CRT-II Claims Resolution Tribunal for Dormant Accounts in Switzerland
Deposited Assets Claims

Attention: Please note that all deadlines to file claims related to the names and/or accounts appearing on these lists with the CRT have passed. At this point, these previously published lists of names of Account Owners and names of Power of Attorney Holders appear on this website for informational purposes only.

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2001 List of Swiss Bank Accounts from the ICEP Investigation

Section 3: Powers of Attorney


   Oberfeld, Olga
                  Oberfeld, Roman [Lodz, Poland] [1]
   Oberhummer, Frau Rosa (AKA Huber, Frl. Rosa)
                  Oberhummer, Hugo [Lenhenhof, Germany] [1]
   Obert, Frau Anna (AKA Fischer, Frl. Anna)
                  Obert, Carl [Bochum, Germany] [1]
   Obstfeld, Rosa
                  Obstfeld, Michal [Przemysl, Poland] [1]
   Oeffner, Hans
                  Oeffner, Marie [Munich, Germany] [1]
   Oelsner, Lutz
                  Oelsner, Frau Gertrud [Berlin, Germany] [2]
   Oesterreicher, Simon
                  Oesterreicher, Katharina [Vienna, Austria] [2]
   Oestreicher, Frl. Käthe
                  Oestreicher, Richard [Darmstadt, Germany] [1]
   Oettln, Frl. Anna (AKA Seidel, Frau Anna)
                  Seidel, Wilhelm [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
   Offenbacher, Emil
                  Eisemann, Lola (AKA Adler, Lola) [Nuremberg, Germany] [1]
   Offenheimer, Frau Dora (AKA Strauss, Frl. Dora)
                  Offenheimer, Daniel [Lahr, Germany] [1]
   Oplatek, Marguerite
                  Liebermann, Fritz [Prague, Czechoslovakia] [2]
   Oplatka, Hugo
                  Oplatka, Frau Malwa [Prague, Czechoslovakia] [2]
   Oppé, Frau Laura (AKA Skutsch, Frl. Laura)
                  Oppé, Louis [Mühlhausen, Germany] [1]
   Oppenheimer, Berthold
                  Löwenstein, Frau Hedwig [Berlin, Germany] [1]
   Oppenheimer, Hugo
                  Oppenheimer, Frau Recha (AKA Hess, Frl. Recha) [Offenbach, Germany] [1]
   Oppenheimer, Paul
                  Oppenheimer, René [Paris, France] [1]
                  Winston, Gaston [Paris, France] [1]
   Oppenheimer, René
                  Oppenheimer, Paul [Paris, France] [2]
                  Winston, Gaston [Paris, France] [3]
   Oppenheimer, Frl. Sophie (AKA Marx, Frau Sophie)
                  Marx, Wilhelm [Munich, Germany] [2]
   Orengo-Krüger, Ernesta
                  Krüger, Carl [Milan, Italy] [1]
   Orthofer, Marie (AKA Schmidt, Marie)
                  Orthofer, Anton, Erben [Salzburg, Austria] [1]
   Ostermann, Olga
                  Ostermann, Max [Vienna, Austria] [1]
   Ottenheimer, Ludwig
                  Simon, Elise [Stuttgart, Germany] [1]
   Ourina, Frl. L.
                  Richter, Hans [Berlin, Germany] [2]

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