CRT-II Claims Resolution Tribunal for Dormant Accounts in Switzerland
Deposited Assets Claims

Attention: Please note that all deadlines to file claims related to the names and/or accounts appearing on these lists with the CRT have passed. At this point, these previously published lists of names of Account Owners and names of Power of Attorney Holders appear on this website for informational purposes only.

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2001 List of Swiss Bank Accounts from the ICEP Investigation

Section 1: Account Owners - People


    d' Acosta, Hecto [1]
(A) D' Aladern, René [Maurecourt, France] [3]
    D' Alton, Henri [1]
(A) D' Andoque de Seriege, A. [Montpellier, France] [1]
(A) D' André, Mlle Suzanne Marie (AKA Fouilland, Mme Suzanne Marie) [Lyon, France] [2]
(A) D' Arbaumont, Mlle France (AKA Dechelette, Mme France) [Roanne, France] [1]
                Bouceret, Francois
(A) D' Arleux, Georges Morel [Paris, France] [1]
    D' Arrigade, Mme Pia (AKA de Ribaucourt, Mme Pia) [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
    D' Auby, Mme Marie [Paris, France] [1]
                Louvrier, Henri
    D' Authume, Mlle Marie-Thérese (AKA de Masson, Mme Marie-Thérese) [Lausanne, Switzerland] [1]
    D' Avancourt, Vitry [Pexonne, France] [1]
    d' Evry, Mme Georgine (AKA de Fumel, Georgine) [Lamarque, France] [1]
    d' Evry, Paul [Lamarque, France] [1]
(A) D' Itajura, Mme [France] [1]
    D' Ursel, Mme Adrien [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
                D' Ursel, Simon
    d' Vigino, Alberto [1]
    D'Andiran-Ogay, Mme Marg [1]
    Dachauer, Simon [Paris, France] [3]
                Dachauer, Hermann
                Dachauer, Milly
(A) Dadisch, Frau Irma [France] [1]
    Daetwyler, Anny [1]
    Dahl, Max [Mannheim, Germany] [1]
                Pfister, H.
    Dahm, H. [Oberhausen, Germany] [1]
    Dahm, Heinz [Kiel, Germany] [1]
    Dajc, Ivan [Germany] [1]
    Dal, Louise (AKA Reboud, Louise) [France] [1]
    Dallet, Rafael [Bielsko, Poland] [2]
                Dallet, Josef
(A) Dallgo, Charlotte [Switzerland] [1]
    Dalsace, Jacques [Paris, France] [1]
    Dalsace, Mme Renée (AKA Hirsch, Mme Renée) [Paris, France] [1]
    Damm, Charlotte [Germany] [1]
    Damm, Joseph [Brumath, France] [1]
    Damm, Otto [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Damm, Frau Marie (AKA Warncke, Marie)
    Damm, Paul [Germany] [1]
    Damm, Robert [Brumath, France] [1]
                Damm, Joseph
                Elzinga-Damm, Mme Marthe
    Dammann, Hans [Berlin, Germany] [5]
(A) Damour, Henri [Chaponost, France] [1]
(A) Damour, Mlle (AKA Cozon, Mme Lucien) [Chaponost, France] [1]
    Dancet, Gabrielle [1]
(A) Danel, Mlle Jeanne (AKA Kraeutler, Mme Jeanne) [Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France] [1]
    Daniel, E. [Marienbad, Czechoslovakia] [3]
    Daniel, Hermann [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Daniel, Helene
    Daniel, Julius [Germany] [2]
                Daniel, Ella
                Günther, Josef
    Daniel, Max [Berlin, Germany] [2]
                Daniel, Werner
    Daniel, Otto [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
    Daniel, Suzanne (AKA Zeiller, Suzanne) [France] [1]
    Dannenbaum, Walter [Montevideo, Uruguay] [1]
    Dannenberg, Elsa Rosalin Henriette Marie [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
                Dannenberg, Frau Alma
    Dannenberg, Maria [Vienna, Austria] [1]
(A) Dannhauser-Braun, Frau Hedwig [Renchen, Germany] [1]
    Danyeri, Mehmed Ali, Hoirie [1]
    Danziger, Frau Edith (AKA Sommer, Frl. Edith) [Germany] [1]
(A) Darbour, Alexandre [Nancy, France] [2]
(A) Darbour, Mlle Marie [Nancy, France] [2]
    Dardel, Henry [Meung-Sur-Loire, France] [2]
    Darion, Frédéric [Lyon, France] [1]
    Darion, Marie (AKA Kohler, Marie) [Lyon, France] [1]
    Darrieurx, André [Paris, France] [1]
    Darvas, Frl. Lili (AKA Molnar, Frau Lili) [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
(A) Daube, Hch. [Leipzig, Germany] [1]
    Daubron, Henri [Paris, France] [2]
    Dauchez, Joseph [Paris, France] [1]
    Daudlo, Jos [Sierentz, France] [1]
    Daudre, Mlle Marthe (AKA Martin, Mme Marthe) [Thieux, France] [2]
    Dauphin, Alexandre [Marseille, France] [1]
                Fleury, Marius
    Dauphin, Marie Rose Sophie (AKA Hoc, Marie Rose Sophie) [Paris, France] [1]
    Daurensan-Chamontin, Mme M [1]
(A) Dautel, F. [Ambilly, France] [1]
(A) Dauzats-Bayeurthe [Castres, France] [1]
    Davaud, Gérard Arthur [1]
(A) Davel, Marguerite [1]
    David, A. Hermann [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                David, Bruno
    David, Albert [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    David, Alfred [Munich, Germany] [1]
    David, Auguste [France] [1]
    David, Charles [Paris, France] [2]
    David, Ed. [1]
    David, Elisabeth [Germany] [3]
    David, Elisabeth [Germany] [3]
    David, Felix [Germany] [2]
    David, Felix [Germany] [1]
    David, Felix [Germany] [1]
    David, Frl. Flora (AKA Hantos, Frau Flora) [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
    David, Frl. Hermine (AKA Meyer, Frau Hermine) [Leipzig, Germany] [1]
    David, Josef [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
    David, Leopold [Germany] [1]
    David, Louis [Versailles, France] [2]
    David, Louise Alice (AKA Hardy, Louise Alice) [Versailles, France] [2]
    David, Frl. Maria [Augsburg, Germany] [1]
    David, Frau Paula [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    David, Mlle Renée (AKA Kahn, Mme Renée) [Strasbourg, France] [3]
    David, Robert [Germany] [3]
    David, Robert [Germany] [3]
    David, Frau Zoe (AKA Jean, Frau Zoe) [Paris, France] [1]
    David-Hantos, Emerich [Hungary] [1]
    David-Hantos, Frau Flora [Hungary] [1]
    Davidovitsch, Mme Berthe [1]
    Davidovsky, Villia [France] [1]
    Davids, Alfred [Geltendorf, Germany] [1]
    Davidsohn, Leo [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Davierwalla, Dara [1]
    Davis, Mme Alice [Paris, France] [1]
                Davis, Léonard
(A) Davis, Mlle Ethel (AKA Benson-Bernac, Mme Ethel) [Cannes, France] [1]
    Davoine, Rene [1]
(A) Dayet, Pierre [Lyon, France] [1]
(A) Dayral, Mlle Thérese [Chabeuil, France] [1]
    de Aboim Borges, Joao [1]
(A) De Ayala, Hector [Paris, France] [1]
(A) de Balint, John G. [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [1]
    de Barczelly, Eugène (AKA de Berczelly, Eugène) [Budapest, Hungary] [4]
(A) de Bary, Roger Jean [La Sauldraie, France] [2]
(A) de Basili, Marie [Greece] [1]
    de Bazelaire, Louise Adrienne (AKA de Bellocq-Feuquieres, Mme Louise) [Avize, France] [2]
    de Beauffort, Mme Georges [Mazy, Belgium] [1]
    de Belgarie, Mlle Anne Augustine (AKA Henry, Mme Anne Augustine) [France] [1]
    de Bellefon, Mme Jane [1]
    de Bellefon, Stéphanie (AKA Guillard, Stéphanie) [1]
    de Bellocq-Feuquieres, Hubert Adrien Albert [Avize, France] [2]
    de Bellocq-Feuquieres, Mme Louise (AKA de Bazelaire, Louise Adrienne) [Avize, France] [2]
    de Benedetti, Arrigo [Rome, Italy] [1]
    de Berczelly, Eugène [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
                de Berczelly, Hélène
    de Berczelly, Eugène (AKA de Barczelly, Eugène) [Budapest, Hungary] [4]
(A) de Berthier-Bizy, Mlle M. [Nevers, France] [1]
    de Bertoult, Mme Hubert (AKA de Carayon la Tour, Mlle Isabelle) [Paris, France] [2]
    de Bertoult, Hubert [Paris, France] [2]
    de Beyersdorff, Mme Mathilde [1]
    de Bigorie, Mme [Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France] [3]
(A) De Biolles, Louis Joseph Marie [Paris, France] [1]
(A) de Boccard, Mme Odile (AKA Francois-Marsal, Mlle Odile) [Lyon, France] [3]
(A) de Boccard, Thierry [Lyon, France] [3]
(A) de Bonneval, B. [Paris, France] [1]
    de Bosque, Mme Andrée (AKA Crombez, Mlle Andrée) [Taintignies, Belgium] [1]
    de Bosque, Louis Pierre [Taintignies, Belgium] [1]
    de Bourbon -Chalus, Louis [Paris, France] [1]
    de Bracquemond, Madeleine [1]
    de Brossin de Méré, Henry Auguste Anatol [Paris, France] [2]
    de Bruyn, Richard [1]
(A) de Buron-Brun, Mme Magdeleine (AKA Gaillard, Mlle Magdeleine) [Béziers, France] [1]
    de Carayon la Tour, Mlle Isabelle (AKA de Bertoult, Mme Hubert) [Paris, France] [2]
(A) de Castilleja de Guzman, Mme Rosa (AKA Diaz, Mlle Rosa) [Paris, France] [6]
    de Castro, Diego [1]
    de Chambure, Francois Gaston Auguste [Paris, France] [1]
(A) De Chauliac, Georges [Paris, France] [1]
    de Chollet, Mme Helene [Rumilly, France] [2]
(A) de Chollet, Henri [Douvaine, France] [1]
    de Chollet, Pierre [Rumilly, France] [2]
    de Chomel, Mme Elise [Marseille, France] [2]
    de Chomel, Félix [Marseille, France] [2]
    de Chomel, Ghislaine [Marseille, France] [2]
    de Christian, Victor Geysa [France] [1]
(A) De Clementi, Enrico [Castello, Italy] [1]
    de Clermont, Mme Hermann [Paris, France] [2]
(A) de Coppet, Clotilde [Paris, France] [1]
    de Croiset, Francis [Paris, France] [1]
    de Del Sel, Mme Emilia Rose J M [1]
    de Dietrich, Dominique [Jaegerthal, France] [1]
    De Dombrowski, Franz E [Lenno, Italy] [1]
    de Donici, Mme Alvina [1]
    de Faure, Etienne [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    de Foreeville, Mlle (AKA du Plessis, Mme) [Paris, France] [2]
(A) de Fourtou, Adrien [Paris, France] [1]
(A) de Fourtou, Mme [Paris, France] [1]
    de Fraser, Mme Maria-Dolores [1]
    de Fries, Maria (AKA Bachem, Frau Maria) [Bonn, Germany] [1]
                Hellwig, Frau Hilde (AKA Bachem, Frl. Hilde)
    de Fumel, Georgine (AKA d' Evry, Mme Georgine) [Lamarque, France] [1]
(A) de Gabriac, Mme Marie-Jeanne [1]
    de Garine, Nicoise (AKA de Garine, Nicolas AKA de Garine, W.) [1]
    de Garine, Nicolas (AKA de Garine, Nicoise AKA de Garine, W.) [1]
    de Garine, Paul [1]
    de Garine, W. (AKA de Garine, Nicoise AKA de Garine, Nicolas) [1]
(A) de Gennes, Robert [Paris, France] [2]
(A) de Gennes, Mme Yvonne (AKA Morin Pons, Yvonne) [Paris, France] [2]
    De Georges de Bargeton, Max [1]
    de Gerr, Emmanuel [Nouilly A/Seine, France] [1]
    de Give, Anne Marie [1]
    de Görling, Dora (AKA Lehmann, Dora) [Mexico D. F., Mexico] [1]
                Görling, Alfredo
    de Gournay, Lionel [Paris, France] [1]
                de Gournay, Mme Madeleine
                Soulange-Bodin, Mme Alice
    de Gournay, Mme Madeleine [Paris, France] [2]
                de Gournay, Lionel
                Soulange-Bodin, Mme Alice
                Soulange-Bodin, Roger
(A) de Groot, Jacques [Paris, France] [1]
(A) de Guibert, Henri [Liernais, France] [1]
(A) de Guibert, Mme Suzanne (AKA Petot, Mlle Suzanne) [Liernais, France] [1]
(A) de Gutierrez, Maria G [Romania] [1]
(A) de Henseler, Mlle Jeanne Madeleine (AKA Proffit, Mme Jeanne Madeleine) [Paris, France] [1]
    de Hody, Alfred [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    de Hody, Mme Berthe (AKA Massiny, Mlle Berthe) [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    de Jong-Verhagen, Hélène M (AKA de Jongh-Verhagen, Hélène M) [Cannes, France] [1]
    de Jongh-Verhagen, Hélène M (AKA de Jong-Verhagen, Hélène M) [Cannes, France] [1]
    de Jordan-Guillot Lagarde, Anne Marie Charlotte [Paris, France] [1]
(A) de Kerchove, Georges [Belgium] [1]
    De Kermenic, Oswald [Germany] [1]
    de Koeppen, Alexandre [France] [1]
(A) de Koeppen, Mme Nathalie [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                de Koeppen, Boris
                de Koeppen, Serge
    de la Belleissue, Henri Nicol [France] [1]
    de la Chaise, Mme Robert [Neufchâteau, France] [1]
    de la Chaise, Robert [Neufchâteau, France] [1]
    De La Croix, Jean [France] [1]
    De La Croix, Mme Lucie [France] [1]
    de la Croix-Laval, Mlle Anne Marie Jeanne [Lyon, France] [1]
(A) de La Jaumarie, Mlle Germaine (AKA Bonfils, Mme Germaine) [Montelimar, France] [1]
                Bonfils, Gaston
    de la Motte, André Charles Pierre [1]
    de la Ramee, Mlle Marguerite [Nancy, France] [1]
(A) de la Rochebrochard, Mme Denise (AKA Trichard, Mlle Denise) [Paris, France] [1]
    De La Rochefaucauld, G [France] [1]
    de la Villeneuve, Mlle M. Jos. [Lyon, France] [1]
(A) De Lamberville, P [Lyon, France] [1]
    de Langlade, Louis Charles Pierre [Paris, France] [1]
                de Langlade, Mme Louis (AKA Journet, Mlle)
    de le Hoye, Juliette [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
                de le Hoye, Emile
(A) de Leeuw, Hendrik [Laren, Netherlands] [1]
    de Léon, Gustav [1]
    de Léon, Lily (AKA Kind, Lily) [Paris, France] [1]
                Neubert, Mme Lore (AKA Kind, Mlle Lore)
    de Liphart, Charles Edouard [France] [1]
    de Loqueyssie, Mme E. [Paris, France] [3]
(A) de Lorethan, J. E. [Saint Légier, France] [1]
(A) de Lotherie de Presle, Mlle Marcelle (AKA Lefevre, Mme Marcelle) [Paris, France] [2]
                Cavassale, Enrique
                Gattiker, Mme Thérese Robert
    de Macedo Soares, José C [1]
    De Majo, Robert [Austria] [1]
(A) de Malherbe, Guillaume [Paris, France] [1]
                Trichard, Mme Charlotte (AKA Hurissel, Charlotte Esther Marie)
(A) de Malherbe, Mme Joseph [Paris, France] [3]
                Trichard, Mme Charlotte (AKA Hurissel, Charlotte Esther Marie)
(A) de Malherbe, Mlle Rose [Paris, France] [1]
                Trichard, Mme Charlotte (AKA Hurissel, Charlotte Esther Marie)
    de Manas, Rientor [Nice, France] [2]
    De Mandell, Rodolphe [France] [1]
(A) de Mans, Eugene [Saint-Cyr, France] [1]
    de Marchena, Ernest [Paris, France] [1]
    de Marchena-Kuhn, Jeanne [Paris, France] [1]
(A) de Marmier, Lionel [Paris, France] [1]
    de Masson, Mme Marie-Thérese (AKA D' Authume, Mlle Marie-Thérese) [Lausanne, Switzerland] [1]
    de Meeus, Mme Antoinette (AKA de Robiano, Mlle Antoinette) [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
    de Menchaca, Juan Antonio, Selig [Bordeaux, France] [1]
    de Michelis, Pado [1]
    De Michelis [Germany] [1]
    de Minvielle, Jean [1]
    de Miol-Flavard, Mme Andrée (AKA de Vienne, Mme Andrée) [1]
    de Montegliari, Marie [Paris, France] [1]
    de Montes-Jovellar, Joaquin [Saint Germain-En-Laye, France] [1]
    de Montes-Jovellar, Mme [Saint Germain-En-Laye, France] [1]
    de Moor, Vincent Paul [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
    De Odenigo, Bonstetten [1]
    de Oliveira, Jose Feliciano [1]
(A) de Paulo, Mme Angele [Nantes, France] [1]
    de Pedrelli, Faustino [Paris, France] [6]
                de Pedrelli, Mme Frida (AKA Heer, Mlle Frida)
(A) De Pierre De Bernis, Gabriel [Monte Carlo, France] [1]
    de Poly, Bernard [Rabat, Morocco] [1]
(A) de Pontaumont, Albert [Rennes, France] [1]
(A) de Pontaumont, Mme Odette (AKA du Petit Bois, Mlle Odette) [Rennes, France] [1]
(A) De Pontéves, Jean [Italy] [1]
    de Puertas, E. [Paris, France] [1]
                de Puertas, Mme Lucie
    de Recy, Georges [Paris, France] [2]
    de Recy, Mme Renee (AKA Grandjean, Mlle Renee) [Paris, France] [2]
    de Ribaucourt, Mme Pia (AKA D' Arrigade, Mme Pia) [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
    de Ribaucourt, Robert [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
    de Rivas de Castilleja de Guzman, Joaquin Rodriguez [Paris, France] [3]
    de Robiano, Mlle Antoinette (AKA de Meeus, Mme Antoinette) [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
    de Roma, Nicola [Romania] [1]
(A) de Romanet, Mlle M. [Nevers, France] [1]
(A) de Romanet, Pierre [Nevers, France] [1]
(A) de Rougemont, Jacques [Paris, France] [1]
    de Rouse, Antoine [1]
    de Rudnay, Bela [Budapest, Hungary] [2]
    de Sa Valle, Ernestine (AKA de sa Valle, Ernestine) [Paris, France] [1]
    de sa Valle, Ernestine (AKA de Sa Valle, Ernestine) [Paris, France] [1]
    de Sa Valle, Silvio (AKA de sa Valle, Silvio) [Paris, France] [1]
    de sa Valle, Silvio (AKA de Sa Valle, Silvio) [Paris, France] [1]
    de Saint-Martin, Gilbert [Mulhouse, France] [2]
    de Saint-Martin, Mme Odette (AKA Boissaye, Mlle Odette) [Mulhouse, France] [2]
    de Salin de Saillan, Guy [Rome, Italy] [1]
    De Santamarina, G. [1]
(A) de Sibert, Mlle Marguerite (AKA Gardes, Mme Isabelle AKA Gardes, Mme Marguerite) [Paris, France] [1]
                Courcelle de Sibert, Pierre
                Gardes, Raphaël
(A) de Sidon, Mlle Anne Marie Jeanne (AKA Roux, Mme Anne Marie Jeanne) [Avignon, France] [2]
    de Sinner, Mme Marie (AKA Borchardt, Marie) [Bern, Switzerland] [2]
    De Soutello, Alice [1]
(A) de St. Pol, Mme (AKA Leborgne, Mlle Germaine) [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
                de Saint Pol, Thibault
    de Stael-Gardan, Mme [St Seran, France] [1]
(A) de Suin, Herve [France] [1]
    de Summerer, Mme Marguerite [1]
    de Summerer, Mlle Yolande [1]
    de Tolstoi, Anatole [1]
(A) de Tournemire, Mlle Marie-Antoinette (AKA Lamouroux, Mme Marie-Antoinette) [Mauriac, France] [1]
(A) de Treves, Frau Carmela [1]
(A) de Treves, Umberto [1]
(A) de Turckeim, Francis [Tunis, Tunisia] [1]
    de Vassal, Frau Xénie [Romania] [1]
    de Vaulchier, Louis-Paul [France] [1]
    de Vendeuvre, Juliette [Lorris, France] [1]
    de Vienne, Mme Andrée (AKA de Miol-Flavard, Mme Andrée) [1]
    de Vilardell, Mme M Vinas [1]
(A) De Villeneuve, Romée Dauphine [Paris, France] [1]
    de Vlummens, Mme Maria, Hoirie [1]
(A) de Vogue, Mme Adalbert [Paris, France] [1]
    De Winterstein, Alexander [Bad Hofgastein, Austria] [33]
    Debay, Mlle Anne Marie (AKA Lamy, Mme Anne Marie) [Epinal, France] [1]
(A) Debernardy, Pierre Dominique [Grenoble, France] [1]
(A) Debernardy, Mlle (AKA Lestra, Mme) [Grenoble, France] [1]
    Debieve, Maurice [Ehérme, France] [1]
    Deblanco, Ludwig [Germany] [4]
    Deblois, Jean [1]
    Deboismoreau, Herve [1]
    Debrabant, Mme Hélene [Nantes, France] [1]
(A) Debrus, Germaine [Saint Gély-Du-Fesc, France] [2]
(A) Debrus, Henri [Saint Gély-Du-Fesc, France] [2]
(A) Debrus, Mlle Yvette [Saint Gély-Du-Fesc, France] [2]
(A) Dechelette, Mme France (AKA D' Arbaumont, Mlle France) [Roanne, France] [1]
                Bouceret, Francois
(A) Dechelette, Robert [Roanne, France] [1]
                Bouceret, Francois
(A) Decker, Jean [1]
(A) Decoeur, Mme Anna [France] [1]
(A) Decorde, Mme Léonie (AKA Joubert, Léonie) [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Decorde, Maurice Aime [Paris, France] [1]
    Decré, Mlle Denise [France] [2]
                Decré, Mme Marcelle (AKA Montreux, Mlle Marcelle)
                Decré, René
    Decré, Jacques [Courtenay, France] [2]
                Decré, Mme Marcelle (AKA Montreux, Mlle Marcelle)
                Decré, René
    Decré, Mme Marcelle (AKA Montreux, Mlle Marcelle) [Courtenay, France] [1]
    Decré, René [Courtenay, France] [1]
(A) Dedollais, Mlle Elisabeth (AKA Chavane, Mme Louis) [France] [1]
    Deer, Endre [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
(A) Defférard, Marie [Rome, Italy] [1]
    Defresne, Mme Jeanne Reine Augustine (AKA Cottin, Mme Jeanne Reine Augustine) [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
    Defresne, Maurice Eugène [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
(A) Degat, Clément [Lyon, France] [1]
                Degat, Mme Genevieve (AKA Laurams, Mlle Genevieve)
    Degatier, Jean [Wissembourg, France] [2]
                Degatier, Mme Hélene Josephine Marie (AKA Binet, Mlle Hélene Josephine Marie)
    Degermann, Charles [Grenoble, France] [1]
    Degermann, Jeanne Gustave (AKA Hecker, Jeanne Gustave) [Paris, France] [2]
    Deglaire, Louis [1]
    Dehet, Mme Alice (AKA Heriot, Mlle Alice) [Saint-Savine, France] [1]
    Dehet, Fernand Jules [Saint-Savine, France] [1]
    Dehet, Mlle Germaine (AKA Merat, Mme Germaine) [Saint-Savine, France] [1]
    Déhon, Désiré [Valenciennes, France] [1]
    Déhon, Mme Gabrielle (AKA Lobert, Mlle Gabrielle) [Valenciennes, France] [1]
(A) Dei Conti, Anton [1]
    Deichsler, Max [Cernauti, Romania] [1]
    Dejoux, Mme Madeleine (AKA Lacaze, Mlle Madeleine) [Perigueux, France] [1]
    Dejoux, Pierre [Perigueux, France] [1]
    Dekeyser, Edmond [2]
    Del Ducca [Germany] [1]
(A) Del Ojo Rodriguez, Antonio (AKA Del Rodriguez, Antonio) [1]
(A) Del Rodriguez, Antonio (AKA Del Ojo Rodriguez, Antonio) [1]
    del Sera, L. [1]
(A) Del Valle, Maria Jacoba [1]
    Delaborde, Pierre [Dijon, France] [1]
    Delanne, Edmond Achille Marie [Paris, France] [1]
                Delanne, Jean Victor Pierre
    Delannoy, Louis [France] [1]
    Delannoy, Mme Marguerite [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Delanone, Charles Gustave [Paris, France] [1]
    Delarras, Jean [1]
    Delassence-Desugny, Mme Alice Thérèse [1]
    Delassiat, Jean Baptiste [France] [2]
(A) Delattre, Andrée (AKA Osborn, Andrée) [France] [1]
    Delattre, Lucie [France] [1]
    Delauney, Louis M.E. [Paris, France] [1]
    Delbost, René [Paris, France] [1]
    Delers, Joseph [Uffholtz, France] [1]
    Deletraz, Louise [1]
    Delfiner, Anna [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Deligdisch, Bernhard [Bucharest, Romania] [1]
    Deligny, Louis [Paris, France] [2]
    Dell' Era, Renato [Romania] [1]
    Dell'Angelo-Wohlgemuth, Klara [Domodossola, Italy] [1]
    Della Bianca, Casimir [1]
    Della Bona, Isacco [Saarbrucken, Germany] [1]
(A) Della Scala, Prisca [Como, Italy] [1]
    Della-Torre, Mlle Elise [Mulhouse, France] [2]
    Delle Piane, Silvio [Genoa, Italy] [1]
    Dellery, M [1]
    Delmar, Mlle Berthe Julia [Lille, France] [2]
                Senlis, Marcel
(A) Delmas, Auguste [Royan, France] [2]
    Delmont, Mme Denise [1]
    Delmont, Robert [1]
    Deloff, Johann [Poland] [1]
    Delon, Jeanne (AKA Rosset, Jeanne) [France] [1]
(A) Delorme, Pierre [Lyon, France] [1]
    Delort, Mlle Eva [Bucharest, Romania] [1]
    Delort, Tacite [Bucharest, Romania] [1]
    Deloy, Georges [1]
(A) Delpench, F L [1]
    Delpench, Madeleine (AKA Leroy, Mme Gaston) [Orleans, France] [1]
    Delporte, A. [1]
    Delta, Etienne [1]
    Delvas, Georges Constantine [1]
(A) Delvendhal, Charlotte [Poland] [1]
    Demand, Anton [Yugoslavia] [1]
(A) Demangeat, Marcel [Angers, France] [1]
                Demangeat, Adolphe
                Demangeat, Mme Hélene (AKA Bourgoin, Mlle Hélene)
(A) Demangeat, Mlle Marguerite (AKA Landois, Mme Marguerite) [Angers, France] [1]
                Demangeat, Adolphe
                Demangeat, Mme Hélene (AKA Bourgoin, Mlle Hélene)
(A) Demangeat, René [Angers, France] [1]
                Demangeat, Adolphe
                Demangeat, Mme Hélene (AKA Bourgoin, Mlle Hélene)
    Dembinska, Mme Sophie [1]
    Dembitz, Julius [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
                Dembitz, Ilona
    Dembowski, Felicjan [Lwow, Poland] [1]
    Demont, Charles [1]
    Denenfaille, Mme Alice Marie Anna (AKA Dubois, Mme Alice Marie Anna) [Paris, France] [1]
    Dénes, Josef [Vienna, Austria] [3]
                Dénes, Mlle Elise
    Dénes-Deutsch, Adolf [Oradea, Romania] [1]
    Dénes-Deutsch, Elisabeth [Oradea, Romania] [1]
    Dengl, Francisc [Romania] [1]
    Dengler, Johannes [1]
    Denis, Marcel [France] [1]
    Denis [1]
(A) Denizet, Henri [Thiers, France] [1]
(A) Denizet, Mme [Thiers, France] [1]
    Denizot, Maurice [Paris, France] [1]
    Denk, Alois [1]
(A) Denk, Julie [1]
    Dennert, E [1]
    Dennert, W [1]
(A) Denonne, Adolphe [Tornay, France] [1]
(A) Denoy, Camille Louis Marie [Béziers, France] [1]
(A) Denoy, Mme Yvonne (AKA Blanquié, Mlle Yvonne) [Béziers, France] [1]
    Deon, Mme Madeleine Marguerite Juliette (AKA Gallois, Madeleine Marguerite Juliette) [Paris, France] [2]
    Dépéry, A. [Divonne-Les-Bains, France] [1]
                Roland, Jean
    Dépéry, Mme Marie [Divonne-Les-Bains, France] [1]
                Roland, Jean
    Depigny-Falconnat, Mme Maria [1]
    Der Movessian, D [1]
    Derck, Alphonse [Paris, France] [1]
    Deresiewicz, Samuel [Przemysl, Poland] [1]
                Deresiewicz, Rachela
    Deri, Emil [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Deri, Friedrich
    Deri, Friedrich [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Deri, Emil
(A) Deriaz, André [Italy] [1]
    Derieux, Claude [Paris, France] [1]
    Derigny-Radas, Guy [Orleans, France] [1]
    Derivaz, Reine [Paris, France] [1]
    Derka, Frl. Maria (AKA Beer, Frau Maria) [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Beer, Othmar
                Pollak, Rudolf
    Dermant, Henri [Paris, France] [1]
    Dermer, Mlle Sara [Poland] [1]
    Derome, Mme Marie [Canada] [1]
    des Buttes, Mlle H. F. (AKA Desgranges, Mme H. F.) [Raddon-Et-Chapendu, France] [1]
(A) des Garets, Mlle Marieluise [Paris, France] [1]
    Desaulles, Maurice [Germany] [3]
(A) Desbordes, Marthe (AKA Romagny, Mme Marthe) [Limoges, France] [2]
(A) Descollas, Mlle Marguerite (AKA Richard, Mme Marguerite) [Marseille, France] [4]
                Richard, Francois
    Descombaz, Cezar [1]
    Descombres, Guido Emilio [1]
(A) Descours, Mlle Marie Constance Genevieve Thérese (AKA Soulier, Mme Marie Constance Genevieve Thérese) [Lyon, France] [1]
    Desgranges, Francis [Raddon-Et-Chapendu, France] [1]
    Desgranges, Mme H. F. (AKA des Buttes, Mlle H. F.) [Raddon-Et-Chapendu, France] [1]
(A) Despecher, Mlle Maire (AKA Proffit, Mme Marie) [1]
    Despine, Rita Marie Suzanne Charlotte (AKA Sautier-Thyrion, Rita Marie Suzanne Charlotte) [Veyrier-Du-Lac, France] [1]
(A) Desrues, Elie [France] [1]
(A) Desrues, Marguerite [France] [1]
(A) Dessert, Mme Camille [France] [1]
    Dessertine, Joseph [1]
    Desserttène, Gérard [Etang, France] [1]
    Destouches, Robert [Paris, France] [2]
    Detroye, Etienne Henri Georges [France] [2]
    Detroye, Georges [France] [2]
    Detroye, Marie Paule Berne (AKA Bellecour, Marie Paule Berne) [France] [2]
(A) Deucher, Lisbeth [1]
(A) Deussen, Ernst [Markkleeberg, Germany] [1]
    Deutsch, Alfred [Austria] [1]
    Deutsch, Frau Anny [Bari, Italy] [1]
    Deutsch, Bela [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [2]
                Deutsch, Frau Thekla (AKA Schaumburger, Frl. Thekla)
    Deutsch, Bernhard [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
                Deutsch, Marta
    Deutsch, David [Kapuvar, Hungary] [1]
                Deutsch, Olga
    Deutsch, Fritz [Austria] [1]
    Deutsch, Gertrude [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Deutsch, Max
    Deutsch, Frau Helene (AKA Kulcsar, Frl. Helene) [Brasov, Romania] [1]
    Deutsch, Hugo [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [2]
                Deutsch, Frau Danica
    Deutsch, Irma [Austria] [1]
(A) Deutsch, Joseph [Pancevo, Yugoslavia] [1]
    Deutsch, Philipp [Germany] [1]
    Deutsch, Richard [Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Deutsch, Rosa [Austria] [5]
    Deutsch, Rudolf [Bielsko, Poland] [2]
                Deutsch Junior, Julius
    Deutsch, Stefan B. [Veszprém, Hungary] [1]
(A) Devant, Henri [Arles, France] [1]
                Devant, Mme Joseph
                Devant, Joseph
                Henry, Mme Yvonne
(A) Devaux, Berthe [1]
    Devaux, Pierre [France] [2]
    Devenoges, Albert [1]
    Devort, Pierre [1]
(A) Devouassoud, Edmond Remy [Chamonix, France] [1]
    Devred, Henri [Belgium] [1]
    Devrez, Marguerite (AKA Ruyer, Mme Marguerite) [Paris, France] [1]
    Dewez, Henry [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Dey, Antony [France] [1]
(A) Dey, Cecile (AKA Fantbonne, Cecile) [France] [1]
    Dézerand, Arsène [Neuville, France] [1]
    Dezsöfy, Desiré [Austria] [1]
    Dhainant, Mme Marthe [Paris, France] [1]
    Dhamelincourt, Jean [Paris, France] [1]
    Di Leonardo, Giovanni [Prague, Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Di Moro-Censi, Alberto Eugenio [Germany] [1]
    Di Moro-Censi, Myrtho Eugenio [Germany] [1]
    Di Nola, Carlo [Bad Hofgastein, Austria] [1]
    Di Nola, Settimio Sergio [Baden, Germany] [1]
    Di Segni, Bruno [Rome, Italy] [1]
(A) Di Uedico, Giov [Prague, Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Diamant, Leon [Krakow, Poland] [1]
    Diamant, Frau Olga [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Diamant, Richard [Austria] [3]
    Diamant, Rudolf [Austria] [1]
    Diamanticas, Georges (AKA Diamanticos, Georges) [Athens, Greece] [1]
    Diamanticos, Georges (AKA Diamanticas, Georges) [Athens, Greece] [1]
(A) Diaz, Mlle Rosa (AKA de Castilleja de Guzman, Mme Rosa) [Paris, France] [6]
(A) Diaz Moreu, Emilio [Saint-Jean-De-Luz, France] [2]
(A) Diaz Moreu, Mme Luisa Orfila [Saint-Jean-De-Luz, France] [2]
(A) Dibbern, Inge Marianne [Nenndorf, Germany] [1]
    Dick, Frl. Anna Marg [Germany] [1]
    Dick, Berta [Krefeld, Germany] [1]
(A) Dick, Ernst Walter [1]
    Dick, Mme Olga [Kobe, Japan] [2]
    Dick, Paul [Germany] [3]
    Dick, Frl. Ruth Maria [Germany] [1]
    Dickin, Walter [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Didier, E [France] [1]
    Didier, Jean Prosper [1]
    Didisheim, Mme Jeanne A. [Besancon, France] [4]
                Blum, Henri
    Didsbury, H. [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Die, Marie (AKA Poignant, Mme Marie) [Marseille, France] [1]
    Diebold-Gopper, August [Lörrach, Germany] [1]
    Diehl, Lise (AKA Bergmann, Mme Lise) [Strasbourg, France] [2]
(A) Diem, Frau Nina (AKA Brühlmann, Frau Nina) [1]
    Diemar, Mathilde (AKA Müller, Mathilde) [Marburg, Germany] [1]
                Müller, Frau Olga (AKA Kerkovius, Frl. Olga)
    Dien, Jeanne (AKA Parrant, Jeanne) [France] [1]
    Dien, Julie (AKA Parrant, Julie) [France] [1]
    Dien, Marie [France] [1]
    Dien, Maurice [France] [1]
    Dien, René [France] [1]
    Diepold, Herbert [Munich, Germany] [1]
    Dierig, Rudolf [Mahlow, Germany] [1]
                Dierig-Jahn, Kurt
                Dierig-Jahn, Maria
    Dieterich, Mlle Elisabeth [Toulouse, France] [1]
                Duvillier, Mlle Elise
                Edel, Mme Jeanne
                Picard, Mlle Germaine
    Dietl, Robert [Germany] [1]
(A) Dietrich, Johann [1]
    Dietrich, Richard [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Dietrich, Margarete
(A) Dietschi, Hermann [1]
    Dietze, Friedrich Carl, Erben [Leipzig, Germany] [1]
                Dietze, Frl. Auguste Johanna Hiltrud
                Dietze-Neupert, Frau Auguste Marie Hedwig (AKA Neupert, Frl. Auguste Marie Hedwig)
                Weiss, Frau Hedwig Charlotte (AKA Dietze, Frl. Hedwig Charlotte)
(A) Dignac, Mlle Marie-Jeanne [Bordeaux, France] [1]
                Battin, Mme Henriette Fernande (AKA Dignac, Henriette Fernande)
    Dillies, Maurice [Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland] [1]
    Dillies-Fillol, Mme Germaine [Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland] [1]
    Dillmann, Anna [Germany] [2]
    Dillmann, Maria [Germany] [2]
(A) Dillmann, Ursula [1]
    Dimitriu, Jorgu [Romania] [1]
    Dimoff, Mme Marie Elisabeth (AKA Bohin, Mlle Marie Elisabeth) [Nancy, France] [1]
    Dimoff, Paul Georges Edmund [Nancy, France] [1]
    Dinu, Aurel [Bucharest, Romania] [1]
(A) Dion, Alphonsine (AKA Bouche, Alphonsine) [Sancerre, France] [1]
(A) Diriwächter, Rita [1]
    Discry, Andre [Valenciennes, France] [1]
    Distel, Frau Anna (AKA Zeller, Anna) [Villingen, Germany] [2]
                Zeller, Frl. Marie
    Distel, Robert [Villingen, Germany] [4]
                Zeller, Frl. Marie
    Dittmann, Heinrich [Netherlands] [1]
    Dittmar, Elli [Germany] [1]
    Dittmar, Elly [Kaltennordheim, Germany] [1]
    Dittrich, Luise (AKA Mann, Luise) [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Pohl, Elfriede
(A) Dittrich, Wolfgang [Wiesbaden, Germany] [1]
(A) Divry, Mme Cecile (AKA Boisselier, Mlle Cecile) [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Divry, Jean-Francois [Paris, France] [1]
    Dix, Rudolf [Hennersdorf, Germany] [1]
(A) Dobezel, Jan [Germany] [1]
    Dobrin, Lotte [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Dobrin, Moritz
    Dobrovici, A [Romania] [1]
    Dobrovolsky, Frl. Olga (AKA Gerassimoff, Frau Olga) [Berlin, Germany] [2]
    Dobry, Irene (AKA Braslavsky, Irene) [Paris, France] [6]
    Dobrzynska, Frau Helene [Warsaw, Poland] [1]
    Dobrzynski, Marceli [Warsaw, Poland] [1]
    Dochez, Alphonse [Garches, France] [1]
    Dochez, Mme Marie Ernestine [Garches, France] [1]
    Döderlein, Ludwig [Munich, Germany] [2]
                Back, Frau Gertrud (AKA Döderlein, Frl. Gertrud)
                Back, Richard
                Döderlein, Frau Auguste (AKA Schoen, Frl. Auguste)
                Döderlein, Hans Alexander
                Döderlein, Frau Ilse
                Döderlein, Wilhelm
                Döderlein, Wolfgang
    Doehler, Frl. Lina [Grünstädtel, Germany] [1]
    Doering, Baaken [1]
    Doering, Maria [Aumuehle, Germany] [1]
    Doktor, Oskar [Austria] [2]
    Dolera, Antonio [France] [1]
    Doll, Mrs. Elisabeth [Konstanz, Germany] [4]
    Döll, Theodor [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [2]
                Döll, Frau Maria (AKA Schreiber, Frl. Maria)
                Schützger, Heinrich
    Doller, Moritz [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Dollfus, Jean Jacques [Paris, France] [2]
    Dollfus, Louis [Paris, France] [2]
    Dollfus, Mlle Marie Madeleine (AKA Lepine, Mme Marie Madeleine) [Paris, France] [3]
    Dollinger, Mlle Marie Louise (AKA Ruas, Mme Marie Louise) [Montelimar, France] [1]
                Ruas, Roger
    Dombrowsky, Frl. Anna (AKA von Podewils, Frau Anna) [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Dombrowsky, Max [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Dombrowsky, Frau [Berlin, Germany] [1]
(A) Domergue, Mme Joséphine [Montbazin, France] [1]
    Domke, Martin [Paris, France] [2]
                Domke, Mme Lucie
                Loebinger, Frau Gertrud (AKA Juliasberger, Frl. Gertrud)
                Loebinger, Max
    Domuhtzieff, Jean C. [Sofia, Bulgaria] [2]
    Domuhtzieff, Mme Olga J. [Sofia, Bulgaria] [2]
    Donath, Elisabeth (AKA Grosz, Elisabeth) [Romania] [1]
    Donath, Frau Frieda [Stettin, Germany] [1]
                Donath, Richard
    Donath, Ludwig [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Donath, Berta
    Donath, Paul [Slovenia] [1]
    Donath, Samuel [Czech Republic] [1]
(A) Donath, Tibor [1]
    Donati, Carouge [1]
    Dondoe, Georges [Romania] [1]
(A) Donnadieu, Antoine [Geneva, Switzerland] [1]
(A) Donnadieu, Jeanne (AKA Tiran, Jeanne) [Geneva, Switzerland] [1]
    Donnebaum, Isidor [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Dänemark, Mrs. Helene
                Spitzer, Frau Ida
    Donner, Günther [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Donner, Maria (AKA Peters, Maria)
    Donner, Isaak [Austria] [1]
    Donze, Charles [Marseille, France] [2]
    Doregger, Bernhard [Austria] [1]
    Dorier-Chillier, Mme Adele E [1]
    Döring, Alfred [Chemnitz, Germany] [1]
                Döring, Margarete (AKA Fiedler, Margarete)
    Döring, Elisabeth [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Döring, Frieda
                Döring, Victor
    Döring, Frieda [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Döring, Victor [Berlin, Germany] [2]
                Döring, Frieda
    Dormeuil, Jules [Paris, France] [1]
    Dormeuil, Mlle Marthe [Paris, France] [1]
    Dorn, Heinrich [Konstanz, Germany] [1]
    Dorner, Max [Ludwigshafen, Germany] [1]
(A) Dorner [Paris, France] [1]
    Dörrenhaus-Wirths, Frl. Elli [Germany] [1]
(A) Dorsee, Mlle Lucienne (AKA Hosten, Mme Lucienne) [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
    Dos Reis, Claire (AKA Reis, Claire) [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Dosho, Hisashi [Sofia, Bulgaria] [1]
    Dostal, Frau Steffy [Vienna, Austria] [1]
(A) Doubiagsky, Nicolas [Sofia, Bulgaria] [1]
(A) Doucede, Edmond [Toulon, France] [1]
(A) Doucede, Jean [Toulon, France] [1]
(A) Doucede, Mme Jeanne (AKA Morenas, Mlle Jeanne) [Toulon, France] [1]
(A) Doucede, Mlle Suzanne [Toulon, France] [1]
    Doucet, Léon Marie Paul [Paris, France] [1]
    Doucet, Mme Marie Joseph (AKA Renaud, Mlle Marie Joseph) [Paris, France] [1]
    Doumanoff, Pierre [1]
(A) Doumenq, Mlle Marie (AKA Porchet, Mme Marie) [Marseille, France] [3]
    Douris, Mlle Helene (AKA Thiers, Mme Pierre) [Thiers, France] [1]
                Thiers, Louis
    Doussain, Charles Louis Marie [France] [1]
    Doussoulin, Mme Rose (AKA Charmot, Mme Rose) [Bandol Sur Mer, France] [1]
    Doutreligne, Carl [Lausanne, Switzerland] [1]
(A) Douvier, Frau Cecile [Selestat, France] [1]
(A) Drach, Charles [Morteau, France] [1]
    Draeger, Gustav [1]
    Dragan, Dragutin [Yugoslavia] [1]
    Dragomireanu, Constantin [1]
    Draus, J [1]
    Drechsler, Josef [Czech Republic] [1]
    Drechsler, Karl [Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Dreher, Berthe [France] [1]
    Dreher, Elisabeth [Müllheim, Germany] [1]
                Strohmeier, Albert
    Dreifus, Hermann [Germany] [2]
    Dreifuss, Alfred [Berlin, Germany] [2]
    Dreifuss, Blanka [Gailingen, Germany] [1]
                Dreifuss, Gustav
    Dreifuss, Frl. Elsa (AKA Greilsheimer, Frau Elsa) [Friesenheim, Germany] [1]
                Greilsheimer, Joseph
    Dreifuss, Ernst [Baden-Baden, Germany] [1]
                Dreifuss, Leopold
    Dreifuss, Gustav [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Dreifuss, Josef [Germany] [1]
    Dreifuss, Kurt [France] [1]
    Dreifuss, Kurt [Pirmasens, Germany] [1]
    Dreifuss, Lina [Colmar, France] [1]
    Dreifuss, Markus [Pirmasens, Germany] [1]
    Dreifuss, Theodor [Wohlen, Switzerland] [1]
                Strauss, Mrs. Alice
                Strauss, Maurice
    Dresch, Henri [Paris, France] [1]
    Dresch, Mme [Paris, France] [1]
    Drescher, Karl [Germany] [2]
    Dreschfeld, Minna [Germany] [2]
(A) Dresner, R. [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [1]
    Dressel, Alfred [Germany] [1]
    Dressel, Alfred [Germany] [1]
    Dressel, Helene (AKA Rudnicki, Frau Helene) [Erfurt, Germany] [1]
                Rudnicki, Max
    Dressler, Alfred [Dresden, Germany] [2]
                Dressler, Eugen
                Dressler, Marie
(A) Drexler, Anna (AKA Drexler-Hampel, Anna AKA Hampel, Anna) [Austria] [1]
    Drexler, Ludwig [Munich, Germany] [1]
                Drexler, Marie
(A) Drexler-Hampel, Anna (AKA Drexler, Anna AKA Hampel, Anna) [Austria] [1]
    Dreyer, Antoine [Mulhouse, France] [1]
    Dreyer, Hans Hugo [Gailingen, Germany] [1]
    Dreyer, Hans Hugo [Gailingen, Germany] [1]
    Dreyer, Hugo Hans [Gailingen, Germany] [1]
    Dreyfus, Alfred [France] [1]
    Dreyfus, André B. [Paris, France] [1]
    Dreyfus, Mme Anna [Paris, France] [2]
                Weil, Mme Jenny (AKA Dreyfus, Jenny)
                Weil, Simon
    Dreyfus, Armand [Mulhouse, France] [2]
    Dreyfus, Mlle Berthe (AKA Spira, Mme Berthe) [Mulhouse, France] [2]
                Spira, Maurice
    Dreyfus, Mme Berthe (AKA Levy, Mlle Berthe) [Mulhouse, France] [4]
    Dreyfus, Mme Betty [Solln, Germany] [1]
    Dreyfus, Camille [Mulhouse, France] [1]
    Dreyfus, Charles [Besancon, France] [1]
    Dreyfus, Charles [Mulhouse, France] [2]
    Dreyfus, Mme Edwine (AKA Aboucaya, Mme Edwine) [Paris, France] [5]
    Dreyfus, Mme Emilienne (AKA Kronenberg, Emilienne) [Mulhouse, France] [1]
    Dreyfus, Mme Gabrielle (AKA Berr, Mlle Gabrielle) [Paris, France] [7]
    Dreyfus, Georges [Arras, France] [3]
    Dreyfus, Georges [Mulhouse, France] [2]
                Dreyfus, Mme Emilienne (AKA Kronenberg, Emilienne)
    Dreyfus, Juliette Berthe (AKA Levy, Mme Juliette Berthe) [Paris, France] [2]
                Levy, Mme Valentine (AKA Boris, Mlle Valentine)
    Dreyfus, Lucien [Mulhouse, France] [1]
    Dreyfus, Mlle Mathilde (AKA Coblentz, Mme Mathilde AKA Hauser, Mme Mathilde) [Enghien-Les-Bains, France] [2]
    Dreyfus, Paul Simon [Paris, France] [7]
    Dreyfus, Sophie (AKA Lay, Sophie) [Germany] [1]
    Dreyfus-Bloch, Succession [Mulhouse, France] [1]
    Dreyfus-Rose, Mme Germaine [Paris, France] [1]
                Dreyfus-Rose, Maurice Roger
(A) Dreyfus-Rose, Paul [Paris, France] [3]
                Dreyfus-Rose, Mme Germaine
                Dreyfus-Rose, Maurice Roger
    Dreyfus-Winter, Paul [Paris, France] [1]
                Weil, Helene
                Weil, Siegmund
    Dreyfuss, Mrs. Berthold [Germany] [2]
    Dreyfuss, Berthold [Germany] [2]
    Dreyfuss, Emile [Strasbourg, France] [2]
    Dreyfuss, Lotte [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
                Dreyfuss, Ernst
    Dreyfuss, Frau Louis [Freiburg, Germany] [1]
                Joel, Frau Grethe (AKA Dreyfuss, Frl. Grethe)
                Marx, Frau Getrud (AKA Dreyfuss, Getrud)
                Weil, Otto
    Dreyfuss, Marcel [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Dreyfuss, Marcel [Strasbourg, France] [3]
                Dreyfuss, Emile
                Dreyfuss, Frau Selma (AKA Feist, Frl. Selma)
    Dreyfuss, Robert [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
                Dreyfuss, Lizzie (AKA Morris, Lizzie)
    Dreyfuss, Frau Selma (AKA Feist, Frl. Selma) [Strasbourg, France] [2]
    Dreyfuss, Walter [Germany] [1]
    Drezscharff, Miss E [Germany] [1]
    Driessen, Walter [Salzburg, Austria] [1]
(A) Drobil, Thomas A. [Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Droller, Gustav [Germany] [3]
    Drouet, Roger Marie Louis Charles [Nancy, France] [2]
    Drouhot, Bernard [Autun, France] [1]
(A) Drouin, Maurice [Paris, France] [2]
(A) Drouin, Victor [Paris, France] [2]
(A) Droulers, Charles Henri Amédée Jospeh [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Droulers, Marc Antoine Charles [Milan, Italy] [1]
(A) Droulers, Mme Marie-Madeleine (AKA Thureau-Dangin, Mlle Marie-Madeleine) [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Drouth, Douda [Paris, France] [1]
    Droz, Fernande [Gaillard, France] [1]
    Drucka-Lubecka, Frau Ottilie [Dlon, Poland] [3]
                Pawlik, Curt
    Drucker, Alfred [United Kingdom] [1]
    Drucker, Anna [Cologne, Germany] [6]
    Drucker, Paul [Germany] [2]
    Drueke, K Th [Belgium] [1]
    Drumm, Mme Fanny (AKA Hornstein, Mlle Fanny) [Remiremont, France] [2]
    Drumm Jun., Frédéric [Remiremont, France] [2]
    Drumm Sen., Frédéric [Remiremont, France] [2]
    du Casse, Marcel E. [Wiesbaden, Germany] [1]
    du Clat, Mlle Jeanne [Paris, France] [1]
                du Clat, Charles Marie Martial
    du Clat, Mlle Monique [Paris, France] [1]
                du Clat, Charles Marie Martial
    du Mersan, Mme Germaine [1]
(A) du Mouceau, Mme Anne Marie (AKA Valette, Anne Marie) [Allier, France] [1]
(A) du Petit Bois, Mlle Odette (AKA de Pontaumont, Mme Odette) [Rennes, France] [1]
    du Plessis, Mme (AKA de Foreeville, Mlle) [Paris, France] [2]
    du Vivier de Fay, Mme Isabelle (AKA Oberkampf, Isabelle) [Bordeaux, France] [2]
(A) Dualc, Marguerite (AKA Mousset, Marguerite) [Lyon, France] [1]
    Dub, Mrs. Regine [Austria] [2]
    Dubertret, Jean [Douai, France] [1]
    Dubois, Albert [Paris, France] [1]
    Dubois, Mme Alice Marie Anna (AKA Denenfaille, Mme Alice Marie Anna) [Paris, France] [1]
    Dubois, Mme Andrée Blanche Marie Julie (AKA Dubosc, Mme Andrée Blanche Marie Julie AKA Dubosc, Mme Jaques) [Paris, France] [1]
    Dubois, Maurice [Aghione, France] [1]
(A) Dubois - Holzer, Arnold (AKA Holzer, Arnold) [1]
    Dubosc, Mme Andrée Blanche Marie Julie (AKA Dubois, Mme Andrée Blanche Marie Julie AKA Dubosc, Mme Jaques) [Paris, France] [1]
    Dubosc, Mme Jaques (AKA Dubois, Mme Andrée Blanche Marie Julie AKA Dubosc, Mme Andrée Blanche Marie Julie) [Paris, France] [1]
    Dubosson, Mme Cécile [France] [1]
(A) Duboule, Armand [3]
                Pinatel, Isabelle (AKA Girard, Isabelle)
    Duboulox, Adolphe [1]
    Duboulox, Mme Marie [1]
(A) Dubreuil, Claire Louise Mathilde (AKA Bardou, Claire Louise Mathilde) [Grenoble, France] [1]
    Dubreuil, Hyacinthe [1]
    Dubs, Emanuel [1]
    Dubs, Frau Ida [Freiburg, Germany] [1]
    Dubsky, Wilhelm [Hungary] [1]
(A) Duc, André [Lyon, France] [1]
(A) Duc, Mme Claudia [Athens, Greece] [1]
    Ducasse, Edouard [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
    Ducbail [Paris, France] [1]
    Duchamp, Catherine (AKA Chaffauge-Duchamp, Catherine) [France] [1]
(A) Duchauffour, Bernard [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
                Duchauffour-Royer, Marie Lucie
    Duchein, Mlle Andrea (AKA Kauffmann, Mme Andrea) [Paris, France] [2]
    Ducherpozat, Mlle Gabrielle (AKA Piastri, Mme Gabrielle) [Lyon, France] [1]
    Duchrow-Klahn, Frau Christine [1]
    Duck, Robert [1]
    Duclos, Alfred [Bourget Du Lac, France] [2]
    Ducouran, Mme Marthe (AKA Petit, Mme Marthe) [Paris, France] [1]
    Ducroz, Adele Mlle [France] [1]
    Ducroz, Jean Marie [Lullin, France] [1]
    Ducroz, Mme Marie (AKA Vuarnet, Mme Marie) [Draillant, France] [1]
    Duelberg, Frau Charlotte (AKA Hahn, Frl. Charlotte) [Berlin, Germany] [2]
    Dufour, Mme Emma Eugénie Selma [1]
                Linder, E
    Dufour, Jean [Francin, France] [1]
    Dufour, Mme Marie (AKA Melzi D'Eyl, Mlle Marie) [Francin, France] [1]
    Dufour, Paul Louis Emile [Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France] [1]
                Linder, E
    Dufour, Therese Marie Madeleine Genevieve (AKA Verge, Mme Therese Marie Madeleine Genevieve) [Paris, France] [2]
    Dufourg, Mlle Blanche Jeanne [Paris, France] [1]
    Dufourg, Mlle Louise Armandine [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Dufraisse, Henri [Thiers, France] [1]
(A) Dufraisse, Mlle Marie (AKA Guionin, Mme Marie) [Thiers, France] [2]
(A) Dufraisse, Roger [Thiers, France] [2]
    Dufrénoy, Georges [France] [2]
    Dufrénoy, Odette (AKA Fort, Odette) [France] [2]
    Dufrénoy-Esselin, Thérèse [Paris, France] [2]
(A) Duguet, Paul André [Melun, France] [3]
(A) Duhamel, Joseph [Colmar, France] [1]
                Duhamel, Eugene
    Duk, Elisabeth [Vienna, Austria] [1]
(A) Dulac, Philippe [Lyon, France] [1]
    Dulait, Mme Céline [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
    Dulberg, Oskar [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
    Dulberg, Frau Rosa [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
    Düll, Anna [Germany] [1]
(A) Duluc, Mlle Germaine (AKA Tallois, Mme Germaine) [Paris, France] [1]
    Duluc, Mme Marg [1]
    Duluc, Maurice [1]
(A) Dumas, Auguste [Thonon, France] [1]
    Dumas, Charlotte [Saint-Etienne, France] [1]
    Dumas, Louis [Saint-Etienne, France] [1]
(A) Dumas, Mme Paulette (AKA Heres, Mlle Paulette) [Thonon, France] [1]
(A) Dumas - Favre, Henri (AKA Favre, Henri) [1]
    Dumetier, Mlle Isabelle (AKA Marichal, Mme Isabelle) [Paris, France] [2]
    Dummerling, Rudolf [Oppenheim, Germany] [1]
                Bauer, Frau B.
                Sauer-Hoch, Hermann
    Dumont, Chs [1]
(A) Dumont, Henri [1]
    Dumont, Louis [Saint-Etienne, France] [2]
    Dumont, Marius [1]
(A) Dumont, Marthe Louise [1]
    Dumonteil [Bologna, France] [1]
    Dumortier, Mme Germaine (AKA Buquet, Mlle Germaine) [France] [3]
    Dumortier, Pierre [Rouen, France] [3]
    Dumrath, Luise (AKA von Clemm, Luise) [Freiburg, Germany] [1]
                Fässler, Karl
                Giulini, Edgar
(A) Dunand, Georges [2]
    Dunand, Joseph [1]
    Dunand, Leon [1]
    Dunant, Harriet Lawrence [1]
    Dunbaugh, Mlle Joyce [1]
    Duncan, Misu [Romania] [1]
    Dungyerski, Lazar [Hungary] [1]
    Dunin-Borkowski, Henri [Warsaw, Poland] [1]
    Duninowska, Frau Wanda Ike [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Duntler, Elenore [Gross-Pertholz, Austria] [1]
    Duperray, Henri [1]
(A) Duperret, Jean [1]
(A) Dupertuis, Antoine [1]
(A) Dupertuis, Antoinette [1]
    Duphorn, Arno [Berlin, Germany] [1]
(A) Duplat, Henri [Paris, France] [1]
                Duplat, Mme Henri (AKA Pillard, Mlle Marie)
(A) Duplat, Jean [Paris, France] [1]
                Duplat, Mme Henri (AKA Pillard, Mlle Marie)
    Dupond, Mme Claire (AKA Meyer, Mlle Claire) [Mulhouse, France] [1]
(A) Dupont, Joseph [2]
(A) Dupont, Louis [1]
    Dupont, Marc [Marseille, France] [1]
(A) Dupont-Bernadet, Mme Nena [1]
    Dupont-Henriquet, M H [France] [1]
    Duport, Mme Emma (AKA Martin, Mme Emma) [France] [1]
    Duport, Henri Léon [France] [1]
(A) Duport, Mme Huguette [France] [1]
    Duportuis, Germaine [1]
    Dupperray, Juliette [1]
    Dupré, Albert G [France] [1]
    Dupré, Mme Jean [France] [1]
    Dupré, Jeanne E (AKA Corpelet, Jeanne E) [France] [1]
    Dupuis, Jules [France] [1]
    Dür, Arno [Bregenz, Austria] [1]
    Duraffourg, Mme Marguerite [Mijoux, France] [1]
    Duran, Veronique [1]
(A) Duran Mollinedo, Victor [Rome, Italy] [1]
(A) Durand, Albert [Marignier, France] [2]
                Durand, Mme Hélene
                Durand, Mlle Suzanne
(A) Durand, Arthur [Limoges, France] [1]
    Durand, Arthur [Limoges, France] [1]
    Durand, Mlle Berthe [Paris, France] [2]
    Durand, François [1]
(A) Durand, Gaston [Limoges, France] [1]
    Durand, Jean Jacques [1]
(A) Durand, Joseph [Limoges, France] [1]
    Durand, Joseph [Limoges, France] [1]
    Durand, Josephine [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
    Durand, Marie Louise (AKA Roche, Marie Louise) [Limoges, France] [1]
    Durand, Pierre [Paris, France] [1]
    Durand, Roger [France] [1]
    Durand-Gasselin, Georges Marcel [Riedisheim, France] [2]
(A) Durandy, Félix [Saint Cloud, France] [1]
                Durandy-Daelman, Mme Gabrielle
(A) Durandy, Mme Germaine [Saint Cloud, France] [1]
                Durandy-Daelman, Mme Gabrielle
    Durin, Mme Claudine [Saint Marthe, France] [1]
    Durouvenoz, Paul [1]
    Dürr, Mlle Anna (AKA Schlanger, Mme Anna) [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Durra, Ernst [1]
    Durra-Bernhardt, Ida [Germany] [1]
    Durrenmatt, J.A.W. [1]
    Durrer, Anton [1]
    Durrer, Mlle Berthe [1]
    Durrer, Mme Josephine [1]
    Durst, Frieda [Austria] [3]
    Durst-Wild, Jeanette (AKA Müller, Mme Jeanette) [Paris, France] [1]
                Muller, Adolphe
    Duschinsky, Adolf [Austria] [3]
    Dusonchet, Mme Célestine [1]
    Dussag, René (AKA Dussaq, René) [1]
    Dussaq, René (AKA Dussag, René) [1]
(A) Dussarrat, Lucien [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Dusserre, Nancy Louise Henriette (AKA Bilger, Nancy Louise Henriette) [Aix En Provence, France] [1]
(A) Dussollier, Mme Joseph (AKA Gonnet, Mlle) [Bourg, France] [1]
(A) Dussollier, Joseph [Bourg, France] [1]
    Dutoict, Mlle Adrienne (AKA van den Corput, Mme Adrienne) [Luxembourg, Luxembourg] [1]
    Dutoit, Andre Jean [1]
    Dutruit, Mme Dina [1]
    Duval, Mme Edwige (AKA Bussod, Mlle Edwige) [Saint Julien En Genevois, France] [1]
    Duval, Joseph [Saint Julien En Genevois, France] [1]
    Duvanel, Ch Georges [1]
    Düvel, Frau Herta (AKA Herrmann, Frl. Herta) [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Düvel, Wilhelm [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Duvigeant, Louise [1]
(A) Duvivier, Madeleine (AKA Cultru, Mme René) [Paris, France] [1]
(A) Duvivier, Mlle Suzanne (AKA Faucheux, Mme Suzanne) [Paris, France] [1]
    Dwelaitzky, Z. [1]
(A) Dworetzki, Mlle Gertrude [1]
    Dworman, Abraham [Lwow, Poland] [1]
                Dworman, Samuel
    Dworman, Samuel [Warsaw, Poland] [1]
                Dworman, Abraham
    Dwormann, R [1]
    Dyck, Hedwig [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
    Dymont, Gdal [Paris, France] [2]
    Dzialoschinsky, Erwin [Berlin, Germany] [2]
                Leser, Eduard
    Dzialoschinsky, Frau Lotte [Berlin, Germany] [2]
                Leser, Eduard

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