CRT-II Claims Resolution Tribunal for Dormant Accounts in Switzerland
Deposited Assets Claims

Attention: Please note that all deadlines to file claims related to the names and/or accounts appearing on these lists with the CRT have passed. At this point, these previously published lists of names of Account Owners and names of Power of Attorney Holders appear on this website for informational purposes only.

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2001 List of Swiss Bank Accounts from the ICEP Investigation

Section 1: Account Owners - People


    Wach, A. [Ville France, France] [1]
    Wachenheimer, Eugen [Germany] [1]
    Wachenheimer, Julius [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Wachowiak, Stanislaw [Poland] [1]
    Wachtag von Kechilava, Wladimir [1]
    Wachtel, Emma [Austria] [1]
    Wachtel, Hermann [Sélestat, France] [2]
    Wachter, Anna [Germany] [3]
(A) Wade, Mlle Edith [Paris, France] [1]
    Waengler, Frau Edith [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Waffenschmidt-Gerster, Frau Mathilde [Germany] [1]
    Wagenaar Hummelinck-Lehmann, Frau M. L. [Wassenaar, Netherlands] [1]
    Wagenmann, Isidore [Paris, France] [2]
    Wagenmann, Frau Mélanie (AKA Laloné, Mélanie) [Paris, France] [1]
    Wagenmannn, Charles [France] [1]
(A) Wagner, Adolf [Friedrichswald, Czech Republic] [1]
    Wagner, Adolf [Germany] [2]
(A) Wagner, Alessandro [Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Alfred [Germany] [3]
    Wagner, Frau Anna [Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Anna [Germany] [4]
    Wagner, Auguste [Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Bernhard [Dresden, Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Bruno [Dresden, Germany] [2]
    Wagner, Carl Gustav [Meerane, Germany] [3]
                Wagner, Hans
    Wagner, Christ Ludwig [Calw, Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Frau Dora (AKA Brütting, Dora) [Wiesbaden, Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Elfriede [Germany] [4]
    Wagner, Frau Elise (AKA Schweickert, Frl. Elise) [Ernstmühl, Germany] [1]
                Wagner, Ludwig
    Wagner, Elly [Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Elly [Germany] [2]
    Wagner, Frau Elsa [Brannenburg, Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Emil [Konstanz, Germany] [1]
(A) Wagner, Eugen [Geneva, Switzerland] [1]
    Wagner, Mme Eugenie [Brussels, Belgium] [2]
    Wagner, Francois-Joseph [Opfenbach-Lindau, Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Frieda (AKA Litschgi, Frieda) [Freiburg, Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Frau Frieda [Wyhl, Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Frl. Frieda Emma (AKA Jahr, Frau Frieda Emma) [Leipzig, Germany] [1]
                Wagner Jr, Ludwig
    Wagner, Friedrich [Austria] [2]
    Wagner, Friedrich [1]
    Wagner, Fritz [Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Fritz [Wiesbaden, Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Fritz [1]
                Imhof, Karl
    Wagner, Georg [Oppeln, Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Gertrude [Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Hans [Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Mrs. Hedwig [Freiburg, Germany] [2]
    Wagner, Heinrich [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Wagner, Rosa
                Zakostelski, Betti
                Zakostelski, Max
    Wagner, Frau Helene [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Frl. Henriette (AKA Hoeniger, Frau Henriette) [Berlin, Germany] [1]
(A) Wagner, Hermann [Athen, Greece] [1]
    Wagner, Hilde [Germany] [2]
(A) Wagner, Horst [1]
    Wagner, Frau Ilse [Zittau, Germany] [2]
    Wagner, Frau Ilse [Zittau, Germany] [1]
(A) Wagner, J [1]
    Wagner, Joehannes [Austria] [1]
    Wagner, Johannes [Leipzig, Germany] [2]
                Jahr, Frau Frieda Emma (AKA Wagner, Frl. Frieda Emma)
                Reim, Friede
                Wagner, Frau Adelheid
    Wagner, Josef [Linz, Austria] [1]
                Wagner, Maria
    Wagner, Julie [Austria] [2]
    Wagner, Karl [Emmendingen, Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Karl [Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Kurt [Nossen, Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Leopold [Austria] [1]
    Wagner, Frau Leopoldine (AKA Gorbe, Frl. Leopoldine) [Dresden, Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Mrs. Lina [Freiburg I/Br., Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Frau Lina [Geltendorf, Germany] [1]
    Wagner, M. [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Wagner, Frau Maria [Leipzig, Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Frau Maria [Leipzig, Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Frau Maria [Oberstaufen, Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Maria [Oberstaufen, Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Marianne [Germany] [2]
(A) Wagner, Frau Martha [Friedrichswald, Czech Republic] [1]
    Wagner, Max [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Max [Donaueschingen, Germany] [1]
(A) Wagner, Max [Geneva, Switzerland] [1]
    Wagner, Otto [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Wagner, Richard [Rothenburg, Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Robert [Chemnitz, Germany] [1]
                Wagner, Frau Lina (AKA Berger, Frl. Lina)
    Wagner, Robert [Linden Bei Wolfenbüttel, Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Rosa (AKA Klaus, Rosa) [United States of America] [1]
    Wagner, Sigmund [France] [1]
    Wagner, Sigmund [Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Susanne [Freiburg, Germany] [2]
    Wagner, Viktor [Freiburg, Germany] [1]
    Wagner, Wilhelm [Brünn, Germany] [1]
    Wagner-Blau, Frieda [Neusalz, Germany] [1]
    Wagner-Lorenz, Frau Johanna [Germany] [1]
(A) Wagner-Stierli, A (AKA Stierli, A) [1]
    Wagowski, Frl. Selma (AKA Weiler, Frau Selma) [Saarbrucken, Germany] [3]
                Weiler, Benny
    Wagschal, Emil [Austria] [1]
                Schärf, Martin
    Wahl, Adele [France] [1]
    Wahl, Adele [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Wahl, Frau Anna [Germany] [1]
    Wahl, Mme Berthe [1]
    Wahl, Frau Elsa [Livorno, Italy] [1]
(A) Wahl, Emmanuel Georges [Paris, France] [1]
                Wahl, Edouard
                Wahl, Pierre
    Wahl, Mme Hélène (AKA Israel, Mme Hélène) [Lyon, France] [2]
    Wahl, Frl. Margarete (AKA Spitz, Frau Margarete) [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Wahl, Paul [Mulhouse, France] [1]
    Wahl, René [Lyon, France] [2]
    Wahl, Wilhelm [France] [1]
    Wahl, Wilhelm [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Wahle, Hedwig [Austria] [4]
    Wahle, Karl [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Wahle, Frau Martha (AKA Cyra, Frl. Martha) [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Waibel, A. [Kehl, Germany] [3]
    Wajle, Mlle Irene (AKA Landau, Mme Irene) [Lodz, Poland] [1]
    Walch, Camille [Paris, France] [5]
    Walch, Mme Louise Marie (AKA Ehrmann) [Paris, France] [5]
    Wald, Johanna [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Wald, Adolf
    Wald, Mme Sida [Krakow, Poland] [3]
                Immerglück, Adolf
    Walder, Jakob [1]
(A) Walder, Max [1]
    Waldhausen, Max [Berlin, Germany] [1]
(A) Waldmann, Anna [Thalhofen, Germany] [1]
    Waldmann, Frau Clara [Geltendorf, Germany] [1]
    Waldmann, Dezsö [Hungary] [1]
    Waldmann, Emil [Vienna, Austria] [2]
    Waldmann, Erich [Arad, Romania] [1]
    Waldmann, Erwin [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [1]
    Waldmann, Paul [Romania] [1]
    Waldmeier, Eugen [1]
    Waldschmidt, Max (AKA Schmidt, Max) [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
    Waldschmidt, Rudolf (AKA Schmidt, Rudolf) [Augsburg, Germany] [1]
    Waldstein, Ernst [Karlove Vary, Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Waldstein, Felix [Altona, Germany] [1]
                Waldstein, Frau Gertrud (AKA Rosenfeld, Frl. Gertrud)
    Waldstein, Frau Gertrud (AKA Rosenfeld, Frl. Gertrud) [Altona, Germany] [1]
    Waldvogel-Ganz, Nelly [1]
(A) Walker, Johanna [Wuppertal, Germany] [1]
    Wallach, Albert [Germany] [2]
    Wallach, Alfred [France] [2]
    Wallach, Frau Alice [Essen, Germany] [1]
                Meyer, Erich
                Meyer, Margaret
    Wallach, Emil [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Wallach, Mme Henriette [Mulhouse, France] [3]
                Wallach, Léo
    Wallach, Léo [Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France] [2]
(A) Wallbrecher, Peter [Cronenberg, Germany] [1]
    Waller, Alice [Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France] [1]
    Waller, Bernhard [Germany] [6]
    Waller, Jacques [Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France] [1]
(A) Waller, Josef [1]
    Waller, Raymond [Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France] [1]
    Waller, Frau Rosa [Konstanz, Germany] [1]
    Wallerstein, Ernst [Munich, Germany] [1]
    Wallerstein, Josef [Strasbourg, France] [2]
                Spira-Meyer, Maurice
(A) Wallner, Josephine (AKA Pillet, Mme Josephine) [Cannes, France] [1]
                Pillet, Jean
    Walse, Walter [1]
(A) Walser, Elsa (AKA Tanner, Elsa) [1]
    Walter, Adolf [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Walter, Frau Marie
    Walter, Mme Alma [Shanghai, China] [2]
    Walter, Frl. Anna [1]
    Walter, Frau Erna [Mittweida, Germany] [1]
    Walter, Friedrich [Germany] [1]
    Walter, Fritz [1]
    Walter, Henri Emile [Colmar, France] [1]
    Walter, Hertha [Germany] [2]
(A) Walter, Hugo [1]
    Walter, Frau Ingeborg Marg. [Ludwigshafen, Germany] [1]
(A) Walter, Joseph [Maekolsheim] [1]
    Walter, Joseph [1]
(A) Walter, Maria [1]
    Walter, Mathias [Colmar, France] [2]
(A) Walter, Olga (AKA Wüthrich, Olga) [1]
    Walter, Otto [Prague, Czechoslovakia] [2]
(A) Walter, Paul [Switzerland] [1]
    Walter, Philipp [Shanghai, China] [2]
    Walter, Richard [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
(A) Walter, Rolf [Solothurn, Switzerland] [1]
    Walter, Frl. Ruth [Munich, Germany] [2]
    Walter, Frl. Ruth [München, Germany] [1]
    Walter, Frl. Ruth [München, Germany] [1]
(A) Walter, Ruth [1]
    Walter, Wilhelm [Hertern I. W., Germany] [1]
    Walter-Adam, Frau Maria [Baden, Germany] [1]
    Walther, Anna [Zwickau, Germany] [1]
                Walther, Paul
    Walther, Christian J. [1]
    Walther, Kurt [Germany] [2]
    Walther, Kurt [Germany] [1]
    Walther, Louise [Chemnitz, Germany] [1]
                Waltner, Paul Emil
                Werner, Richard
    Walther, Philipp [Freiburg, Germany] [1]
                Walther, Hildegard (AKA Schwarz, Hildegard)
    Waltzer, Albert [Pfastatt, France] [1]
    Walz, Frau Maria [Germany] [1]
    Wand, Max [Berlin, Germany] [2]
    Wanderer, Fritz [Timisoara, Romania] [1]
    Wang, Max [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Wang, Mlle Tsang Pao [1]
    Wanger, B. [Riedisheim, France] [1]
    Wanick, Franz [Austria] [1]
(A) Wannenvetsch, Marie [Steinheim, Germany] [1]
    Wantoch, Hans [Austria] [2]
    Wantoch, Rosa [Austria] [2]
    Wapler, Karl [Germany] [4]
    Wappel, Frau Franziska [1]
(A) Wardanian, Andranik [Paris, France] [1]
    Wargenau-Saillens, Mme Marguerite [1]
    Warnecke-Vogt, Anna (AKA Vogt, Anna) [Altenesse B. Essen, Germany] [1]
    Warnery, Jean [Paris, France] [1]
    Warschawski, Georg [Italy] [1]
    Waser, Frl. Anna [Lottstetten, Germany] [1]
    Waser, Frl. Anna [Lottstetten, Germany] [1]
    Waser, Josef [Lottstetten, Germany] [1]
    Waser, Josef [Lottstetten, Germany] [1]
    Waser, Josef [Lottstetten, Germany] [1]
    Wasesca, Rudolf [1]
    Wassermann, A E [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Wassermann, A E [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Wassermann, A E [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Wassermann, A. E. [Bamberg, Germany] [3]
    Wassermann, A.E. [France] [7]
    Wassermann, Albert [Antwerp, Belgium] [4]
                Wassermann, M. J.
    Wassermann, Alice [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Wassermann, Arthur [France] [3]
    Wassermann, Mme Chesse (AKA Hirschfeld, Mlle Chesse) [Antwerp, Belgium] [4]
                Wassermann, M. J.
    Wassermann, Felix [Munich, Germany] [1]
    Wassermann, Felix [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
    Wassermann, Friedrich [Italy] [3]
    Wassermann, Georg [Brussels, Belgium] [3]
    Wasserthal, Vladimir [Zagreb, Croatia (Hrvatska)] [1]
    Wasserthal, Zdenko [Zagreb, Croatia (Hrvatska)] [1]
    Wassiljow, Eugen [1]
(A) Watel, Bernard [Paris, France] [5]
                Watel, Maurice
    Watraszewski, Stanislaw [Warsaw, Poland] [1]
    Watrigant, Edmond [Reims, France] [1]
    Watrigant, Mme Laure Louise Therese (AKA Veroudart, Mlle Laure Louise Therese) [Reims, France] [1]
    Weber, Adolf Friedrich [Lörrach, Germany] [1]
    Weber, Alfred [Marseille, France] [1]
(A) Weber, Alfred [1]
(A) Weber, André [1]
    Weber, Arno [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Weber, Arthur [Pforzheim, Germany] [1]
    Weber, Daniel [Lyon, France] [2]
    Weber, Edgar A. [Magdeburg, Germany] [1]
                Weber, Franz
                Weber, Frau Thea
    Weber, Elisabeth [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Weber, Elisabeth [Italy] [3]
    Weber, Elsa [Germany] [4]
                Weber, Paula
    Weber, Else (AKA Müller, Else) [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
                Weber, Phlippe
    Weber, Emilie [Biedenkopf / Lahn, Germany] [1]
    Weber, Frl. Emilie [Paris, France] [1]
                Meyer, Jakob
    Weber, Erwin [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
(A) Weber, Fanny [1]
    Weber, Franz [United States of America] [1]
    Weber, Franz [1]
    Weber, Frau Frieda [1]
    Weber, Fritz [Berlin, Germany] [2]
(A) Weber, G L. [1]
    Weber, Georg [Germany] [1]
(A) Weber, Guido [France] [1]
    Weber, Gustav [Germany] [2]
    Weber, H. [Giessen, Germany] [2]
(A) Weber, Hanna [1]
    Weber, Hans [Berlin, Germany] [1]
(A) Weber, Hans [1]
    Weber, Hans Erwin [Gailingen, Germany] [4]
    Weber, Hermann [Germany] [1]
(A) Weber, Hermann [1]
(A) Weber, Hugo [Düsseldorf, Germany] [1]
    Weber, Hugo [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
    Weber, Irma [Netherlands] [2]
    Weber, Jean [Orchies, France] [1]
    Weber, Jean [Strasbourg, France] [1]
(A) Weber, Jean [1]
    Weber, Jeanne [France] [1]
(A) Weber, Johann [1]
    Weber, Josef [Czech Republic] [1]
(A) Weber, Josefine [1]
(A) Weber, Jules [1]
    Weber, Karl [Germany] [2]
    Weber, Karl [Radolfzell, Germany] [2]
    Weber, Karl August [Oberroblingen, Germany] [1]
                Weber, Hedwig (AKA Weimar, Hedwig)
(A) Weber, Katharina [1]
(A) Weber, Kurt [1]
    Weber, Lina [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Weber, Luise (AKA Heuberger, Luise) [Switzerland] [1]
    Weber, Margarete [Nuernberg, Germany] [1]
    Weber, Mrs. Marguerite Cledat [France] [1]
    Weber, Mrs. Marie [Germany] [2]
    Weber, Markus [Czech Republic] [1]
    Weber, Frl. Mathilde [Bremen, Germany] [1]
    Weber, Mme Mathilde (AKA Constantin, Mme Mathilde) [Nice, France] [1]
    Weber, Max [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
(A) Weber, Max [1]
    Weber, Frau Mina [Wiesbaden, Germany] [1]
    Weber, Otto [Germany] [7]
    Weber, Otto [Milan, Italy] [1]
    Weber, Paul [Germany] [3]
                Weber, Paula
    Weber, Samuel [Germany] [3]
    Weber, Frau Sari [Czech Republic] [1]
    Weber, Selma [Pforzheim, Germany] [1]
    Weber, Theresia [Germany] [7]
(A) Weber, Walter [1]
    Weber-Bonna, Mlle Marguerite (AKA Heber Bonna, Mlle Marguerite) [1]
(A) Weber-Schnitzer, Berta [Hamm, Germany] [1]
    Weber-Schondelmaier, Karl [Friedlingen, Germany] [1]
    Weber-Wild, Frau A, Erben [1]
(A) Webersberger, Johannes [Poland] [1]
    Wechsler, A [Romania] [2]
    Wechsler, Frau Ita [Romania] [2]
    Wechsler, Julius [Würzberg, Germany] [2]
                Wechsler, Frau Ilse (AKA Kaiser, Frl. Ilse)
    Wechsler, Leopold [Auschwitz, Poland] [1]
                Reich, Frau Irma Marie
    Wechsler, Lilly [Austria] [1]
    Wechsler, Marie [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Weckwarth, Else [Poland] [2]
    Wedemeyer-Pope, Mme Cynthia P [1]
    Weden, Moritz [Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Wegelin, Henri [Mulhouse, France] [2]
    Wegener, Dorothea [Germany] [1]
(A) Wegmüller, Franz [Saint-Hilaire, France] [1]
    Wehenkel, Eugen [Germany] [1]
    Wehle, Frl. Grete [Vienna, Austria] [2]
    Wehrle, Frl. Adelheid [1]
    Wehrung-Kauffmann, Mme Louise [Strasbourg, France] [1]
                Decker, Mme Marguerite (AKA Wehrung, Mlle Marguerite)
    Weib, Johanna [Austria] [1]
    Weibel, Georgette (AKA Savin, Mme Georgette) [Paris, France] [2]
    Weibel, Lucien [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Weich, Maximilian [Germany] [3]
    Weichsel, Albrecht [Germany] [1]
                Weichsel, Frau Else (AKA Vogel, Frau Else)
    Weidensee, Paul [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Weidlein-Estermann, Marie [1]
    Weigel, Johann Heinrich [Dresden, Germany] [1]
                Weigel-Spatz, Anna Carolina
    Weigert, Elisabeth [Germany] [2]
    Weigert, Georg [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Weigert, Margarete
    Weigert, Josef [Germany] [1]
    Weigert, Julius [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Brasch, Frau Margarethe
    Weigl, Karl [Austria] [1]
    Weih, Gustav [Konstanz, Germany] [1]
    Weihs, Robert [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Weil, Alfred [Germany] [1]
    Weil, Alfred [Germany] [1]
    Weil, Mlle Alice [Strasbourg, France] [2]
    Weil, Bertha (AKA Brunschwig, Bertha) [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Weil, Carel (AKA Weil, Carl AKA Weil, Karel AKA Weil, Karl) [Czech Republic] [1]
                Hamburger, Hans
                Kronstein, Robert
                Levy, Frau Ida
    Weil, Carl (AKA Weil, Carel AKA Weil, Karel AKA Weil, Karl) [Czech Republic] [1]
                Hamburger, Hans
                Kronstein, Robert
                Levy, Frau Ida
    Weil, Carl [Horb, Germany] [2]
                Hermle, Andreas
    Weil, Daniel S [Gailingen, Germany] [1]
    Weil, Daniel S [Gailingen, Germany] [1]
    Weil, Edgar [Germany] [1]
    Weil, Edmund [Freiburg, Germany] [1]
    Weil, Edouard [Strasbourg, France] [2]
    Weil, Frau Emil [Hechingen, Germany] [1]
    Weil, Eric [France] [1]
    Weil, Frau Félix [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Weil, Félix [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Weil, Fernand [France] [4]
    Weil, Frau Frieda [Donaueschingen, Germany] [2]
    Weil, Fritz [Strasbourg, France] [1]
                Stiefel, Ernst
                Weil, Frau Charlotte (AKA Dannheisser, Frl. Charlotte)
                Weil, Otto
    Weil, G [1]
    Weil, Frau Gertrud [France] [1]
    Weil, Frau Gertrud [Germany] [1]
    Weil, Gertrud [Germany] [2]
    Weil, Hans [Germany] [1]
    Weil, Henri [Austria] [1]
    Weil, Hermann [Germany] [1]
    Weil, Hermann [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
(A) Weil, Hugo [1]
    Weil, Ida [Germany] [1]
    Weil, Isidor [Oxford, United Kingdom] [1]
    Weil, J. [Germany] [2]
    Weil, Mme Jacques Marcel [Paris, France] [1]
    Weil, Jacques Marcel [Paris, France] [2]
    Weil, Josef [Austria] [1]
(A) Weil, Judith [Germany] [1]
    Weil, Karel (AKA Weil, Carel AKA Weil, Carl AKA Weil, Karl) [Czech Republic] [1]
                Hamburger, Hans
                Kronstein, Robert
                Levy, Frau Ida
    Weil, Karl (AKA Weil, Carel AKA Weil, Carl AKA Weil, Karel) [Czech Republic] [1]
                Hamburger, Hans
                Kronstein, Robert
                Levy, Frau Ida
(A) Weil, Frl. Lina [1]
    Weil, Mlle Lucie (AKA Jacob, Mme Lucie) [Mulhouse, France] [3]
    Weil, Lucien [Paris, France] [7]
                Cailler, Pierre
    Weil, Ludwig [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
    Weil, M., Erben [Lörrach, Germany] [1]
    Weil, Frl. Magda (AKA Kleinhändler, Frau Magda) [Arad, Romania] [2]
    Weil, Frau Marguerite [Mulhouse, France] [1]
                Weil, Frl. Hanna
                Weil, Ludwig
    Weil, Maurice [France] [1]
    Weil, Max [Germany] [2]
    Weil, Max [Munich, Germany] [2]
                Weil, Anna
    Weil, Max H [Gailingen, Germany] [1]
    Weil, Max H [Gailingen, Germany] [1]
    Weil, Max J. [1]
    Weil, Nathan [Germany] [1]
    Weil, Nathan [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Weil, Otto [Poland] [1]
    Weil, Paul [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
    Weil, Paul L. [Germany] [2]
    Weil, Frau Paula [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
    Weil, Paula [Germany] [2]
    Weil, Rene [Paris, France] [1]
    Weil, Richard [Germany] [2]
                Abrayand, Ernest
    Weil, Robert [Mulhouse, France] [1]
                Weil, Mme Alice (AKA Baumann, Mlle Alice)
                Weil, Samuel
    Weil, Robertine [Gailingen, Germany] [1]
    Weil, Frau Sally [Germany] [2]
    Weil, Sally [Germany] [1]
    Weil, Salomon [Freiburg, Germany] [1]
                Weil-Bollag, Melanie
    Weil, Samuel [France] [1]
    Weil, Samuel [Strasbourg, France] [4]
                Weil, Marcel
                Weil, Robert Justin
                Weill, Mme Flora (AKA Seligmann, Mlle Flora)
    Weil, Sara [Gailingen, Germany] [1]
    Weil, Siegfried [France] [5]
    Weil, Siegfried [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Weil, Mme Sophie (AKA Nerson, Mlle Sophie) [Paris, France] [7]
                Cailler, Pierre
    Weil Jun, Josef [Gailingen, Germany] [1]
    Weil Jun, S. [Germany] [2]
    Weil-Bernard, Blanche [Paris, France] [1]
    Weile, Frau Regina [Lodz, Poland] [2]
(A) Weilemann, Luigi [Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Weiler, Albert [Germany] [2]
    Weiler, Frau Frieda [Germany] [1]
    Weiler, Mme Jeanne (AKA Heymann, Jeanne) [Strasbourg, France] [2]
                Weiler, Leon
    Weiler, Karl [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Weiler, Karl Gottl. [Bruckmühl, Germany] [1]
    Weiler, Pierre [Paris, France] [1]
    Weiler, Frau Selma (AKA Wagowski, Frl. Selma) [Saarbrucken, Germany] [3]
                Weiler, Benny
    Weilheimer, Martin [Nuremberg, Germany] [1]
                Weilheimer, Frau Ida
    Weill, Alex. [France] [5]
    Weill, Alexander [France] [4]
    Weill, Mlle Anne (AKA Wolff, Mme Anne) [Paris, France] [1]
    Weill, Blanche (AKA Bernheim, Blanche) [Colmar, France] [2]
    Weill, Bruno [Paris, France] [1]
    Weill, Mlle Caroline (AKA Grauer, Mme Caroline) [Paris, France] [1]
                Grauer, René
                Vogel, Willy
    Weill, Charles [Bischwiller, France] [1]
    Weill, Mme Frida (AKA Guggenheim, Mlle Frida) [Colmar, France] [2]
                Weill, Joseph
    Weill, Fritz [Austria] [2]
    Weill, Fritz [Austria] [1]
    Weill, Gaston [Paris, France] [7]
    Weill, Georges [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Weill, Mme Hélene (AKA Kauffmann, Hélene) [Paris, France] [1]
                Weill, Mme Georgette (AKA Bloch, Georgette)
                Weill, Joseph
    Weill, Henri [France] [9]
    Weill, Henri [France] [1]
    Weill, Henriquetta (AKA Bloch, Henriquetta) [Paris, France] [4]
    Weill, Ida [Freiburg I/Br., Germany] [1]
    Weill, Mme Johanna (AKA Bloch, Mlle Johanna) [Bischwiller, France] [1]
(A) Weill, Joseph Marcel [Garches, France] [4]
    Weill, Frl. Julie (AKA Furth, Frau Julie) [Mulhouse, France] [3]
                Furth, Albert
                Furth, Camille
    Weill, Lucie [France] [9]
    Weill, Lucie [France] [1]
    Weill, Marcelle [France] [1]
    Weill, Mlle Marguerite (AKA Morali, Mme Marguerite) [Paris, France] [2]
(A) Weill, Mme Marthe Melanie (AKA Meyer, Mlle Marthe Melanie) [Paris, France] [4]
    Weill, Nelly (AKA Bloch, Nelly) [Paris, France] [3]
    Weill, Paul [1]
    Weill, Mlle Reine (AKA Scherer, Mme Reine) [Colmar, France] [2]
    Weill, Robert [Paris, France] [1]
                Weill, Mme Georgette (AKA Bloch, Georgette)
                Weill, Joseph
    Weill, Roger [Dijon, France] [2]
    Weill, Sally Samuel [Saarbrucken, Germany] [1]
    Weill, Simon [Colmar, France] [2]
                Weill, Joseph
    Weill, Frl. Suzanne [Saint Louis, France] [1]
    Weill, Sylvain [France] [1]
    Weill-Wagener, Ernst [Karlsruhe, Germany] [3]
                Wagener, Frau Marta (AKA Weill, Frau Marta)
                Weill-Thomsen, W.
    Weiller, Arthur [Saint Die, France] [2]
    Weiller, Mme Irma (AKA Levi, Irma) [Saint Die, France] [2]
    Weiller, Paul [Angouleme, France] [1]
    Weiller, Paul [Strasbourg, France] [1]
                Weiller, Odette
    Weiller, Raymond [Strasbourg, France] [2]
    Weinbaum, Avram [Bucharest, Romania] [1]
    Weinberg, Albert, Nachlass [Berlin, Germany] [2]
    Weinberg, Frl. Anna (AKA Tempel, Frau Anna) [Lodz, Poland] [2]
    Weinberg, Mrs. Auguste (AKA Schaefer, Auguste) [Sliema, Malta] [2]
    Weinberg, Benjamin [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Weinberg, Samuel
    Weinberg, Herbert [Nancy, France] [1]
                Weinberg, Frau Edith (AKA Seckbach, Frl. Edith)
    Weinberg, Ignatz [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Weinberg, Jules [Belgium] [4]
    Weinberg, Jules [New York City, United States of America] [1]
    Weinberger, Adolf [Germany] [4]
    Weinberger, David [Germany] [3]
    Weinberger, Hermine [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Weinberger, Frau Irene [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [2]
                Möllrich, Nelly
    Weinberger, Frau Linda [Brno, Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Weinberger, Frl. Marie [Linz, Austria] [2]
    Weinberger, Maximilian [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Weinblum, Noa [Cernowitz, Romania] [1]
    Weiner, Helene [Berlin, Germany] [2]
                Weiner, Eugenie
    Weiner, Irma [Austria] [3]
    Weiner, Kurt [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
    Weiner, Kurt [München, Germany] [1]
    Weiner, Leo [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
    Weiner, Ludwig [Graz, Austria] [2]
                Weiner, Gottlieb
    Weingarten, Oscar [Stanislauf, Poland] [1]
    Weingarten, Oscar [Teplice, Czechoslovakia] [2]
                Knöpfmacher, Fritz
    Weingarten, Regina [Poland] [1]
    Weingarten-Batthy, Frau Anna [1]
    Weinmann, Max [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
    Weinmann, Michael [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
                Weinmann, Elisabeth (AKA Hoffmann, Elisabeth)
                Wolff, Werner
    Weinmann, Paula [Italy] [1]
    Weinmann, Robert [Mulhouse-Dornach, France] [1]
    Weinmeister, Bruno [Linz, Austria] [1]
                Weinmeister, Christine
                Weinmeister, Gertrud
    Weinmeister, Gertrud [Linz, Austria] [1]
                Weinmeister, Bruno
    Weinreb, Carl [Brno, Czechoslovakia] [1]
                Lustig, Siegfried
    Weinreb, Jenö [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
    Weinreb, Oskar [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
    Weinreich, Gisela [Austria] [5]
(A) Weinschenk, Ida [1]
    Weinstein, Antonia [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [3]
                Weinstein, Jakob
    Weinstein, Elsa [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Weinstein, David
    Weinstein [Germany] [1]
    Weinstock, Frau Charlotte [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Weinstock, Rudolf [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Weinwurm, Alfred [Vienna, Austria] [2]
    Weir, J. Colin [1]
    Weis, Frau Anna [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Weis, Arthur [France] [1]
    Weis, Erich [Altona, Germany] [1]
                Weis-Thiem, Margarete
    Weis, Fritz [Germany] [1]
    Weis, Fritz [Ludwigsburg, Germany] [1]
    Weis, Joseph [Luxembourg] [1]
    Weis, Richard [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Weise, Lotte [Germany] [2]
    Weiser, Eugène [France] [2]
    Weiser, Leo [Amsterdam, Netherlands] [1]
    Weiser, Leo [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Weiser, Frau Natalie [Mödling, Austria] [2]
    Weiskopf, Isaias [Germany] [1]
    Weisl, Artur [Czech Republic] [1]
(A) Weismann, Karl [1]
    Weiss, Abram [Zoppot, Germany] [1]
                Weiss, Frau Tauba
    Weiss, Alexandru [Bucharest, Romania] [1]
                Weiss, Elise
    Weiss, Alfred [Austria] [1]
    Weiss, Alice [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Weiss, Ernst
                Weiss, Oskar
    Weiss, Alice [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Weiss, Andrea [Aprica, Italy] [1]
    Weiss, Frau Anna [Austria] [1]
    Weiss, Frau Anna [1]
(A) Weiss, Anna [1]
(A) Weiss, Anna [1]
    Weiss, Bela [Zagreb, Croatia (Hrvatska)] [1]
    Weiss, Carl Charles [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Weiss, Clara [Germany] [1]
    Weiss, Eduard [Austria] [2]
(A) Weiss, Egon [1]
    Weiss, Ellen [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Weiss, Adolf
    Weiss, Emil [Austria] [2]
    Weiss, Emil [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Weiss, Steffy
    Weiss, Emma [Austria] [1]
    Weiss, Ernst [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Weiss, Oskar
(A) Weiss, Ernst [1]
    Weiss, Frl. Fanny [Vienna, Austria] [3]
                Weiss, Friedrich
                Weiss, Gustav
    Weiss, Felix [Kriebethal, Germany] [1]
    Weiss, Franz [Germany] [5]
    Weiss, Franz Karl [Hungary] [1]
    Weiss, Friederike [Salzburg, Austria] [1]
                Weinmeister, Bruno
                Weiss, Frau Hermine
    Weiss, Friederike [1]
    Weiss, Friedl [Linz, Austria] [2]
                Weinmeister, Bruno
                Weiss, Frau Hermine
    Weiss, Fritz [Austria] [3]
    Weiss, Fritz [Austria] [1]
(A) Weiss, Gertrud [1]
    Weiss, Gustav [Huningue, France] [1]
    Weiss, Heinrich [Bucharest, Romania] [1]
    Weiss, Heinrich [Bucharest, Romania] [1]
    Weiss, Heinrich [Pforzheim, Germany] [1]
                Weiss, Luise
    Weiss, Heinrich [Romania] [1]
    Weiss, Frau Helene [Austria] [2]
    Weiss, Frau Helene [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Werner, Emil
    Weiss, Hugo [Austria] [2]
    Weiss, Hugo [Germany] [1]
    Weiss, Hugo [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Weiss, Frau Paula
    Weiss, Ionica [Romania] [1]
    Weiss, Isidor [Germany] [2]
    Weiss, Jakob [Austria] [2]
    Weiss, Johann Julius [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Weiss, Josef [Austria] [2]
    Weiss, Josef [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Weiss, Josefine [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Weiss, Karl [Austria] [1]
    Weiss, Frau Katherina [Trieste, Italy] [1]
    Weiss, Frl. Klara (AKA Ritzki, Frau Klara) [Bydgoszcz, Poland] [1]
                Ritzki, Emil
    Weiss, Ladislav [Yugoslavia] [1]
(A) Weiss, Léon [1]
    Weiss, Leopold [Austria] [4]
    Weiss, Lisbeth [Germany] [1]
    Weiss, M. [France] [1]
    Weiss, Frau M. S. [Strasbourg, France] [2]
    Weiss, Madeline S. [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Weiss, Kurt
    Weiss, Frl. Margot (AKA Jellinek, Frau Margot) [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Wiess, Wilma (AKA Birnbaum, Wilma)
(A) Weiss, Marie [1]
    Weiss, Martha [Germany] [1]
    Weiss, Max [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Weiss, Moritz, Nachlass [Vienna, Austria] [1]
(A) Weiss, Osias [Galatz, Romania] [2]
    Weiss, Oskar [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Weiss, Ernst
    Weiss, Otto [Germany] [4]
    Weiss, Paul [Cossengrün, Germany] [1]
                Mühler, Charlotte
                Mühler, Mathilde
    Weiss, Paul [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Weiss, Pierre [Lyon, France] [1]
    Weiss, Robert [Austria] [2]
    Weiss, Robert [Graz, Austria] [1]
                Weiss, Emil
    Weiss, Robert [Oelsnitz, Germany] [1]
                Weiss, Elisabeth
    Weiss, Rosa [Austria] [3]
    Weiss, Frau Rosa [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Weiss, Max
    Weiss, Rudolf (AKA Weiss-Hesse, Rudolf) [Olten, Switzerland] [1]
    Weiss, Salomé [1]
    Weiss, Samuel [Austria] [1]
(A) Weiss, Samuel [Bratislava, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)] [1]
                Paul, Hegedues
    Weiss, Sidonie [Austria] [2]
(A) Weiss, Siegfried [Mainz, Germany] [1]
    Weiss, Siegmund [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Weiss, Simon [Bielsko, Poland] [1]
                Weiss, Fritz
                Weiss, Leontine
    Weiss, Frl. Sophie (AKA Scherer, Frau Sophie) [Strasbourg, France] [1]
                Fouquier, Marcel
                Weiss, Carl Charles
    Weiss, Stephan [Austria] [3]
    Weiss, Therese [Austria] [2]
    Weiss, Frau Ursula [Rheinfelden, Germany] [1]
    Weiss, Wilhelm [Germany] [2]
    Weiss, Wilhelm [Jestetten, Germany] [1]
    Weiss, Wilhelmine (AKA Mühl, Wilhelmine) [Bregenz, Austria] [1]
                Weiss, Berthe
                Weiss, Richard
    Weiss, Willi [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Weiss, Wolf [Munich, Germany] [1]
    Weiss von Ruck, Augusto [Germany] [1]
    Weiss-Freymond, Konstanze [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Weiss, Friedrich
    Weiss-Hesse, Rudolf (AKA Weiss, Rudolf) [Olten, Switzerland] [1]
    Weiss-Silberberger, Frau Malvine [Vienna, Austria] [4]
                Weiss, Franz
                Weiss, Johann Julius
    Weissberger, Frl. Esther (AKA Braff, Frau Esther) [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
    Weissenberg, Georg [Munich, Germany] [1]
    Weissenstein, Hans [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Weissenstein, Rudolf [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Weissenstein, Maria (AKA Baesler, Maria)
    Weisser, Otto [Singen, Germany] [1]
    Weissler, Leib [Seletin, Romania] [1]
                Weissler, Froim
                Weissler, Mayer
                Weissler, Regina
                Weissler, Rosa
    Weissler, Regina [Germany] [1]
    Weissmann, Frau Clara (AKA Goldschmit, Frl. Clara) [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
    Weissmann, Friedrich [Austria] [4]
    Weissmann, Georg Albert [Kaiserslautern, Germany] [1]
                Hauenstein, Jakob
    Weissmann, Heinrich [Munich, Germany] [1]
    Weissmann, Josef [Romania] [4]
    Weissmann, Martin [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [2]
                Weissmann, Frau Clara (AKA Goldschmit, Frl. Clara)
    Weissmann, Paula [1]
    Weisz, Albin Armin [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
    Weisz, Andreas [Hungary] [1]
    Weisz, Dezso [Austria] [1]
    Weisz, Edmund (AKA Well-Weiz, Edmund Weisz) [1]
    Weisz, Franz [Timisoara, Romania] [1]
    Weisz, Fritz [1]
    Weisz, Geza [Romania] [1]
    Weisz, Katharina [Timisoara, Romania] [1]
    Weisz, Tibor [Hungary] [1]
(A) Weithaler, A [Essen An Der Ruhr, Germany] [1]
    Weitz, Salomon [Berlin, Germany] [2]
                Weitz, Hedwig
    Weizs, Tabajosch [1]
(A) Welchli, G, Erbschaft [1]
    Well-Weiz, Edmund Weisz (AKA Weisz, Edmund) [1]
    Weller, Eugen [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Weller, Hans Georg [Braunschweig, Germany] [1]
    Wellner, Jarmila [Munich, Germany] [2]
    Wellner, Paul [Germany] [1]
    Wellner, Paul [Munich, Germany] [2]
    Welter, Leon [Paris, France] [1]
                Welter, Mme Louis Albertine (AKA Fusier, Mlle Louis Albertine)
    Weltmann-Kogan, Pauline [Marienbad, Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Weltner, Franz [Munich, Germany] [2]
    Weltner, Frau Margareta (AKA Eschenauer, Frl. Margareta) [Munich, Germany] [2]
    Weltz, Ellen (AKA Simons, Ellen) [Nordrach, Germany] [1]
                Simons, Hanns
                Weltz, Karl
    Welwart, Rosa [Austria] [3]
(A) Wemmers, Gertraud [Germany] [1]
    Wenger, Ernst [Forst, Germany] [1]
(A) Wenger, Henriette Luise (AKA Maier, Henriette Luise) [Switzerland] [1]
    Wengraf, Ernst [Austria] [2]
    Wengraf, Gertrude [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Wengraf, Isidor [Austria] [1]
    Wengraf, Isidor [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Wengraf, Julius [Austria] [2]
    Wenk, August [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
    Wenk, Edmund [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
    Wenkert, Salomon [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Wenkert, Klara
    Wentzer, Frl. Elise [1]
                von Ungarn-Sternberg, Ernst
(A) Werder, Hans Ulrich [1]
    Werdesheim, Sophie [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Biegert, Paul
    Werdisheim, Max [Austria] [5]
    Werger, Fried. [Worms, Germany] [1]
    Werner, Alfred [Germany] [2]
    Werner, Curt [Chemnitz, Germany] [2]
                Werner, Richard
    Werner, E. [Germany] [4]
    Werner, Emmy [Germany] [1]
    Werner, Felix [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Werner, Gertrude
    Werner, Georges [Cannes, France] [2]
    Werner, Frau Grete [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Lipschitz, Siegmund
    Werner, Gustav [Germany] [1]
    Werner, Gustav [Germany] [1]
    Werner, H. [Germany] [2]
    Werner, Hans [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Werner, Frau Leopoldine
(A) Werner, Heinrich [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
    Werner, Frau Ida [Augsburg, Germany] [1]
    Werner, Johanna [Germany] [1]
    Werner, Josef [Prievidza, Czechoslovakia] [1]
                Werner, Ludwig (AKA Werner, Lajos)
                Werner, Magda
                Werner, Valerie
    Werner, Josefine [Bayern, Germany] [1]
(A) Werner, Karl (AKA Landolt - Werner, Karl) [1]
    Werner, Lilli [Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Werner, Louise [France] [2]
    Werner, Frau Margarete [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
    Werner, Frau Maria [Karlsruhe, Germany] [1]
    Werner, Paul [Germany] [1]
    Werner, Paul [Germany] [3]
    Werner, Rudolf [Germany] [2]
    Werner, Vladimir, Erben [Tallinn, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics] [1]
    Werner, Walter [Leipzig, Germany] [1]
                Werner, Hedwig
    Werner, Wilhelm [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Werner, Wilhelm [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
    Werner, Wilhelm [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [2]
    Werner, Willy [Bad Reichenhall, Germany] [1]
(A) Werner, Willy (AKA Willy, Werner) [1]
    Werner, Yvette (AKA Lambert, Yvette) [Cannes, France] [2]
    Werner-Halmai, Frau Alex [1]
    Wernet, Hermann [Germany] [2]
    Wertheim, Clara [Castéra-Lectourois, France] [1]
                Wertheim, Charlotte
                Wertheim, Martha
    Wertheim, Gertrud [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Wertheim, Bruno
    Wertheim, Joseph [Dortmund, Germany] [1]
                Wertheim, Mme Josephine
    Wertheim, Julius [Amsterdam, Netherlands] [3]
    Wertheimer, Betty [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
    Wertheimer, Erich [Germany] [3]
    Wertheimer, Felix Israel, Selig [Vienna, Austria] [3]
(A) Wertheimer, Gertrud [1]
    Wertheimer, Hans [Germany] [1]
    Wertheimer, Hans [Germany] [1]
    Wertheimer, Hans [Germany] [1]
    Wertheimer, Hans [Germany] [1]
    Wertheimer, Heinrich [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
    Wertheimer, Karl [Germany] [1]
    Wertheimer, Leo [Buehl I/Br., Germany] [1]
    Wertheimer, Leo [Bühl, Germany] [1]
                Wertheimer, Otto
    Wertheimer, Leopold [Emmendingen, Germany] [1]
    Wertheimer, Leopold [Germany] [1]
    Wertheimer, Leopold [Germany] [4]
    Wertheimer, Louis [Germany] [2]
    Wertheimer, Mlle Lucie (AKA Nordman, Mme Lucie) [Saint-Etienne, France] [3]
    Wertheimer, René [Paris, France] [4]
    Wertheimer, Mme Rosita (AKA Jauregui-Fiaz, Mlle Rosita) [Paris, France] [5]
                Wertheimer, Francoise
                Wertheimer, Marcel
                Wertheimer, Philippe
                Wertheimer, Rosine
(A) Wertheimer, Willi [1]
    Wescher, P [1]
(A) Wescher-Gross, Nany [Mulhouse, France] [1]
    Wesending, John [Hungary] [1]
    Wessel, Otto [Germany] [2]
    Wessely, Robert [Austria] [1]
    Westberg, Gustaf [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
                Westberg, Gertrud
(A) Westbunk, Bernhard [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
(A) Westphal, Gretchen [Germany] [1]
    Westphal, Hans Jürgen [Allenstein, Germany] [1]
    Westphal, Frau Heide [Allenstein, Germany] [1]
    Westra, S [Netherlands] [1]
    Wettstein, Rudolf [1]
    Wetzlar, Else [Germany] [3]
    Wetzlar, Gerson [Cologne, Germany] [1]
                Wetzlar, Irma
                Wetzlar, Julius
                Wetzlar, Lisel
    Wetzlar, Mlle Hedwig (AKA Nussbaum, Mme Hedwig) [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
                Nussbaum, Leo
    Wetzler, Jakob [Lauterach, Austria] [1]
    Wetzler, Robert [Germany] [1]
    Wexberg, Grete [Vienna, Austria] [2]
    Wexberg, Paul [Vienna, Austria] [2]
(A) Weyers de Wanda, Romeo Wilhelm [Düsseldorf, Germany] [1]
    Weygand, Raymond [Soultzeren, France] [1]
    Weyl, Bernhard [Germany] [1]
    Weyl, Claude [Vincennes, France] [1]
    Weyl, Edmond [Cannes, France] [2]
    Weyl, Jean [Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France] [2]
    Weyl, Mme Jeanne (AKA Aubert, Mlle Jeanne) [Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France] [2]
    Weyl, Lucien [Strasbourg, France] [6]
                Weyl, Raymond
    Weyl, Otto [Leuna, Germany] [1]
                Weyl, Frau Charlotte (AKA Voigt, Frl. Charlotte)
    Weymann, Louis [Strasbourg, France] [1]
(A) Whitehead, Mortimer E. [Saint Raphael, France] [2]
    Wibka, Oswald [Austria] [1]
(A) Wich, Frederick [London, United Kingdom] [1]
    Wiches, Rollat [Elsass, France] [1]
(A) Wichouff, Louis [Barneville S/Mer, France] [1]
    Wichterle, Karl [Prostejove, Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Wider-Haller, Frau Emma [Tubingen, Germany] [1]
(A) Widmer, Frau Amalie [1]
    Widmer, Ernst [France] [1]
    Widmer, Eugene [Argenteuil, France] [1]
    Widmer, Gérard [Argenteuil, France] [1]
    Widmer, Roger [France] [1]
(A) Widmer-Kramer, Klara (AKA Kramer, Klara) [1]
    Widmer-Widmer, Peter [Germany] [1]
    Wiedemann, Adolf [Austria] [1]
    Wieder, A [Köln, Germany] [1]
    Wiefels-Braun, Erika [Düsseldorf, Germany] [1]
    Wiegand, Léon [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
    Wiegand, Mme Palmyre [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
    Wieland, Frau Erna [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Werdesheim, Sophie
    Wieland, Fanny [Paris, France] [1]
    Wieland, Frau Margarete (AKA Haussig, Frl. Margarete) [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Wieland, Wilhelm [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Wiener, Alfred [Berlin, Germany] [2]
                Flörsheim, Carl Alexander
                Wiener, Frau Käte (AKA Guttman, Frl. Käte)
    Wiener, Edmund Louis [Germany] [1]
    Wiener, Erna [Pforzheim, Germany] [1]
                Wiener, Ludwig
    Wiener, Fredy Norbert [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
    Wiener, Gerda [Italy] [5]
    Wiener, Gerda [Pforzheim, Germany] [1]
                Wiener, Ludwig
    Wiener, Julije [Zagreb, Croatia (Hrvatska)] [1]
    Wiener, Käte [Dresden, Germany] [1]
                Wiener, Max
    Wiener, Leopold [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Wiener, Marie Helen [Vienna, Austria] [2]
    Wiener, Melly [Zagreb, Yugoslavia] [1]
                Fischer, Richard
    Wiener-Franke, Käthe [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Wiener-Franke, Ludwig [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Wiesbader, Frau Lisel (AKA Sommer, Frau Lisel) [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
    Wiesel, Karl [Germany] [1]
    Wieseler, Hans Erich [Leipzig, Germany] [1]
    Wieseler-Held, Elisabeth [Leipzig, Germany] [1]
    Wiesenthal, Bernhard [Bad Homburg, Germany] [1]
    Wiesenthal, Josefine [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Wiesenthal, Moriz
    Wieser, Frl. Emmy (AKA Freund, Frau Emmy) [Berlin, Germany] [2]
    Wiesler, Hugo [Regensburg, Germany] [1]
                Wiesler, Amanda
(A) Wiesner, Emma [1]
    Wiesner, Georg [Germany] [1]
    Wiessner, Karl [Germany] [1]
    Wiessner, Rosa [Austria] [2]
    Wifrael, Wilhelm [Oradea, Romania] [1]
    Wild, Frau Alois [Buchau, Germany] [1]
(A) Wild, Berta [1]
    Wild, Chaim [Vienna, Austria] [2]
    Wild, Frieda [Italy] [3]
    Wild, Roger Fernand [1]
    Wild, Scheindel [Vienna, Austria] [2]
(A) Wildau-Auerbach, Paul [Darmstadt, Germany] [1]
    Wilde-Burghardt, Alice [1]
    Wildhaber, Nicolas [1]
    Wildmann, D. [Brasov, Romania] [1]
                Wildmann, Hilda
(A) Wildner, Marie [Germany] [1]
(A) Wildner, Marie [Nuremberg, Germany] [1]
    Wilenkin, Adele [Riga, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics] [1]
                von Wilenkin, Leo
    Wilenkin [1]
                von Wilenkin, Leo
    Wilhelm, Emil [Romania] [1]
    Wilhelm, Guido [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Wilhelm, Hugo [Germany] [2]
    Wilhelm, Hugo [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Wilhelm, Karl [Hungary] [1]
    Wilhelm, Karl [Karlsruhe, Germany] [1]
    Wilhelm, Karl [Karlsruhe, Germany] [1]
    Wilhelm, Mlle Louise (AKA Ott, Mme Louise) [Strasbourg, France] [1]
                Hatt, Mrs. Marthe
    Wilhelm, Marie (AKA Friedel, Marie) [Cernay, France] [2]
    Wilhelm, Marie [France] [3]
(A) Wilhelm, Marie [1]
    Wilhelm, Peter [Romania] [1]
    Wilhelm, Rudolf [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Wilhelm, Rudolf [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Wilhelm, Sidonie (AKA Couturier, Frau Sidonie) [Forbach, France] [1]
    Wilisch, Gebrüder [Germany] [1]
    Wilker, Alfred [Austria] [1]
    Wilkerling, Minna (AKA Steinmann, Minna) [Baden-Baden, Germany] [1]
    Will, Benno [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Will, Gerhard
                Will, Gerti
(A) Willefert, Mlle Marie Rose Galland (AKA Roissard de Bellet, Mme Marie Rose Galland) [Vence, France] [1]
    Willemeau, F. R. [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Willemin, Albert [France] [1]
    Willenz, Malvine [Bielsko, Poland] [1]
                Willenz, Adolf
                Willenz, Laura
    Willig, Mlle Elisabeth Marie Lucie [Thaon, France] [3]
    Willig, Mlle Marie Elisabeth (AKA Feltz, Mme Marie Elisabeth) [Epinal, France] [1]
    Willig, Mme Thiébaut (AKA Simonin, Mlle Marguerite) [Thaon, France] [3]
(A) Willkam, Frau Julie (AKA Rautter, Julie) [Skandawa, Germany] [1]
    Willm, Emile (AKA Willm-Müller, Emile) [Germany] [1]
    Willm-Müller, Emile (AKA Willm, Emile) [Germany] [1]
    Willm-Müller, Eugénie [Germany] [1]
    Willner, Edmünd [Lwow, Poland] [1]
                Willner, Bronislaw
    Willner-Cecile, Martin (AKA Martin-Willner, Cecile) [1]
(A) Willy, Frau Heike [1]
(A) Willy, Werner (AKA Werner, Willy) [1]
    Wilner, Mme Anna [1]
    Wilner, Julie [France] [1]
    Wilson, Arthur R [1]
    Wiltschut-Nebel, Trude (AKA Nebel, Trude) [Wien, Austria] [1]
                Nebel, Maria
(A) Wimmler, Frl. Marie [1]
    Wimy, Mme Georges [1]
    Winckler, Mme Emile [Manzac-Sur-Vern, France] [1]
    Winckler, Nicolas [Manzac-Sur-Vern, France] [1]
    Winckler, Pierre [Manzac-Sur-Vern, France] [1]
    Winder, Albert [Kennelbach, Austria] [1]
(A) Winder, Peter [Wolfurth, Austria] [1]
(A) Windmüller, Emanuel [Germany] [1]
    Windmüller, Julius [Germany] [3]
    Windner, Friedrich [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Windner, Gisela (AKA Leissner, Gisela)
(A) Winkelstracter, Mlle Margerete Louise [Wunpertal-Barmen, Germany] [1]
    Winkler, Mrs. Clara [Germany] [2]
    Winkler, David [Innsbruck, Austria] [1]
    Winkler, Fritz [Bucharest, Romania] [1]
    Winkler, Georg [München, Germany] [1]
                Winkler, Andreas
                Winkler, Gertraud
                Winkler, Paula
    Winkler, Hans [Vienna, Austria] [1]
(A) Winkler, Hans Rudolf [1]
(A) Winkler, Hedi [1]
    Winkler, Hilda [Marghita, Romania] [1]
                Winkler, Lajos
    Winkler, Hildegard [München, Germany] [1]
    Winkler, Josef [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Winkler, Olga
    Winkler, Joseph [Hirtzfelden, France] [1]
    Winkler, Karl [Kiesenbach, Germany] [1]
    Winkler, Leonhard [Speyer, Germany] [1]
    Winkler, Louis [Munich, Germany] [1]
                Winkler, Heinz
                Winkler, Rosa
    Winkler, Marie [Germany] [1]
    Winkler, Mauriciu [Romania] [1]
                Winkler, Magdalena
    Winkler, Paul [Paris, France] [1]
                Winkler, Mme Barthe Martha
    Winkler, Paul [1]
    Winkler, Frl. Pauline (AKA Kranich, Frau Pauline) [Sagan, Germany] [1]
                Kranich, Paul
(A) Winkler, Rosa [1]
    Winkler, Wilhelm [Mannheim-Neckarau, Germany] [1]
    Winogradski, Boris [1]
    Winston, Gaston [Paris, France] [3]
                Oppenheimer, René
                Winston, Mme Gaston
    Winston, Gaston [Paris, France] [1]
                Oppenheimer, Paul
    Winter, Georg [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Winter, Frau Dora
    Winter, Johanna [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
                Winter, Johan
    Winter, Josefine [Austria] [2]
    Winter, Julius [Austria] [2]
    Winter, Karl [Germany] [1]
    Winter, Karl [Konstanz, Germany] [1]
    Winter, Frau Louise [Mulhouse, France] [1]
    Winter, Rolf [Germany] [2]
    Winter, Walter [Leipzig, Germany] [1]
                Winter, Frau Luisa
    Winter-Abusch, Stefanie [Lodz, Poland] [1]
                Abusch, Samuel
                Winter, Rafael
    Winter-Blanco, Ernest [Oviedo, Spain] [1]
(A) Winterberg, Paul [1]
(A) Winterfeld, Paul [Greece] [1]
    Winternitz, Mme Paula [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Weihsmann, Hugo
    Winternitz, Rudolf [Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Winterstein, Frau Elly [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Winterstein-Hoffmann, Gisella [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
                Winterstein, Julius
(A) Wipfli, Elsa [1]
(A) Wipfli, Josef [1]
(A) Wirth, Anna [1]
    Wirth, Friedrich [Bratislava, Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Wirth, Gebhard [1]
    Wirth, Josef [Illertissen, Germany] [1]
(A) Wirth, Lily [1]
    Wirth, Lucien [1]
(A) Wirth-Kälin, Max [Basel, Switzerland] [1]
(A) Wirth-Kälin, Max [Basel, Switzerland] [1]
    Wischnia, Frl. Anna (AKA Littner, Frau Anna) [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Littner, Theodor
                Wischnia, Michael
                Wischnia, Sam
(A) Wismer-Rechsteiner, Karl [1]
    Wissa, Edward George [Egypt] [1]
(A) Wisser, Lotti [Worms, Germany] [1]
    Wissmann, Frau Anni (AKA Kettler, Frl. Anni) [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [2]
    Wissmann von Braun, Gertrud (AKA Wissmann-Spalding, Gertrud) [Madrid, Spain] [3]
    Wissmann-Spalding, Gertrud (AKA Wissmann von Braun, Gertrud) [Madrid, Spain] [3]
    Wissmann-Von Braun, Augusto [Madrid, Spain] [3]
    Witrael, Wilhelm [Oradea, Romania] [2]
(A) Witrofsky, Otto [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Witt, Ernst [Germany] [2]
    Witt, Heinrich [Munich, Germany] [1]
(A) Witt-Stoffel, Frau Ella M A [Den Haag, Netherlands] [1]
                Witt, Gustavus F C
    Witt-Stoffel, Frau Ella M A [Den Haag, Netherlands] [1]
                Witt, Gustavus F C
    Wittal, Jacob [Bucharest, Romania] [2]
    Witté, Alfred [Brunstatt, France] [1]
    Wittels, Lilly [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Jellinek, Ernst
    Wittenberg, Gertrud [Germany] [1]
    Wittenberg, Gertrud Ellen [Germany] [1]
    Wittgenstein, Hermine [Austria] [1]
    Wittgenstein, Paul [Austria] [1]
    Wittmaack, Frau Johanna (AKA Felix, Frl. Johanna) [Hamburg, Germany] [3]
    Wittmaack, Karl [Hamburg, Germany] [3]
    Wittmann, Hugo [Vienna, Austria] [2]
    Wittmann, Karl [Germany] [1]
    Wittmann, Karl [Vienna, Austria] [2]
    Witz, Gustav [Frankfurt A/ Main, Germany] [1]
    Witzler, Denise (AKA Bloch, Denise) [Paris, France] [1]
    Wixler, L. [Paris, France] [1]
    Wixler, Roger Samuel [Paris, France] [3]
    Wlach, Karl [1]
    Wodak, Edith [Poland] [2]
    Wodowski, Rosa (AKA Lewkowitz, Rosa) [France] [2]
    Wodowski, Zelman [Paris, France] [2]
    Woelffle, Lina (AKA Peter, Lina) [Nice, France] [1]
    Wohl, Natalie [Neustadt, Germany] [1]
                Wohl, Paul
    Wohlen, Tina [Lübeck, Germany] [1]
                Meyer, D.
    Wohlgemuth, August [Freiburg, Germany] [1]
    Wohlgemuth, Linna [Germany] [2]
    Wohlgemuth, Margarete [Germany] [1]
    Wohlgemuth, Mrs. Pauline [Germany] [10]
    Wohlgemuth-Mez, Helene Friederike Magarethe [Freiburg, Germany] [2]
    Wohlmann, Anschel [Vienna, Austria] [1]
(A) Wohlmuth, Max [Amsterdam, Netherlands] [1]
    Wohlrab, Andreas [Hungary] [1]
    Wohlwerth, Mme Alexandre (AKA Baldensperger, Mlle) [Guebwiller, France] [1]
                Wohlwerth, Alexandre
    Wohrizek, Arthur [Teschen, Czechoslovakia] [3]
    Wohrizek, Arthur [Teschen, Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Adolphe [Mulhouse, France] [1]
    Wolf, Albert [Germany] [5]
(A) Wolf, Anny [1]
    Wolf, Arthur [Berlin, Germany] [1]
(A) Wolf, Beatrice [1]
(A) Wolf, Betty [1]
    Wolf, Carl Anton [Vienna, Austria] [2]
                Wittlin, Klara (AKA Distler, Klara)
                Wolf, Else
    Wolf, Carl Otto [Dresden, Germany] [1]
                Thieme, Johannes
                Wolf, Frl. Gretchen Gertrude Hermine
    Wolf, Chaim [Krakow, Poland] [1]
    Wolf, Christian [Fontainebleau, France] [3]
    Wolf, Daniel [Wassenaar, Netherlands] [2]
                Wolf-Gokkes, Rene Louise
    Wolf, E. [Dornach, Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Frau Elfriede [Frankenberg, Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Elise [Kehl, Germany] [2]
    Wolf, Elsa [Austria] [3]
    Wolf, Frl. Else [Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Emil [Bratislava, Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Wolf, Emil [Lindau, Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Emma [Heilbronn, Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Erich [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Ernst [Prerov, Czechoslovakia] [1]
                Wolf, Otto
                Wolf, Paul
    Wolf, Felix [Germany] [2]
    Wolf, Friedrich [Pforzheim, Germany] [1]
                Wolf, Konrad
    Wolf, Gabriele Marie [Vienna, Austria] [1]
                Wolf, Walter
    Wolf, Georg [Germany] [2]
(A) Wolf, Georges [1]
    Wolf, Frau Germaine (AKA Günzburger, Frl. Germaine) [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Wolf, Gertrud [Germany] [2]
    Wolf, Hans [Austria] [1]
    Wolf, Hans [Saint Pölten, Austria] [2]
                Mrasek, Anton
                Wolf, Frau Ida
    Wolf, Hans H. [Paris, France] [1]
    Wolf, Heinrich [Germany] [2]
    Wolf, Heinrich [Remscheid, Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Heinrich [Remscheid, Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Heinrich [Remscheid, Germany] [2]
    Wolf, Heinrich [Remscheid, Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Heinrich [Remscheid, Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Heinrich [Remscheid, Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Heinrich [Remscheid, Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Henri [1]
    Wolf, Hermann, Nachlass [Bad Durkheim, Germany] [3]
                Mayer, Moritz
    Wolf, Hermann [Baden-Baden, Germany] [2]
    Wolf, Hugo [Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Hugo [Vienna, Austria] [2]
    Wolf, Ida [Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Jeanne (AKA Barrelet, Jeanne) [1]
    Wolf, Johanna [Kehl, Germany] [3]
    Wolf, Joseph [Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Käthe [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Wolf, Kurt [Konstanz, Germany] [1]
                Epstein, Louis
                Wolf, Gertrud (AKA Epstein, Gertrud)
    Wolf, Leo [Casablanca, Morocco] [2]
    Wolf, Ludwig [Wien Ii/1, Austria] [1]
    Wolf, Madeleine (AKA Voltz, Madeleine) [France] [1]
    Wolf, Frau Marie [Frankfurt A/M., Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Marie [Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Markus [1]
    Wolf, Max [Freiburg, Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Max [Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Monique [Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Moritz [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Nathan [Wangen Am Untersee, Germany] [1]
(A) Wolf, Otto [Germany] [1]
                Kaufmann, Caroline
(A) Wolf, P [1]
    Wolf, Richard [Austria] [1]
    Wolf, Richard [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Richard [Munich, Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Roger [Strasbourg, France] [3]
                Wolf, Frau Germaine (AKA Günzburger, Frl. Germaine)
    Wolf, Rosa [Germany] [2]
    Wolf, Rudolf [Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Selma [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
                Wolf, Ruth
    Wolf, Sigmund [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
    Wolf, W. [Germany] [1]
    Wolf, Willi [Witten, Germany] [1]
                Pilinski, Anton
    Wolf, Willy [1]
    Wolf, Wolfgang [Germany] [1]
    Wolf-Fritz, Frau Hedwig [Tiengen, Germany] [1]
    Wolf-Nyst, Frau Marguerite Ady Flore [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
(A) Wolfensberger, Frau Helene [1]
    Wolfer, Emil (AKA Müller-Wolfer, Emil) [1]
    Wolff, Albert [Körle, Germany] [1]
    Wolff, Albert [Prague, Czechoslovakia] [1]
    Wolff, Alexander [Courbevoie, France] [1]
                Wolff, Paula
    Wolff, Alfred [France] [1]
    Wolff, Alfred [Germany] [2]
    Wolff, André [Paris, France] [2]
    Wolff, Anna [Germany] [2]
    Wolff, Anna [Germany] [1]
    Wolff, Mme Anne (AKA Weill, Mlle Anne) [Paris, France] [1]
    Wolff, Arnold [Germany] [2]
    Wolff, Arthur [Germany] [9]
                Gold, Jakob
    Wolff, Bernhard [Alsheim, Germany] [1]
                Wolff, Frau A.
    Wolff, Carl [Germany] [1]
    Wolff, Carl [Germany] [2]
    Wolff, Mme Cecile (AKA Schmitt, Cecile) [Strasbourg, France] [2]
    Wolff, Charles [Strasbourg, France] [4]
(A) Wolff, Charlotte [1]
    Wolff, Elisabeth [Germany] [2]
    Wolff, Miss Ellen [Germany] [10]
    Wolff, Ellen Ruth [Germany] [1]
    Wolff, Frau Elly (AKA Grünpeter, Frl. Elly) [Breslau, Germany] [2]
    Wolff, Frau Else (AKA Troske, Frl. Else) [Starnberg, Germany] [1]
    Wolff, Ernest [France] [1]
    Wolff, Ernst [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Wolff-Stieve, Frau Richardis
    Wolff, Ernst [Germany] [3]
    Wolff, Fernand [Brussels, Belgium] [1]
    Wolff, Fritz [Germany] [1]
    Wolff, Georges [Altenberg, Germany] [1]
    Wolff, Hans [Germany] [3]
    Wolff, Hans E. [Bucharest, Romania] [1]
                Wolff, Frau Leni (AKA Deisel, Frl. Leni)
    Wolff, Frl. Hattie (AKA Loeb, Frau Hattie) [Berlin, Germany] [3]
                Loeb, Emil
                Wolff, Helen Viola
    Wolff, Hedwig [Germany] [1]
(A) Wolff, Hedwig [1]
    Wolff, Herbert [Germany] [2]
    Wolff, Herrmann [Austria] [1]
    Wolff, Frau Hertha (AKA Jacob, Frl. Hertha) [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Wolff, Günter
                Wolff, Heinz
    Wolff, Hugo [Germany] [1]
    Wolff, Ilse [Hannover, Germany] [1]
    Wolff, Jean [Paris, France] [1]
    Wolff, Frau Johanna [Rösrath, Germany] [1]
    Wolff, Julius [Prague, Czechoslovakia] [1]
(A) Wolff, Justus [Germany] [2]
    Wolff, Karl [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
    Wolff, Karl [Gailingen, Germany] [4]
    Wolff, Karl [Nördlingen, Germany] [1]
    Wolff, Kurt [Germany] [2]
    Wolff, Kurt [Germany] [1]
    Wolff, Kurt [Nice, France] [1]
(A) Wolff, L. [Lucern, Switzerland] [1]
    Wolff, Lucie [Strasbourg, France] [1]
    Wolff, Lucie [1]
    Wolff, Mlle Marguerite C. (AKA Hügele, Mme Marguerite C.) [Dorlisheim, France] [1]
    Wolff, Mlle Mariette Flore (AKA Bloch, Mme Mariette Flore) [Paris, France] [2]
    Wolff, Marta (AKA Wolff-Pfeiffer, Marta) [Bydgoszcz, Poland] [2]
                Wolff, Wilhelm
    Wolff, Maurice (AKA Wolff, Moise) [Paris, France] [1]
    Wolff, Max [Aschersleben, Germany] [2]
                Wolff, Berta
    Wolff, Max [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Wolff, Günter
                Wolff, Heinz
    Wolff, Max [Germany] [2]
    Wolff, Max Mendel [Milan, Italy] [2]
                Wolff, Sophie
    Wolff, Moise (AKA Wolff, Maurice) [Paris, France] [1]
    Wolff, Otto [Cologne, Germany] [3]
    Wolff, Otto [Germany] [1]
    Wolff, Otto [Katzenelnbogen, Germany] [6]
    Wolff, Otto [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Wolff, Paul [Germany] [3]
    Wolff, Peter [Rosrath, Germany] [1]
(A) Wolff, Pierre-Etienne [Chalon-Sur-Saöne, France] [1]
    Wolff, Frau Renee [Mannheim, Germany] [2]
                Weil, Moritz
    Wolff, Richard [Breslau, Germany] [2]
    Wolff, Richard [Brussels, Belgium] [3]
    Wolff, Richard [Germany] [2]
    Wolff, Siegfried [Germany] [1]
    Wolff, Walter [Germany] [10]
    Wolff, Werner [Cottbus, Germany] [2]
                Wolff, Frau Clärchen (AKA Molling, Frl. Clärchen)
    Wolff, Wilhelm [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
    Wolff, Wilhelm [Pforzheim, Germany] [1]
    Wolff, Mme [Frankfurt Am Main, Germany] [1]
    Wolff-Pfeiffer, Marta (AKA Wolff, Marta) [Bydgoszcz, Poland] [2]
                Wolff, Wilhelm
    Wolffram, Frl. Erika (AKA Hofmann, Frau Erika) [Erfurt, Germany] [1]
                Hofmann, Erich
    Wolfgang, Abraham [1]
    Wolfskehl-Bali, Karl Joseph [1]
    Wolfson, Marta [Germany] [2]
    Wolk, Rebeka [Lodz, Poland] [1]
    Wolkenstein, Frl. Amalia (AKA Vincze, Frau Amalia) [Budapest, Hungary] [1]
                Erber, Anna Margarete (AKA Vincze, Anna Margarete)
    Wolkonsky, Frau Helene (AKA Stolypine, Frl. Helene) [Rome, Italy] [2]
    Wolkonsky, Serge [Paris, France] [3]
    Wolkonsky, Vadime [Rome, Italy] [2]
    Wolleb, Mme Germaine [1]
    Wollerbach, Frl. Irma (AKA Glück, Frau Irma) [Berlin, Germany] [1]
                Glück, Kurt
    Wollf, Johanna Sophie [Dresden, Germany] [2]
    Wollf, Julius Ferdinand [Dresden, Germany] [2]
    Wollf, Max [Dresden, Germany] [1]
                Wollf, Julius Ferdinand
    Wollmann, Else (AKA Katz-Wollmann, Else) [Germany] [4]
    Wollmann-Epstein, Helene [Hamburg, Germany] [1]
    Wollner, Gustav [Germany] [1]
    Wong, S W [1]
    Woog, Lucien [Paris, France] [1]
                Woog, Mme Jeannette (AKA Meyer, Mlle Jeannette)
    Wooley, Fred [1]
    Wormser, Mme Cecile (AKA Levy, Mlle Cecile) [Colmar, France] [2]
                Wormser, Georges
    Wormser, Frau Jean [Dijon, France] [1]
    Wormser, Jean [Dijon, France] [1]
    Wormser, Jean [Dijon, France] [3]
    Wormser, Jean [France] [5]
    Wormser, Jeanne [Paris, France] [2]
    Wormser, Marguerite (AKA Rueff, Mme Marguerite) [Mulhouse, France] [1]
                Wormser, Richard
    Wormser, Paul [Colmar, France] [4]
                Wormser, Mme Cecile (AKA Levy, Mlle Cecile)
                Wormser, Georges
                Wormser, Lucien
    Wormser, Mme Rose (AKA Elkann, Mlle Rose) [Dijon, France] [3]
    Wormser, S. [Agordo, Italy] [1]
    Wormser, Sally [Paris, France] [2]
    Wormser-Elkann, Jean [Dijon, France] [1]
    Woschnagg, Herbert [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Woschnagg, Frau Malvine [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Wottowa, Frl. Henriette [Wien Iii, Austria] [1]
    Wuchner-Wetzel, Frau Emma [Germany] [1]
(A) Wuethrich, Harry [Paris, France] [1]
    Wuillemin, Frieda [1]
    Wulff, M. [Germany] [1]
    Wülfing-Kramer, Elise [Wuppertal, Germany] [1]
    Wülfing-Kramer, Otto [Wuppertal, Germany] [1]
    Wulz, Ursula [1]
    Wunderle, Frl. Marie (AKA Schneid, Frau Marie) [Regensburg, Germany] [1]
    Wunderlich, Hans [Füssen, Germany] [1]
    Wunderlich, Hans [Germany] [2]
    Wunderlich, J [1]
    Wunderlich, Karl [Germany] [1]
    Wünsch, Albert [Mühlhausen, Germany] [1]
                Wünsch, Gertrud
    Wunsch-Wolfheim, Gertrud [Germany] [1]
    Wünschek-Dreher, Kitty [Mecholupy, Czechoslovakia] [2]
                Wünschek-Dreher, Alfons
(A) Würgler, Emil, Erben [2]
    Wurm, Gertrud [Berlin, Germany] [1]
    Wurmfeld, Emil [Vienna, Austria] [1]
    Wurmfeld, Frau Irma [Vienna, Austria] [1]
(A) Wurst, Laura Jay (AKA Chandler, Laura) [Korcula, Yugoslavia] [2]
    Würth-Dobsch, Marie [Lehrberg B/Ansbach, Germany] [1]
    Wurzel, Leopold [Austria] [1]
    Wurzer, Alois [Höchst, Austria] [1]
(A) Wüthrich, Olga (AKA Walter, Olga) [1]
    Wyler, Berthe [Paris, France] [2]
(A) Wyler-Frei, Frieda [1]
(A) Wyss, Bertha [Switzerland] [1]
    Wyss, Oswald [1]

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