United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York,
Chief Judge Edward R. Korman Presiding (CV-96-4849)

Bank Claims

2005 List of Swiss Bank Accounts from the ICEP Investigation

Attention: Please note that all deadlines to file claims related to the names and/or accounts appearing on these lists with the CRT have passed. At this point, these previously published lists of names of Account Owners and names of Power of Attorney Holders appear on this website for informational purposes only.

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Section 2: Owners of Accounts Previously Published by Swiss Authorities and/or Available in Archival Sources  


Fabri, Zerline
Farago, Paula
Fichmann, Sigmund
Fink, S.
Finsterbusch, Katharina
Fischer, Samuel
Fischl, Carl
Fischl, E.
Flamm, Franziska
Fleischer, Erna
Fleischer, Siegfried
Fleischmann, Berta
Fleischmann, H.
Fleischmann, Rosy
Fleischmann, Sigmund
Fodor, Etienne
Förster, Paul
Fraenkel, Alfons
Fraenkel, Ludwig
Franck, H.
Frank, G. Sp.
Frank, Clothilde
Frank, Elena
Frank, Robert
Freiberger, A.
Freiberger, M.
Freund, Erich
Freundlich, Julius
Fried, I.
Fried, O.
Friedberg, Josef
Friedberg, Michael
Friedenthal, Robert
Friedländer, Hermann
Friedländer, Ilse
Friedländer, Moritz
Friedmann, Feiga
Friedmann, Josef
Friedsam, Leo
Friess-Schmitt, Emile
Frisch, Gustav
Frisch-Schwarzkopf, Klara
Fromberg, Georg
Fromer, Siga
Funcke, Fritz