzerland] [1]
    Colombo, Giuseppe [Turin, Italy] [1]
    Colomer, Jacques [Mulhouse, France] [2]
    Colonna, Eugène [1]
    Comaru, Hermann [France] [1]
    Combe, Eva Adele [1]
    Combemale, Mme Henriette (AKA Hoffer, Mlle Henriette) [Paris, France] [2]
                Combemale, Henri
                Combemale, Marcel
                Lesourd, Jacques
    Combreau, Mlle Marie (AKA Boutegourd, Mme René) [Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland] [1]
    Comencini, Gianni [France] [2]
    Cominassi, Marceline [Grasse, France] [1]
(A) Comitato, Filomena [Rome, Italy] [1]
(A) Comitti, Enrico [Rome, Italy] [1]
(A) Comitti, Teresa [Rome, Italy] [1]
    Compagnie, Achille [Colmar, France] [2]
    Compagnon, René [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Compan, Mlle Andree (AKA Guerreau, Mme Andree) [Villacoublay, France] [1]
                Guerreau, Mlle Henriette
    Compeyron-Boussugue, Rodez [1]
(A) Compoint, Mme Andrée (AKA Roclore, Mlle Andrée) [Saint Ouen, France] [2]
                Compoint, Emile
(A) Compoint, Gustave [Saint Ouen, France] [2]
                Compoint, Emile
(A) Compoint, Mlle Jacqueline [Paris, France] [2]
                Compoint, Emile
    Comte, Roland [Paris, France] [1]
    Comte, Roland [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Condamin, Mlle Germaine [Lyon, France] [1]
    Conde, Mlle Paulette (AKA Mazeran, Mme Paulette) [Saint-Fraigne, France] [1]
    Condiescu, Jon P [Romania] [1]
    Confavreux, Henri [France] [1]
    Conill, Enrique J. [1]
    Conitzer, Alexander [Germany] [1]
    Connard, Anna [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Connard, Adolf
                Frankel, Edgar Otto
                Schlesinger, Johann
    Connen, François [Paris, France] [1]
    Connen, Maria (AKA Moity, Maria) [Paris, France] [1]
    Conod, F [1]
    Conrad, Arthur [Germany] [4]
    Conrad, Charles [Bischwiller, France] [3]
    Conrad, Georg [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Conrad, Else
    Conrad, Georges [France] [1]
                Conrad, Mme E
(A) Conrad, Jean-Pierre [Luxembourg, Luxembourg] [4]
    Conrad, Jeanne (AKA Engelmann, Jeanne) [Bischwiller, France] [3]
(A) Conrad, Frl. Mathilde [Luxembourg, Luxembourg] [4]
    Conrad, Robert [1]
    Conrad, Steven [1]
(A) Constant du Fraysseix, Mme Berthe (AKA Choppin, Mme Berthe) [Paris, France] [1]
                Constant du Fraysseix, Paul Jean Baptiste Louis
(A) Constant du Fraysseix, Léonor Marie Antoine [Paris, France] [1]
                Constant du Fraysseix, Paul Jean Baptiste Louis
    Constantin, Antoniumoulton [Nice, France] [1]
    Constantin, Mme Mathilde (AKA Weber, Mme Mathilde) [Nice, France] [1]
(A) Constantinesco, Grégoire [Paris, France] [1]
                Martin, Mlle Andrée
    Constantinescu, G. [Bucharest, Romania] [1]
(A) Constatinescu, Nicolae [1]
    Convers, Mme Marie [1]
    Convert, Mathilde [1]
    Cooper, Ann. [1]
    Cooper, Horace [1]
    Coppel, Erich [Dortmund, Germany] [1]
                Coppel, Walter
    Coppel, Friedrich [Dortmund, Germany] [1]
                Coppel, Walter
    Coppel, Walter [Netherlands] [1]
    Copper-Royer, Edouard-Eugène [Paris, France] [1]
    Copper-Royer, Edouard-Hector [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Coppo, Federiga (AKA Coppo, Frederiga) [1]
(A) Coppo, Frederiga (AKA Coppo, Federiga) [1]
    Coppois, Marguerite (AKA Petiot, Mme Marguerite) [Nogent-Sur-Aube, France] [3]
(A) Coquard, Germaine (AKA Blanc, Germaine) [Marseille, France] [2]
(A) Coquard, Marc [Marseille, France] [2]
(A) Coquelle, Mlle Marie (AKA Fischer, Mme Madeleine Marie) [Le Mesnil-Le-Roi, France] [1]
    Coral, Mlle Marie [France] [1]
    Corap, André [Taza, Morocco] [3]
    Corbaz, Andre [1]
    Corbet, Mme Marie (AKA Mareschal, Mlle Marie) [Poligny, France] [1]
    Corbier, Mlle Emilienne J [France] [1]
(A) Corcho de la Horga, Pelayo [Italy] [1]
(A) Cord, Walter [1]
    Cords-Kalis, Hedwig [Zwiefalten, Germany] [1]
    Coressi-Braggiotti, Mme Stefania [1]
    Coriat, Jacques [Nice, France] [3]
    Coriat, Maurice [Nice, France] [3]
    Cormerais, Mme Rose [1]
    Cornea, Mme Jenny (AKA Hurtig, Mme Jenny) [1]
    Cornefert, Mme Marie Marguerite Jeanne (AKA Fisson, Marie Marguerite Jeanne) [Chaumont, France] [2]
    Cornefert, René [Chaumont, France] [2]
    Cornet, Frl. Madeleine (AKA Heutmann, Frau Madeleine) [Itzehoe, Germany] [2]
    Cornier, Gabriel [Montpellier, France] [1]
    Cornier, Maurice [Montpellier, France] [1]
    Cornil, Louis [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
    Cornioley-Basset, Mme Nelly [1]
    Cornitzer, Frl. Erna (AKA Cohn, Frau Erna) [Berlin, Germany] [2]
    Cornu, Charles [France] [1]
(A) Cornu, Fernande Marie Camille (AKA Bidault, Fernande Marie Camille) [Orleans, France] [1]
                Bidault, Achille
(A) Cornu, Joanny [France] [3]
(A) Cornu, Louis Ernest Gabriel [Orleans, France] [1]
                Bidault, Achille
    Corpelet, Jeanne E (AKA Dupré, Jeanne E) [France] [1]
    Correvon, Henry [1]
    Corry, J. N. [1]
    Corsini, Pietro [Grondola Giuanadi, Italy] [1]
    Cortellini, Emile [1]
    Cortese, Paolo [Bratislava, Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Corti, Selma [Biel, Switzerland] [1]
(A) Coslich, Gustavo [France] [1]
    Cosmarie, Hermann [France] [1]
    Cosmaru, Hermann [France] [1]
    Cosocaru, Joan [Romania] [1]
    Cossmann, Richard [Berlin, Germany] [1]
(A) Cossu, Valentina [Modena, Italy] [1]
    Costamente, Fernanda [Milan, Italy] [1]
    Costaz, Gabriel [Annecy, France] [2]
                Thomé, Francois
    Costaz, Maria Blanche (AKA Cochet, Maria Blanche) [Annecy, France] [2]
                Thomé, Francois
    Coste, Albert [Lyon, France] [1]
    Coste, Andree (AKA Armanet, Andree) [Lyon, France] [1]
(A) Coste, Marie [France] [1]
    Cottaz, André [France] [1]
    Cotte, Armand [Orange, France] [1]
(A) Cottevieille, Henri [Paris, France] [2]
                Lefebvre, Jules
    Cottin, Mme Jeanne Reine Augustine (AKA Defresne, Mme Jeanne Reine Augustine) [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
    Coty, Mme Henriette Francois [Versailles, France] [1]
                D' Harttoy, Maurice Hanot
    Coubeau, Roger [Paris, France] [1]
    Coubeau, Mme [Paris, France] [1]
    Couchoud, Mme Irma [1]
    Cougy, Lucien [Melun, France] [1]
    Couhard, Madeleine Célestine [Lyon, France] [1]
(A) Coulhorn, R. [La Ferté-Milon, France] [1]
    Coulomb, Alice [Saint-Etienne, France] [1]
    Coulomb, Denise [Saint-Etienne, France] [1]
    Coulomb, Mme Rose (AKA Perrier, Mme Rose) [Saint-Etienne, France] [1]
(A) Coulombel, Maurice [Paris, France] [1]
    Coulon, Mlle Anna [1]
(A) Coulon, Jean Pierre [Versailles, France] [1]
                Seris, Marius
(A) Coulon, Mme Louise (AKA Tournin, Mlle Louise) [Versailles, France] [1]
                Seris, Marius
    Coumarianos, Harilaos [Paris, France] [1]
    Coupaye, Thérese (AKA Honnis, Thérese) [Montmorency, France] [1]
(A) Couplet, Mme Carmen (AKA Maurer, Carmen) [Paris, France] [3]
(A) Couplet, Jacques René [Paris, France] [3]
(A) Courbier, Pierre [France] [1]
    Courme, Mme Simone (AKA Allart, Simone) [Chatou, France] [2]
    Cournault, Abel [Malzéville, France] [1]
    Coursanges, Mme [Dröme, France] [1]
    Court, René [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
    Courty, Jean [Paris, France] [2]
    Courvoisier, Anne-Marie [France] [1]
(A) Courvoisier, Mlle Madeleine Marguerite (AKA Lardennois, Mme Madeleine Marguerite) [Luxembourg, Luxembourg] [1]
(A) Cousin, Mlle Berthe (AKA Belhague, Mme Berthe) [Paris, France] [2]
    Cousin, Jean [Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France] [1]
(A) Cousin, Mme Suzanne (AKA Mieg, Mlle Suzanne) [Mulhouse, France] [1]
(A) Cousin-Mieg, Jean [Geneva, Switzerland] [1]
    Couspaye, Maria (AKA Payrau, Mme Maria) [Labarthe-Rivière, France] [2]
    Coustanty, Maurice [Paris, France] [2]
    Coutel, Albert [Lunéville, France] [1]
    Couturier, Frl. Amelie [Forbach, France] [1]
    Couturier, Georges [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
    Couturier, Louis [Forbach, France] [1]
    Couturier, Mme Madeleine (AKA Funck, Mme Madeleine) [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
    Couturier, Paul [Courtrai, Belgium] [1]
    Couturier, Frau Sidonie (AKA Wilhelm, Sidonie) [Forbach, France] [1]
    Couvert, Mathilde [1]
(A) Cozon, Georges [Lyon, France] [1]
(A) Cozon, Mme Lucien (AKA Damour, Mlle) [Chaponost, France] [1]
(A) Cozon, Lucien [Chaponost, France] [1]
(A) Cozon, Mme [Lyon, France] [1]
    Cramer, Mme Adrienne Julie J. [1]
    Cramer, Ernst [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Cramer, Ernst [Hamburg, Germany] [3]
    Cramer, Hildegard (AKA Becker, Frau Hildegard) [Jena, Germany] [1]
    Cramer, Robert [1]
(A) Cramer, W D. [Doorn, Netherlands] [1]
    Cramerus, Mlle Henriette Stéphanie [1]
    Crespi, Arnoldo [1]
    Crespin, Alexandrine [1]
    Crespin-Reck, Herta [1]
    Creux, Mlle Louise Hélene [Paris, France] [1]
    Criblez, Hans [1]
    Crippa, Luigi [Italy] [6]
(A) Croissandeau, Mlle Jeanne [Orleans, France] [1]
(A) Croissandeau, Pierre [Orleans, France] [2]
    Crombez, Mlle Andrée (AKA de Bosque, Mme Andrée) [Taintignies, Belgium] [1]
    Crone, Liselotte [1]
    Crone, Theodor [Lörrach, Germany] [1]
    Croner, Bertha [Germany] [1]
(A) Cros, Auguste [Vizille, France] [1]
(A) Cros, Julie Marie Therese (AKA Morenas, Julie Marie Therese) [Vizille, France] [1]
(A) Crosta, Franco [Gallarate, Italy] [1]
(A) Croubalian, Joseph [France] [1]
    Croveri-Ghiron, Mme Anne [2]
    Crummenerl, S. [Prague, Czechoslovakia] [2]
                Hilferding, Rudolf
                Vogel, Hans
(A) Cruset Morato, Juan [Nice, France] [1]
(A) Csepai, Karl [Hungary] [1]
    Csillag, Mme Hélene [Cairo, Egypt] [2]
(A) Csok, Julius [Budapest, Hungary] [2]
                Calligari, Eduina
    Csordas, Frau Susanna (AKA Klinger, Frau Susanna) [Hungary] [1]
    Cubelic, Maria [Berlin, Germany] [1]
(A) Cuénod, Mme Charles [Saint-Suzanne, France] [2]
(A) Cuénod, Charles [Saint-Suzanne, France] [2]
    Cuénod, Charles [1]
(A) Cuénoud, Gaby [1]
    Cugat, Mme Jose [1]
    Cugat-Figeurol, Jose [1]
    Cugler, Grigore [Bratislava, Czechoslovakia] [1]
(A) Cultru, Mme René (AKA Duvivier, Madeleine) [Paris, France] [1]
    Cuny, Pierre [Saint Die, France] [1]
    Curtaz, Pauline [Gressonez, France] [1]
(A) Curvillier-Lerouge, Alice [Hong Kong, Hong Kong] [1]
    Cussy, Jeanne (AKA Martin, Jeanne) [Lyon, France] [1]
(A) Cuvello, Angela [Italy] [1]
(A) Cuvillier, Mme Georges [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Cuvillier, Georges [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Cuvillier, Mlle Marthe [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Cuvillier, Mlle Monique [Paris, France] [1]
    Cygler, Hirsch [Zbaszyn, Poland] [1]
                Hendeles, Abraham
    Cyprien-Fabre, Mme Auguste (AKA Bonnasse, Mlle Marguerite) [La Pomme, France] [2]
    Cyprien-Fabre, Joseph [La Pomme, France] [2]
    Cyprien-Fabre, Mme Joseph (AKA Beroard, Mlle Marguerite) [Nice, France] [2]
    Cyra, Frl. Martha (AKA Wahle, Frau Martha) [Berlin, Germany] [1]
(A) Cyrus-Sobolewski, Jan [Geneva, Switzerland] [1]
(A) Cyrus-Sobolewski, L. [Geneva, Switzerland] [1]
    Czarkowska, Zénaida [Warsaw, Poland] [1]
                Czarkowska, Waclaw
    Czech, Olga [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Czech, Leo
    Czempin, Alex [Germany] [1]
    Czermak, Frau Gretchen [Innsbruck, Austria] [1]
    Czermak, Rud [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Sliwa, Johann
                Sliwa, Julie
    Czermak, Victor [Innsbruck, Austria] [1]
    Czerny, Dawid [Warsaw, Poland] [1]
    Czerny, Ernst [Zell Am See, Austria] [1]
                Strobl, Josef
    Czerny, Frau Lina [Warsaw, Poland] [2]
    Czinner, Leopoldine [Trieste, Italy] [1]
    Czinner, Martin [Trieste, Italy] [1]
    Czinner, Massimiliano [Trieste, Italy] [1]
    Czipin, Frau Helene (AKA Berger, Frau Helene) [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
                Magen, Rudolf
    Czitter, Zoltan [Austria] [1]
    Czochralski, Jan [Poland] [1]

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